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Episode 9
Ha Seon!
Ha Seon!
Ha Seon!
Give back our Ha Seon! Our baby! Ha Seon!
Ha Seon! Ha Seon..!
Excuse me, Ha Seon's fatherů
I'm going to take our Ha Seon. We'll look after her at home.
Ha Seon's father!
Ha Seon. There's no way I'm going to leave you at a place like this.
No way. You're my daughter.
Thank you. This is the Captain of the violent crime department, Kim Jong Hwan.
You called the wrong number.
Did I cough too hard?
I should do less this time.
Ehů CaptainůEhů
Thank you. This is the Captain of the violent crime department, Kim Jong Hwan.
I said you called the wrong number.
Captain! Don't hang up. This is Kyeong Tae.
Na Hwang?
Why did you call if you were going to cough and not say a word?
Are you fooling around with me?
No...that's not it. I got a coldů
You were fine yesterday. What do you mean a cold all of the sudden?
I know, Captain. My body feels worn out. I think it's fatigueů
I think I have to take a sick day and rest up.
Even if you're going to take a sick day, come to the station and then take a sick leave.
Truthfully, it's not a cold.
My stomach suddenlyů
Ah! Captain. I think my appendix just burst.
I think I have to go to the emergency room! Ah! My stomach.
If your appendix burst, why are you coughing?
Huh? Oh thatů
You better run here! You're really pushing it these days.
Leaving work early and taking vacation days whenever.
I'll give you thirty minutes, so run over here!
Captain! Captain!
What do I do now?
I can't take Ha Seon to the station.
Na Yeong, don't worry about Ha Seon and do well! Fighting!
Yes, I will.
Pay close attention and don't make careless mistakes.
Okay, I will.
We'll be going. Let's go.
Okay, Song Na Yeong. From today, you're starting a new life!
Everything's up to you, so let's do everything well.
Excuse me!
Good morning, Chairman!
I worry.
About what?
You don't worry about that mindless woman?
I have a feeling she's going to get fired soon.
Did we just waste a lot of money sending the baby to a playhouse?
She should just watch the baby at home.
Hey, you were the one who suggested that Na Yeong become independent.
Hey, Kyeong Tae.
Kwang Hee! Can you come home quickly?
Why? I have a big meeting today, I can't get out of it.
HeyůI hear Ha Seon cryingů Are you with Ha Seon right now?
Soůyou seeů I brought Ha Seon from the playhouse.
Why did you bring Ha Seon?
The playhouse caught on fire.
What?! The playhouse caught on fire?!
What? Ha Seon! Is Ha Seon okay?!
No, it's not that. Hear me out until the end.
I meant, the playhouse could catch on fire and Ha Seon could get hurt.
So the playhouse didn't catch on fire, right?
It didn't catch on fire.
Kyeong Tae that punk.
Hey! Why are you shocking people in the morning!
Either way, I can't just leave Ha Seon in the playhouse.
So why did you just bring her back without anyone to take care of her?
That's why I'm asking you to come.
I told you I can't.
Then ask Soo Hyeon to baby-sit for a little bit.
No, I can't!
Then what should I do? I have to go to work. Who'll look after the baby?
So why did you bring the baby back?
Don't you guys even worry?
Think about this baby at that strange place, all alone. Don't you pity her at all?
Why is she alone? The teacher is there and the other babies are there too.
Hey, hey, hey. Whatever. I'll figure something out on my own.
Hey, shut up, and just take Ha Seon back to the playhouse.
No. I can't leave her at the play house.
Then call Na Yeong and come pick her up.
How can I do that? It's her first day on the job.
I don't know then! You brought her home, so you take care of her! I'm going to hang up!
Hey! Hey!
Why isn't he coming?
[Research T/F Team Report]
What's this?
There's nothing inside.
Is this guy doing work or not?
Should I even be working for him?
I saw this guy in the morning.
Is it his older brother?
I think Mr. No-Manners is the Chairman's sonů
But why is he working at a place like this?
