Diamond in the Rough, or Oldy But Moldy

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And welcome to the flipping right show
today were talking about renovating old houses
has the wrong
well thank you see that cortisol levels that you know i was going to give you an
official of the work i thought all of us are going on i think there's going to
talk about eighteen ninety-nine teens handles all classics that
also ahead and rooms in
all problem although you know
carrying everything
ten talk about harvey how do you think of all we haven't
by one of those around him and one of those
something to look for
because let's face it isn't known to have some hidden things that you don't
have to deal with
and hopefully i can help your own personal goals and i have your followers
of the house trap
i like that one movie i was called there is a movie by a truck housing
it was real sub
stay case is all things look at before you rehab reporting animal house things
and really had respect they're going to
and this really is not a suggestion balancing experience investors
will walk through a house-senate twenty minutes here are really good idea of how
much we're going to spend a hundred west
you look at something that's a hundred years old and i suggested it is a little
bit a little bit deeper get some experts out there
first wrote about the uh...
the concrete
the foundation unit anything that resumes queen's foundation
in for for britain country and this includes concrete perhaps blacks
the direction of the crack
is going to help you diagnose what's wrong if there's a crack obviously solid
personal problems
for the direction of the crib is going to help you know what
if you've got a if you could give us hearsay creek
in concrete blocks
or if you have a horizontal correct
chances are you got some pressure coming in from the outside
machines that
known as the ground outside gets wet and dry and wet and dry
expressions of interest
saw the corn is going this way
four concrete wall or
oh even bricks tumbled richer or or blacks
chances are suppose portion from the outside and it's not new really while
walking to a crack psychosomatic
isn't a good thing because himself inside stresses besides telling his is
helping to make the most likely be a real serious problem well canceled
from the other hand
if you've got a br article crack
lucrecia go up and down
it's usually a settlement problem illustrator houses adults rushing over
periods aren't they can settle for many years
stop selling for many years
co-star sonya sold the crash site aside
sofa portion of my best if it prep is up and down
yet so let's open up towards the house is shifting because of something
this way
something crazy like to see a little bit of american craft
sort of things that scheck like if you're looking for a house and you've
got cracks in the drywall or cracks in the fleischer
i'm not sure i know this is where does that you can't open it as a candle but
they're really hard to open it was tough open
according to the congress shouldn't like this
because of
we don't sell a digital satellite haven't so they're not
then the bathrooms with something on him checked out
now in support of concrete foundation
you've got some progress on a angles
because they have a problem it could be a good shrink it shrinkage in the
after it's dried when i was trying to go over the years
in the country country slaughtered that's not a member of promises vertical
crack since october exercise and maybe a little bit more problem
the typically there's a there's a crack at an angle
it's not as big as it is not a serious so simple that ustasha balked at
fundamentals deal breakers in one case western governments sweet house if you
got concrete fabrics
or can create a bit craft on this way
or straight up-and-down
have an expert come look at his that could be won't trouble dot com
well there is more forms old houses more shit
smarter so please look at our house hung a friend of mine time cialis
runs the a company here in chicago they sell investors and a good friend
he refused to say no water always wins
and believe me its tru water always wins
white shirt
especially the one here's some of the odyssey although behold
and that type of thing
but we don't come forward and moisture and water damage
his in many cases with him
inside the walls lethal houses
and it may be some of the foundation you've got some of the foundation
there can be a serious problem so
you know it takes more than a month to clean up water problem especially our
old house had that checked out
i think a lot about
book about that's real smart
well there's a consideration is the specials
i know you've heard the gloom and doom stories of our special subah whole
classrooms of children dying
and honor
kids growing with horns louder
because they were
subject to a special so young age
please let us right away first off
assessors is always better it's not always asylum hill you know i'm going to
cancer and birth defects occurs as persons of the house
s in lower case is it's using the siding morales institution the rotational
but a special statement they have in store for some reason
it's exposed it to the elements
owned so
like if you didn't crack and as far as the shingles
is that those on the inside of you crack the shaven
prayer not just in case i'm wrong but i don't think i just saw
compensate a celebrity
but in case
allergic reaction or if you guys for society practice i think
that can bring assesses india that's one step
now if you if you determined that she has this is something else that you will
conduct by an old house
what you could replace it totally admits
you know that that's a precaution
but if you if you came from the gulf man
so i'm i'm a singer a primer
and a good quality latex
you'll get a job of of unfolding on this post what you don't want to do before
you paint
is you don't want to say that we pay for it
or do anything like i said i could bring a copy is you approve of the elements
a good basically replace explicitly fragments of painful response and sorry
if i would be ok and get it is something you can see a special specially if
you've got broken shingles are broken citing pieces
you might want to have somebody come and look at that that's an extra
hulu creepy crawlers the for myself and for some of the yet more problems that
we have a bugs in the old houses
socially in my florida texas southern california has one year round
here are likely to have a problem with termites are
or other types of but you have more things that is not as big a problem
goes into something good
to consider
think about
so no it's not expensive they have a by black amount check out the house so
that's not my mom always consider
so there is a little girl the house as you know you don't want your own house
ten year old houses termite mounds unlikely
but your houses utilities all classics and you really want to check it out
