Autodesk Product Design Suite 2013 - Conceptual and Visual Output

Uploaded by AutodeskCHS on 12.09.2012

Autodesk Product Designed Suite is a comprehensive solution for digital
prototyping that facilitates design,
and simulation of products before they're built.
With a broad set of the easy to use interoperable design tools your
engineering teams can work more creatively and manage their processes
more efficiently.
As ideas move from concept to engineering the need to remodel concepts
is minimized as engineers can work from conceptual designs
and with everyone using a common set of tools you'll improve collaboration
across all phases of development.
Details are often less defined in early stages of the design
explore design concepts and produce stunning illustrations with software
that enables you to paint and draw in the industries ultimate digital sketchbook.
Speed documentation, share ideas and explore concepts with powerful design
and documentation tools.
Communicate design ideas using engineering design data to sell your products.
Quickly transform your AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor data into compelling
imagery, movies and interactive presentations to improve
the designreview process, secure internal buy in
and win competitive bids.