Sorry, I'm late. I was looking up some materials.
I waited a long time.
What's all that?
Ah, this is data for the unsold apartments.
You can look closely at it during the car ride.
Let's go.
Where are we going?
Eum Sung city, Choong Book province.
Since we don't have time, let's just go around the places that are close.
Eum Sung city, Choong Book province. Is that close by?
Can we come back by tonight?
We won't know until we're there.
Aren't you coming?
I am.
I'm telling you, it wasn't me.
This punk.
You provoked them and then got into a fight.
It wasn't me.
Go ahead and work.
Aren't you going to investigate?
Huh? Yeah. Where did I leave off?
When I picked up the knife that dropped.
Is this your first time seeing a baby?
Let's eat.
Ha Seon. This is the police station.
Police Station.
Police... P..O..L..I..C..E... Police...
Station... ST... STA...
Ha Seon. Just learn up to S-T-A today.
Why? Do you have something to say to me?
Who is this guy?
If the Chairman is his father, why didn't he say anything to his son?
Is he an illegitimate son?
Adopted son?
Orůa hidden son?
Why? If you have something to say, say it.
No, it's okay.
Why? Is it hard to keep your eyes off of me?
Did you have a rough time since then? Or were you sick?
You lost a lot of weight.
Your stomach fat's not there anymore.
When did you have time to look at my stomach?
Just drive correctly, since you're an important person.
What? Childcare leave?
You didn't even marry yet.
Then what do you mean childcare leave?
Do you plan on returning your uniform?
A policeman who didn't even get married asking for childcare leave?
Are you crazy?
Someone reason with him.
Captain. This isn't his baby, but his friend's who died.
Friend's baby?
Either way, why did you bring the baby to the police station?
Where's the baby's mother?
Well, it's the baby's mother's first day at her job.
And we didn't have a place to leave the babyů
And there are no relatives nearů
And the only trustworthy person there was me, so I brought her here.
Then you're just looking after her for today. Why are you going on childcare leave?
Isn't a policeman's duty to help the poor? If you just give me childcare leave for a monthů you want to take care of a baby forever?
Then say something that makes sense!
Captainůthe baby's going to wake up. Quietly.
Anyways. I'll let it go this one time. But the next time, you better be prepared.
Yes. Butůthe childcare leave?
You reallyů!
Make sure the chief and president don't find out about it.
You're amazing.
I didn't know you had such a warm side.
I'm so touched.
Taking care of dead friend's child.
Oh Detective, please.
And the baby is so pretty!
Right? She's really pretty huh!
Hey, let me hold her.
Where are you touching with your dirty hands? Go away.
I can't even look at you.
That lady is so shameless.
She leaves home whenever she wants, leaving her baby with a perfectly normal bachelor.
What if this prevents him from getting married?
Ha Seon, don't cry. Let's eat.
Nam Soon Kyeong, go get warm water in the baby bottle.
120cc. Not too hot. Hurry.
Oh and not from the water purifier. Go boil the water in the office.
Wow, you seem to know how to take care of babies.
She's pretty right?
The baby's going to get scared. Go away.
It seems like the space area came out big and I think the interior came out nicely.
I wonder why it didn't get sold.
Isn't it our job to figure that out?
What's wrong?
You seem like a dog that needs to poop. Is there something going on?
No, not really.
Because it's my first day today, I have to go home early.
We can get to Seoul by tonight right?
You're not even a high school student. Do you have a curfew?
Not a curfew. But I have to be back by seven.
That depends on your research.
If you can't find anything, then we can't go home.
So according to the violence action law, after the investigation,
There will be a detention lecture as punishmentů
So, you're the one who picked up the weapon, you ass.
Detective Park, can you speak more softly?
The baby keeps getting shocked. And please refrain from cussing.
It's not educational for the baby.
Detective Kim! Smoke outside.
The air's not good for the baby.
You don't have any manners.
So what you're saying isů The other person picked up the weapon?
