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Responding to the The Magnitsky Law,
Signed by Barak Obama,
The State Duma and President Putin
Adopted the whole anti-Magnitsky package.
Our State Duma has banned adoption
Of Russian children by Americans.
Today, January 13, 2013,
Russian society has prepared an answer
To the Russian authorities.
Just like a cornered terrorist,
The Kremlin is using orphaned children as hostages.
This is a new absolute low for the authorities,
Who are also not quite legitimate.
The civil activists have answered with a huge march,
Counting tens of thousands.
In preparation for the march,
A number of widely respected figures
Appealed to join the March
For Defense of children and for dissolution of Duma.
Among them: Eldar Ryazanov, Liya Akhedjakova,
Tatiana Dogileva and many others.
These people, considered by many “the Russian soul”,
Were outraged by the cruelty of Putin’s thieving servants,
Who punish the most defenseless.
A United Russia member Isayev said,
That the protestors were in favor of selling children.
What would you say to him?
I would say three words to him.
Say it.
Go to (expletive).
What can, I say, Sasha?
Even though he used to do some good,
Now he is just a yes-man to whoever is in power.
He used to protest against Yeltsin.
Now he is for Putin.
He is like an insect, he is not a personality
And it is no use talking about him.
To call us child merchants is just indecent.
Just like Putin, giving advice to Angelina Jolie
On marrying Brad Pitt and dancing in the Red Square.
I do not know why it happens, but this inhumanity,
Being promoted in our society, is dangerous.
One does not beat a man when he is down.
The words about patriotism and trade are a profanation.
When children need love and care
And there are not enough families for them in Russia,
How one can ban adoption by anybody else?
How can they make that choice,
Not to give away our children,
Wrapping themselves in patriotism?
They are planting anti-Americanism.
Excuse me, but they are people just like us.
People who live in Europe and America
Lend a helping hand to our orphans.
What is happening here,
Is beyond the line between good and evil.
I worked with Pavel Astakhov for 6 years,
I could not imagine how an ombudsman
Would support such a law, as a human being.
He did not publicly say that he was against it.
You see, people who travel and visit orphanages in Russia,
Their hair would stand up if it could.
These children are doomed.
This is not a cannibalistic law,
It is too mild a name, it is a fascist law.
Wondrous are the God’s ways.
The former Kremlin collaborator Gleb Pavlovskiy,
Now removed from the Kremlin’s tit,
Has come here today.
You worked in the Kremlin’s pool for a long time.
Tell me, are there any brains left there,
Or everybody has gone crazy?
Today it is evident, that they are losing their mind.
The exact process is of interest to the specialists, to me too.
It is hardly worth discussing, it is a long clinical story.
How can we get them back to reason?
I am not sure it is possible.
Technically there is such thing as remission.
The official media,
Used to lying on the Kremlin’s orders,
Have estimated the number of participants at 8,500.
Without counting it looks like about ten times more.
Policemen at the entrance gates confessed,
That there were over 100,000.
Who said, that in January people hibernate?
Behind my back is a sea of people.
I wish Mr. Isayev, a substance of the United Russia,
Could remember every face from this March.
The American Congress with the Magnitsky Law
Has stepped against the bureaucrats,
Violating the human rights.
These people are fighting against children.
It is hard to imagine the authorities
Fighting against children. It is inhumane.
If not us, then who?
When the scoundrels are in power,
We should not be silenced, we should come out together.
Do you have children?
Yes. And grandchildren.
People kept coming.
There was no end to this stream.
They were not led by politicians,
But by their peer citizens,
Who were tired of the heartless regime beyond any patience.
The columns join together at the Lukoil building.
That’s symbolical.
Our authorities are completely divorced from the civil society.
I lean towards perfecting the adoption system
Instead of making such heavy decisions,
Especially not releasing the children,
Who already know their adoptive parents. It is horrible.
There are no words
At the low down tricks of our Duma members,
Who call themselves “authorities”.
Maybe you could find some words, right here, they will be able to see you?
What can I say? I can suggest to disband.
See, how many people came to express here.
Radio Russia just said 4 thousand.
You see with your eyes, that this is a lie.
I am used to soccer crowds, I have a good eye.
It is at least 50 thousand.
For the Duma members, to disband, what else?
Scum should know their place.
The conflict between the Kremlin and the society is escalating.
In 2012 one could call it a crack,
Now it is a real social and moral abyss
Between the people and the authorities.
This is a kind of a civil march, that lead to revolutions.
Ostankino propagandists like so much to scare people with them.
Any collective action is important.
It leads to gradual accumulation.
I think, that the critical mass
In favor of the regime change
And new elections,
In Moscow is virtually reached.
Next it should roll over the whole Russia.
This is why any mass action is very important.
We are about to throw away these portraits
In a garbage container.
Just a place for them.
I have the same emotions, as our grandfathers,
When they threw the Hitler’s standards down.
Children are nothing and money is everything
For the thieving bureaucrats in the high Russian offices.
Today the civil March For Defense of Children,
For Dissolution of Duma,
Has gathered tens of thousands of people
And sent a message to the bureaucrats
“Don’t you dare using children in politics!”
That is dirty, low and despicable.
Sasha Sotnik, Dmitry Melekhin, politvestnik.tv