Bear Feile Dublin, Part 1 of 4

Uploaded by JonathanRobinson on 17.04.2011

Its another year at Bear Feile in Ireland
so lets start it off with a trip to Nealon's
And here's Chris, how you doing Chris?
We just got here,
get them sambucas,
get the party started!
It officially starts now I'm here!
He's having an early night!
I doubt that very much!
For once!
Right let's get in there Come on!
A couple of beers,
Oh, stodge or what!
My god there she is,
the only woman in the place!
Well we are here to help celebrate Bear Feile
with a little traditional music
some of the best players in Dublin are here tonight
I'm a card carrying member of the Dublin bears!
Proud to say!
I wonder who is going to be entering
Mr Bear Ireland this year?
How every good party starts,
the bright lights of Dublin town.
Here we are Friday night at The Arlington
and here's BoyBand Bill!
Hi welcome to Bear Feile my name is Bill
and I've been asked to do the raffle
and to MC the first night.
My god that's how they power them up these days
a jar of red diesel to keep them going!
What we have to see is, is this year
going to be half as good as last year
and if it is, its going to be a triumph!
And I expect it to be absolutely brilliant!
I'm sure it will be twice as good!
I'm a Producer, Director,
and back in the nineties I used to make
a lot of pop videos
and one of the pop videos I did in this very alley
behind when there wasn't a big ugly truck there
or anything, but we shot a Dutch band
called 'Caught in the Act'
another video I did which was Father and Son
with Boyzone, so that was a big buzz!
Bill stop going on about your back passage videos!
The best music there is in the land!
A welcome on behalf of the Bear Feile committee
I just want to welcome you all to Dublin,
if its your first time,
In Dublin
then I'm really happy that you are here!
And as the night goes on Alice Cooper!
Where did he come from?
Here we go typical night
no shirts required!
As long as you are enjoying yourself lads!
Now make sure you don't miss part two,
coming up soon!