Yes! That's what happened!
Say it quietly, quietly! That baby's going to get scared.
So that little ass-
I told you not to cuss.
So the other person first picked up the scissors andůlike this! Like this!
He attacked like this and said, "Hey, you bitch-"
"Hey you puppy-like guy."
And he kept attacking, so I got mad, right?
"You little bi---"
"You puppy-like person, is your mind going berserk?"
And all I did was wave the knife around.
That's right. Use innocent words like that.
Doesn't it sound nice and soft?
Please write it down, that I'm a good person.
It's an emergency! An emergency! Shin Dang Dong Dduk-Bok-Ki was sighted!
Let's go!
What about me?
You don't get any. You stay in the car.
What do you expect to do with a baby?
Yeah. We'll be fine by ourselves.
Be careful. The guy is violent.
Don't worry about us and just wait for our call.
Let's go.
Sleep tight, my baby.
In the front and the backyard.
Na Hwang! Hurry and catch him! He's run away!
And who the heck are you?
Speak quietly. You'll wake the baby.
What's this? Now I'm seeing crazy guys.
What the hell are you doing bringing a baby?
Don't cuss either. It's not good for the baby.
Move out of my way, punk.
This punk.
What! I have a baby!
Let me go. Ass, let me go.
I told you not to cuss, you puppy.
You're being arrested for breaking law 334 of the special forces and 337 of gang violence
You have the right to be silent.
And anything you say right now can be harmful to you.
Right, Ha Seon?
Good job.
What about you Detective Kim? Are you okay?
Yeah, I am. It's only a scratch.
The little punk was being difficult.
Is she still sleeping?
How can she still be sleeping after that commotion?
Who does she take after for being so bold?
Is she bold or dull?
Ha Seon, you don't take after me right?
Take after you?
Huh? No, there's something like that.
Something like that?
Isn't it past the time when Kyeong Tae comes back?
10 minutes late again. What if he's caused another accident?
Why are you coming now?
What's this! You took Ha Seon to the police station?
Our Ha Seon had a lot of fun at the police station.
The people at the station kept saying how our Ha Seon was so adorable.
And she was so popular. The best!
What about Na Yeong?
She's not here yet.
She's the one who said she'll pick the baby from the playhouse, but she comes the latest.
Isn't it because she trusts us?
What should we do? Should we hire a baby-sitter?
A baby-sitter?
Do you want our money to rot away that you want a baby-sitter?
Let's just send her back to the playhouse.
Hey! Baby sister? No! I can't leave Ha Seon in the hands of a stranger.
Then what do you want us to do?
We should take care of her ourselves.
What? How are we supposed to?
Are you crazy? Are you not going to work?
Either way, no.
It's not right for Ha Seon and I feel bad for Na Yeong too.
And I get so nervous that I can't leave her at those places.
And you think we're comfortable about it? But everyone else raises children like that.
Absolutely no for our Ha Seon.
For everyone else, it's because there are only two people.
But for us, there are four of us. Including Na Yeong, four!
Honestly, can't four people raise one kid?
So what if the number is big? Does any one of us just play?
You don't do anything during the day. And Soo Hyeon, you end after 3.
When you end lunch, come back and switch off with Kwang Hee.
What? Are you telling us two to take care of the baby?
And what are you doing?
If there's nothing going on, I'll get off work at exactly six and switch off with you guys.
And Na Yeong will probably come home at nine at the latest.
What is that!
The baby will sleep at night.
And I'll end up taking care of the baby all the time!
Instead, you don't have to take care of the baby on Saturday and Sunday. All weekdays.
It's fair, right? You don't have any problems?
This is confusing me.
Is it fair?
No! No! No! No! I can't take care of her. No way.
Hey! Hey!
Kwang Hee. I'll try to take off work once a week, especially Sunday.
Whatever. I can't take care of her.
Hey, me too. How can I just come home right after lunch?
I have to meet Suh Yeon and plan ahead for work.
