Boccia: a sport unique to the Paralympic Games - London 2012

Uploaded by london2012 on 28.08.2009

Boccia is similar to boules and is for wheelchair users with cerebral palsy or related neurological
conditions. The aim is to throw or bowl game balls so they land as close as possible to
the white jack.
At the Paralympics four years ago Portugal dominated the sport, and in the final they
made a bright start taking the first end one - nil. But Great Britain struck back in the
second thanks to this terrific throw from Smith.
So after two ends, Great Britain led two-one, and in the third Smith was at it again landing
what seemed to be a crucial blow. A moment of suspense during the measure.
Four points and a six - one lead.
Portugal took the fourth end one - nil, but then made an error in the fifth, allowing
Great Britain to take a huge eight - two lead going into the final end.
From then on there seemed to be only one outcome. Great Britain wrapping up the game, winning
by eight points to four. [Cheering]
So gold for Great Britain, and Lord Coe was on hand to offer his congratulations during
the post-match celebrations.