McGill Dentistry White Coat Ceremony 2008

Uploaded by mikeypas on 05.10.2008

I thought to myself
how could I best express our collective thoughts and feelings of our class on this new and exciting occasion?
I pondered, what would the greats say if asked to do the same?
Dr. Osler, Dr. Edward Angle, Dr. GV Black?
Truthfully, I have no idea
So instead, I thought I would present to you what another dentist would say, the great Dr. Seuss, DMD.
Dearest Faculty, students, honored friends and guests
A poem I have written for you, to convey our feelings the best
Tonight is our ceremony, a white coat we are given,
A bright future ahead of us, to be the best dentists we are driven
To get to this point, a lot of work had to be done,
So don't worry dr. Dagenais, we're all here tonight, all thirty-one.
I thought it alright, to speak in rhyme
Its fun you see, but takes a little time
Ill tell you what its been like, from beginning to end
A glimpse into our lives, your sympathy you can send
Hello , this is the Dean
Don't worry, I'm not mean
In fact im calling to let you know, you've got in
Yes, to mcgill dentistry , it's the best you know, its a win!
First day of school begins,
With the medical students we are twins
Studying rectal pathology may have been a surprise
But in fact, units 1 through 8 , were not our demise
Assignments and rotations, long hours we thought we had
Stuck in the anatomy lab all summer, indeed it was sad
But now we are done, patients and clinic they promised us
Still a few more lectures yet, so don't make a fuss
Drilling and filling, all day long
Listening to the radio, playing the same darn song
Pleading and begging to the demos we did
For those precious signatures, went to the highest bid!
Learning new words and terms to replace ones we knew
Abfraction and Tituration , to name a few
Not to worry, soon it will be fun
More classes and longer hours , and say goodbye to the sun
Techniques by the dozen, we master over time
I don't think ill ever be able, to place that rubber dam just fine
Drill drill drill we are told to begin
No no , no good, your prep is a sin!
Then all of a sudden, things are getting easier , we're feeling much less sadder
Oh my, it's true what they said, you were right , dr. sam abi nader
Expertise we continue to acquire
But why can't we have that spring break, we so require
Outreach we did, treated patients in some lobby
We learned a lot from our sibs and yes, also dr. dobby
We saw new levels of poor oral hygiene, periodontums in the gutter
Get used to it says dr.b, its your new bread and butter
So now we are changing, from treating dexter the dummy
Toiling in the preclinic, listening to dr miller's recipes, all yummy
A new career is approaching, sailing fast to us in a boat,
It all starts tonight, with this shiny new white coat
Patients are already scheduled, too late to run away
It?s OK, you'll do fine, assures us Dr. Frey.
Our patients are here, oh I forgot the bib
No worry, I've got one, thank you big sib
It's been a real wild ride, so far at McGill
To our patients we look, while polishing our drill
Now its time for us, to embrace our careers
Once we get our finances in order, and our credits out of arrears.
We're fortunate to be with such great people in class of two thousand and ten
A class to be proud of , and yes, theres more women then men
So let's now proceed, so we can wear our white coats with glee
For dentists we are soon to be, who can start charging fees!