And I need to meet people for my business life.
Heyůthen what about Ha Seon?
You're the one who doesn't like the playhouse!
Since you brought her from it, you take full responsibility!
You guysůare seriously going to be like these?
I'm going to tell Na Yeong everything.
Tell her what?
That we donated our sperm. That one of us is the father!
You little punk!
Hehůgo ahead! Go ahead and try! You did it too!
You even said you're the representative father. So go ahead.
Really now? Fine. Move out of my way.
What was Na Yeong's number?
If I knew this was going to happen, I should have put it on speed dial.
Hey! Cabbage head! No!
What are you doing?
Pay attention! We are Ha Seon's dads. Are you going to deny that and be cheap?
Still! We promised something and how dare you call!
Give it back to me!
Okay, okay, I understand. First, get out.
Do you really understand?
Why are you being so forceful all of the sudden?
Let's talk outside.
We're going to raise Ha Seon with our hands.
As fathers, we should at least sacrifice that much.
I seriously don't know.
Okay, okay. We'll raise her.
When I went to get her earlier, do you know how happy she was?
I can't leave her at the foreign place with loud kids.
I'm saying this again.
From now on, you have to really take care of Ha Seon.
If you don't, I'll tell Na Yeong everything.
Tell me what?
Oh! That...thatů
Kyeong Taeůthatůhe brought Ha Seon from the playhouse.
Yeah, yeah! And from now on, we're not going to leave her at the playhouse.
But we're going to take care of her in turns.
Huh? Why all of the sudden?
I went to the playhouse on my way...
And I was really surprised to hear that her dad already picked her up in the morning.
Did something happy in the playhouse?
Why aren't we leaving her at the playhouse?
Na Yeong, I have something very serious and sincere to tell you.
I think he wasn't comfortable with just leaving her at the playhouse.
So we're going to take care of her in turns.
But stillůall three of you work.
We're going to take shifts! I play during the day!
If you don't like this particular playhouse, I'll look for other ones.
No, I don't want to leave Ha Seon in a stranger's hands.
But stillů
No, no, we're just going to take care of her personally.
We've already agreed.
Yes, agreed.
I still think this isn't right.
I feel really bad. And it won't be easy.
Of course, it's definitely not easy...
It's easy. It's so easy.
I've gotten so close to Ha Seon that it's hard to split from her.
We can just take care of her. Don't worry about it!
We can do a good job! We can right?
Yes! We can.
Na Yeong. Don't worry. We'll do well.
Ha Seon, it's better to be with uncles than going to the play house right?
Of course! Of course! It's better with us!
Yeah, I'm more comfortable and happier!
Ha Seon, Mommy's going to work, so play nicely with Uncle Kwang Hee, okay?
I'll see you later, Ha Seon.
Kwang Hee, watch after Ha Seon!
I was wondering who the father was!
The father is the cartoonist!
No wonder you guys look alike!
Who are you calling father?! You don't even know anything!
And please clean! There's trash everywhere!
What are you doing?
I'm making surveys.
For people who are already living in apartments and for people living around the apartments.
I'm going to ask what the most uncomfortable thing is.
Ah...sounds good.
One hour and fifteen minutes.
Next time, you watch her an hour and fifteen minutes more.
Okay, fine. I'm going to wash my hands. Hi, Ha Seon!
One hour, eighteen minutes, 25 seconds.
It's one hour, eighteen minutes, 25 seconds.
Heyůyou're going to end work at exactly six?
I've never even seen you before seven.
I'm always losing.
Hello. I'm from the construction company of the apartment.
I just want to ask you a couple of questions about discomforts.
Here you go.
We're almost done.
You're so pretty.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
What are you going to learn Excel for?
I have things to do.
Ah, can you teach me how to use power point too?
Okay fine.
Click over here.
Give her to me.
Hold on a second.
Open the window.
You see that right? Click that.
Seong Min.
You have to help me a lot.
I'll try really hard too.
You're here?
Ha Seon, let's go too.
