id America Hue & Dry Ice iPhone 5 Case REVIEWS

Uploaded by techtimecentral on 22.12.2012

Hey guys what's up in today's video I'll be reviewing two iphone 5 cases from
id america
The id america hue and the dry ice case
Both of these cases come with small little packets in the packaging that
contain some extras like a screen protector, microfiber cleaning cloth, and
squeegee card. I'd like to note id america is a NY based company so
for me living in NY state the case shipped very quickly which was nice. Also we get
some instructions for applying the screen protectors included
Now on to the cases. The first one is the hue. The hue is a two piece case that
is easy to install by putting on both pieces on each side of the phone and
snapping the edges together
So afterwards taking a look at the case you can see I have the light blue version but it does comes
in colors like white, pink, black, yellow and more
We can see the case has a foggy color and at the bottom right corner we see the born in new
york slogan which is exclusive to id america
Taking a look around the case we see it has all the cutouts like the buttons, connectors and
camera with no problem. The case also has a lift around the screen which protects the
screen when laid flat on a table
The case isn't designed for protection rather than style and has a very cool
look to it. Although overtime you collect fingerprints that are a bit hard
to see on the back but still are there
The next case is the Dry ice case. Putting this case on is just the same as the hue
with a two piece snap on case
Taking a look at this case this one has a much more cooler design with an opaque
look that reveals the iphone 5 back
which is pretty nice. You get all your cutouts well made and accessible and the same
lifted surface that was on the hue. The case is solid in design but there was
one major problem with both of the cases I found. You have to take the cases of by
separating the edges which can make the cases bend and buckle which will probably
cause it to snap and break
This could've been solved by using much stronger plastic instead
So that's been the full review on these two iphone 5 cases. You can buy them with
the links below. You can follow me @techtimecentral to keep up with my videos
and other things I might do. Thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time.