Oh, sorry. Oh...
Take care of Ha Seon. Ha Seon. Uncle's leaving.
Ha Seon! Mommy's here.
Did you have fun? Thanks!
Ah. I gave her milk, so you just have to burp her.
Kwang Hee. Here.
Ha Seon. Kiss. I'll be going.
If you don't come quickly, I'm going to bust into the office!
I'm here.
Take care of her.
Okay, go ahead.
Ha Seon.
Did you want to see uncle?
Okay, let's go eat.
This stroller is really good. It rolls so well.
Should we rest here?
We're here. We're here.
Excuse me. How many months?
13 months.
Our baby's 12 months.
Oh, really?
Wow, she's really pretty. It's a daughter right?
Ours is a daughter too.
They say she's 13 months, but Ha Seon is bigger, right?
Yeah, our Ha Seon is bigger.
Look at that baby's features. They're really soft.
But our Ha Seon is prettier.
Hey, Ha Seon is the prettiest in the whole world.
Look at that baby's eyes.
Our Ha Seon's is so round and sparkly, but what's wrong with that baby?
Of course.
Our baby? Our baby?
Those two peopleů Are they the rareůgay couple?
Did our Ha Seon go pee?
Let's see.
Our Ha Seon went to poo.
Really? Let's see?
Let's smell.
Smells so good.
It smells like adult poo!
Ha Seon's a person now! She's all grown-up!
Let's change diapers.
Those two peopleůI think they're gay.
Yeah. I guess gay people raise children these days too.
I wonder if they adopted.
Gay? Are they talking about us?
What's this? Why did you wear pink all of the sudden?
What about you?
I wanted to be fashionable with Ha Seon.
I like pink too!
What a liar! You always wear rat's poo colors!
Truthfully, it's Soo Hyeon's.
Stay away from me.
Who do they think they are to call us gay? How annoying.
Why did you have to change her diapers there?
From now on, stay 3 meters away from me.
You're the one who whispered into my ear, making other people misunderstand!
Where are you going?
A date.
The rich man's daughter?
Rich man's daughter? He only has money.
Hey, if he has five buildings he is a rich man.
- If it goes well, you have to help me. - Hey! Me too! Me too!
You little punks.
You guys are the ones who always criticize me for only liking girls with money.
I've sacrificed too much already and you guys think you can just pick up where I left off.
Hey. You can't be like that to me, if you do, I'm not going to watch Ha Seon for you.
You have to watch her for 13 hours this week.
Okay, fine. I'll try.
Where are you going? You have to say good bye.
Good bye?
Ha Seon, kiss Uncle.
See! The kid doesn't even like it.
What are you talking about?
It's because you don't do anything nice to her that she's uncomfortable with you.
What? Who doesn't do anything? I always do nice things for her!
I even bought her these clothes. This is expensive. Brand name clothes.
You said you got them for free.
Free? I had to ask for it.
Is that being nice? You don't even hug her warmly.
Who doesn't? I've hugged her. I've hugged a lot.
When? I've never seen.
Me too.
I've hugged her a lot when you guys weren't there.
Yes. I'm going. Bye.
Hey, today's my dad's memorial. Don't be late.
You're dead if you're late.
I heard you!
You have to know Soo Hyeon's coldness.
How can he not hug our pretty Ha Seon even once?
Anyways, I'm leaving.
You too?
I've waited like crazy for Saturday and Sunday.
I've even sent in my work early. I'm going to go play now.
Heyů Kwang Hee.
I'm lonely.
Cheap bastard.
Now you just send in your work and not even call?
I've let you easy and went through such heartache.
But you ignore me?
I've even debut your skill-less work.
You must not know why I've kept you.
But just wait.
I'm not going to just sit still. .
I'm going to make you taste life's bitterness.
Your car is nice.
It's not even that great.
I want this car too. Should I buy it?
What? This car too?
This is a car that I barely bought with all my money and I'm not even done with all the payments.
What's the use of buying a new one?
If you call me, I'll come drive you.
Is that right?
Of course.
They don't even have money to raise kids so why do they keep giving birth to them.
I think if I was going to raise them like that, I wouldn't have kids.
I don't understand why they get married and then raise kids without a plan.
That girl is pretty pathetic.
What do you think, Soo Hyeon?
Of course. They shouldn't do that.
The kids are pitiful and so are the adults.
The quality of life goes down.
I don't like things like that either.
$120 per person.
What's this? Why is it so expensive?
I come here often. The food is good and the prices are decent.
This is decent? I might go bankrupt hanging out with you.
Oh you're right. It's very decent.
What should I eat?
Order all you want. I want jjajangmyun*. [*black bean sauce noodles]
Course meals are really good here. Eat a special course.
Oh no. I'm on a diet these days.
That's true. Chinese food has a lot of calories.
Can I have the special course A and a bowl of jjajangmyun.
And to drink?
If you tell the boss for the vintage wine that I always drink, he'll know.
Okay, I understand.
At this price, how many bowls of jjajangmyun can I eat?
You look happy. You keep smiling.
Of course. I'm eating lunch with you.
Of course, I'm happy.
I'm actually crying blood.
Soo Hyeon, you play sports right?
Sports? Of course, I used to be addicted to sports.
I used to have a great body, but these days, I don't have any time.
Do you golf?
Yeah, I play golf.
That's great. My dad wanted to go field with you one of these days.
Field? Sounds great.
I have to start learning how to golf.
My goodness. How can one bottle of wine by 250 dollars?
Does it make sense that one meal came out to be 380 dollars?
What would have happened if I didn't eat jajangmyun?
I'm seriously going to go crazy.
I need to see the final round, or I'm going to give up if the investment time goes any longer.
1999 dollars. Split to 10 months. 999 dollars every month.
Let's not hesitate. With that money, your life can change.
No. I can just borrow from somewhere.
Right. Why do I have to spend my hard-earned money?
What are you doing?
I think Na Yeong's going to be late, so have Ha Seon sleep by nine.
Oh, and Ha Seon doesn't just sleep, so scratch her back like this.
When you scratch her back, say "Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry."
Do it like this.
Strawberry, strawberryů What does that mean?
I don't know, but she doesn't sleep without it.
Strawberry strawberry strawberry.
Strawberry strawberry. Okay, I get it
I'll be going.
What the heck is strawberry.
What's this? There's no beer!
Or anything to eat.
Do these punks grocery shop for anything?
Why must I always do something?
Beer and what else?
No, Ha Seon, we have a lot of candy at home.
This is just expensive and not tasty at all.
What kind of candy is two dollars?
Let's go home.
Let's go.
They sell golf stuff here too.
It's even cheaper here.
Should I buy it or not.
This is stressing me out. Should I buy it or not?
Huh. Daddy, I'm here.
Why are you taking someone else?
Daddy! Daddy!
Where am I going?
Do we have baby formula?
We should buy it while it's still on sale.
Ha Seon. Which one does Ha Seon eat?
Is it this?
Or this?
Ha Seon. Do you eat this?
Youůwho are you!
Ha Seon!
Ha Seon!
Ha Seon!
Ha Seon!
Ha Seon!
Where are you?
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Ha Seon!
Ha Seon!
What are you doing?
Ha Seon...Ha Seonů
- I think he lost his child. - Ha Seon!
Anyone with a switched baby? Ha Seon!
Is there anyone with a switched baby?
Ha Seon.
What kind of mindless dad not realize his baby's been switched?
Isn't that right, Min Ji?
Who are you?
Excuse me!
Our baby's been switched!
I'm sorry.
Daddy did wrong.
Ha Seon. You weren't scared, right?
I was really scared.
I'm never going to leave you alone again.
I'm never going to leave you alone again.
Never again.
I love you.
I love you, Ha Seon.
My feet hurt.
I have blisters.
And the skin's broken.
I'm going to get athlete's foot if I keep this up.
What should I do?
- Do you have athlete's foot or something? - Oh my gosh!
No! When did you come?
There was a reason why your feet smelled so bad from the startů
How can a girl have athlete's foot?
Who said I had athlete's foot?
I meant that I could if I don't take care of it.
My skin even ripped because of walking so much.
Oh. If not, never mind.
- Aren't you going home? - You can go ahead.
Do you still have a lot of work?
No. I just have a little more. Don't worry and go home.
Don't forget to eat dinner. You've been working hard these days.
I will.
I'll be going. See you tomorrow.
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
She probably can get athlete's foot from this.
She really did run around a lot.
I don't even know if your father is doing well in the underground.
Why are you doing this again, Mom?
You punk. I'm afraid you might end the Na family.
We're already a limited family, the Na family!
Mom! I'm not a Na.
I added your last name. So I'm a Na Hwang! Na Hwang!
Na or Na Hwang. When are you going to do it?
Are you really not going to get married?
I will. But it's not going as I want it to.
The girl you saw last timeů Sobyun or Daebyun (pee or poo)...
- SoMyung SooYoung? - Yeah her!
- What about her? - She's already married and has a kid!
What? How long has it been since I saw her?
I didn't see her like that. What was the rush?
So why did you take Seong Min's baby there?
If you did well from that, that baby in her stomach could have been yours!
Did I do that on purpose? And I had a good reason that time.
It's still a worry.
If the Na family ends here, how am I going to see your father's face later on?
I don't know! I'm hungry, give me food.
You rascal! How can you think about food at this moment?
You look so normal but how come you can't get married like every other guy?
It's not that I can't, I'm just not!
You are just like your father when you yell stuff like that.
Don't worry, Mom. Our lineage will definitely continue.
Ha Seon. Why aren't you sleeping?
Strawberry! Strawberry!
Strawberry, strawberry.
Oh, my arm.
My arm's going to buff up soon.
No wonder moms with babies have buff arms.
It's because they're raising kids.
Strawberry, strawberry.
Ha Seon. Mommy's here.
Is no one here?
Is Ha Seon sleeping alone upstairs?
They're sleeping.
They sleep the same way.
It's one.
Are they still sleeping?
What should I do?
It seems that he had a rough day, so I can't just wake him up.
But where did Kyeong Tae and Kwang Hee go?
I thought she was going to get fired soon, but she works really hard.
Did you wake up?
Ha Seon wanted to sleep in Mommy's bed
I was putting her to sleep and then sort of fell asleep myself.
When did you come?
It's been a little while.
Na Yeong.
Your nose is bleeding.
Sit down.
Lift up your head. And stay still.
Why do you study all of the sudden at night? When the time comes, you should sleep.
But I don't know a lot of stuff.
And I don't have time to study in the office.
Stop talking. Your nose is still bleeding.
Studying isn't something that you can just do, especially someone who isn't that smart.
My kind of studying is actually really hard!
It's not something everyone can do.
That's why I'm saying don't study at once but take your time.
Your health isn't even that great and you're studying so hard.
Why do you have to say it like that, Soo Hyeon?
What about me?
You could just say, "It's hard right?" And things like that.
If you want to find a nice girl, you need to learn how to talk nicely.
I'm already dating a nice girl.
A nice girl that's rich?
What? What do you know, Na Yeong?
I really like her!
Did anyone say anything?
I must be right to see that he's overreacting.
Your nose is still bleeding. Stay still.
Your nose is bleeding again because you're getting all fired up.
It's okay. You can stop.
Stay still.
Go upstairs, and massage your nose with cold water.
Or it'll start up again later.
Okay. I understand.
What are you two doing?
Na Yeong had a bloody nose.
Oh really?
Why are you looking at us like that?
Never mind. You must have bled a lot.
Are you okay?
Yeah. It wasn't much.
Good night!
Make sure you massage it with cold water!
It might start again.
Yes. Thanks.
I'm so tired.
Ha Seon, you have to eat food! Eat!
What are you doing?
Did youůwalk over there by yourself?
Did you really?!
Ha Seon stood up and walked!
Isn't this a miraculous moment? Ha Seon is taking her first steps!
This is one small step for one person. But for us this is a giant step!
I missed this special moment.
This is all because of you.
Why did you have to cause an accident today of all days!
I should have seen Ha Seon walk.
Ha Seonů
Shouldn't we throw a party today?
Come home early today.
Congratulations on Ha Seon's first steps!
Ha Seon, blow the candles.
Let's all blow it out together. 1-2-3
Thank you!
Thank you.
Here's a present.
What's going on? Cheap Soo Hyeon bought a present.
Really. The sun will rise from the west tomorrow.
You punks, really. When was I ever cheap?
I'll spend when the moment comes.
What could this be? Let's see.
They're dress shoes. They're so pretty.
Ha Seon, aren't they pretty? We'll wear it well.
Here! This is my present.
What's this?
Na Yeong, for shoes, sneakers are the best.
Dress shoes aren't good! Kids will just trip and fall when they walk.
Ha Seon, wear this and run around, okay?
Do you even know children?
Ta da! These are the shoes Ha Seon picked up personally.
You had a hard time taking care of Ha SeonůWhen did you to buy this?
A while ago. I went out with Ha Seon and picked it out.
It's so pretty.
What do you mean? It looks so bland.
Yeah and it's probably really cheap.
You punks. Even though it looks like thisů
It even makes sounds! Do your shoes do that?
Thanks so much, you three.
It's nothing.
I'm really happy.
I have a lot of great friends.
Yeah. Because you guys were Seong Min's friends, you're my friends too.
ThenůI'm your boyfriend?
How can we be friends? We're neighborhood brothers.
You said we were neighborhood brothers last time.
Oh. Yeah.
Oh you cheapo. Let it go.
Who cares if we're neighborhood brothers or her boyfriends?
Today's a good day anyways so let's just congratulate her.
Ha Seon, congrats! You have to grow really well.
I really don't know how to thank you.
It's okay. We should be thanking you.
Ever since I saw you working until your nose bled, I've been thinking a lot.
I should pay attention to how I live.
Why? It's not like you're always playing. We're just waiting for your comic to get popular.
I think about my mom a lot when I see you.
When my mom was raising me alone, I thought about how hard it must have been for my mom.
I have to start being a good son.
Hey, hey. Stop! I can't handle the cheesiness. Na Yeong's going to think you're serious.
Na Yeong. They're all just empty words. Words that just come out from the mouth.
No. I know you guys are all saying this to encourage me.
Truthfully, I really fall short as a mother.
Let's not do this, but let's drink up! If we don't do it tonight, when will we do it?
Okay! Cheers!
Ha Seon, cheers!
Hey, that looks like the color of beer. You didn't put beer in there, did you?
Aigoo, is it that yummy?
Is it good? Is it good?
Ha Seon, you have to eat a lot and grow healthy!
I don't know who she takes it after, but look at her suck up the wheat tea.
These are the shoes my daddies bought me.
Aren't they pretty? I'm going to wear them all.
When I got shoes as presents, I was so excited that I couldn't sleep.
But, I think Mommy didn't like the shoes.
That night, when she was putting me to sleep, she was crying.
I think she thought I was sleeping, but what baby doesn't know when her mommy is crying?
So I told my mom, "Mommy, the shoes are really pretty, so don't cry."
And then after that, Mommy fell asleep with a smile on her face.
Ha Seon.
Today was such a happy day, right?
Good night. Sweet dreams.
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Ha Seonů
Ha Seon!
Ha Seon!
What's wrong, Na Yeong?
Ha Seon disappeared.
What do you mean she disappeared?
I don't know. But she was sleeping next to me but now she's not there!
What do you mean?
She was next to me, but when I woke up she wasn't there! Ha Seon!
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