but the resulting from field house are crazy for is going to get those old
movies and
you know that yeltsin florida creaky floors no sign of really anything in
most cases except for a male victims
one size is sore so that creek is generally are wet wet wet in
staging houses or renovating properties in real estate investing
if israeli bad you could replace the floor but usually it's just a couple
males that their crickets and thoughtful sludge slide up and down but it was just
sent us an update from communal character some cases two
windows if you got the old windows of the house and talk in the old really not
sure of the century windows
you don't want to transfer students replacement
for insulation club problems that are probably not be functional
so here's a couple things to consider
you get when does she tried your windows install per hundred fifty bucks if you
put those levels in one of his own houses
conscientious removal stupid not going to have been classical pictured on
foreigners from the time and effort to rehab
this whole
you know i don't want to roman so you really want to put in the new windows
that look like the old windows
they are part of somebody that enforces six seven eight hundred bucks to do it
negotiate with your but we've been negotiating a deal
make sure the store and all of these things you saw his fancier damage
there's also confirm impossible it is very things
and all the things that we can and it has been buried small things
they all things
in these yards of septic swells old propane tanks different types of thanks
a lot of cases not a bad day
the government be taking your arm of the market is not over rocks or something so
in and see what we're doing
it could be a company no problem at all
but he was shocked for
ask the seller of our own fault or a little bit needed some research on the
you are notified all super cell unburied only our that you don't know about them
in most cases
but it is something just in case you again you don't want to surprise do i
have to tear europe if you're going to death
or something like that song
ts partnership move houses
is left learning
you know is how i guess vessels to kill is not always have a lot of cases led
his dad
whereas left robinson typically in some places
is found in your place it was found in your paint
pre-ninety-four his resume also pipes in these houses are allowed and i'm going
to be lead pipes
now that doesn't always need is a bad thing
and a lot of cases you can just be nonstop flight five hundred bucks for
going over to the potable water filtration system in
as we take care of them
if you find that you've earned your place
so they don't want to look it up
is even if it's not lead you know in the late forties interviews galvanize placed
allowed galvanized by said let them as well
hammer claims
they don't have learned that sometimes the scar used to see all these copper
pipes have been there
so it was something you really want to know so he has no chance that i'll find
a good house inspector shapiro insiders
but the house is all that off you might want to bring in somebody else's
specializes in ethics
so you could let her get my special inside undercover amend your pipes
they can be a very expensive proposition
if you have to go to reform the entire property
special payment
you've had that in your pain
in the openings and they could be good could be better if you have the signing
this unpainted
with lenin
on the
more conventionally
is c_n_n_ panels on the ground specials
you know if you got sinus pain through my head
a good solid high-quality latex paint
over that blood will take care of that probably what we're going to worry about
for one thing you want to make sure you have to do is you know what a power wash
society before you print it was a manifest principles and
to keep our washington building
that has lead paint on it
is going to watch a lot of soil
muykheng needle into that either so
isn't a problem bob rowaine
uh... is this what this is regarding the time it was a ruling in an effort with
but i did
lead paint
tasseled u_s_ around with blue subhuman went
it also there
if you take the right precautions
now besides paying four hundred and pipes and windows increase floors you
also look at your electrical system
one of the easiest ways quite persuasive check out our house refers walk-ins with
is look at the sockets look at the outlets on the wall if there's always
who also knows that there's not that will lead to a third of all nasa rocket
chances are go for some of you are at least i have to replace the structure of
the senate replacing outlets if nothing else
because they've only got two method the third that's the easiest way to see
walkabout focus actively itself
if u if you have to replace old sac is now it's just so you have replacing box
downstairs to birmingham who what what what you've got down there
it's not a real expensive job if you have to replace all the outlets
manila plugs means letting myself it's
if you have time for ourselves and replacing boxes that summit two thousand
twenty five hundred bucks you replace along allison housing by accident
them all and sometimes shape
but if you need to rewire the entire house
now we're talking probably around ten thousand dollars sort of something
something really consider sold
i hope he does not work out there is absolutely then watch him again given
over about six months
subtleties that are already in really old houses but there was someone else's
all of this work is extra work we're dealing with a hundred miles can be sold
rewarded i mean
went went to house prices go down when the likely they are now these all houses
these classes they talk a little they certainly are
people will pay a premium to live in these houses
their bills on time
they're fairly well
and uh... you know there's there's a problem 'cause they're all but you don't
have a beautiful home
or if you don't mind pricing repairs on the shizzle party i'll still suspended
informal reminds that someone
make a big
but make sure you take these precautions make should look into all the stuff
there are going to be probably later
always the older houses more money you should have put aside for hidden
you'll have a yahoo houses ten fifteen years old twenty years all that michael
five percent last year it here beside for
not things that you can see
you we have a house as a hundred years lucia fifteen twenty percent of what you
expected to pay under renovation
he should have that humans cider was honored at several suitcase unit
because there is a bitch if you have a chance you probably don't need a little
also when you negotiating with the seller
negotiates mark
puts in closet catcher if a freind
that i need this if i find that the money that
make sure you don't get stuck
if you start working on a house on gretna occlusal bite
no surprises because they're so surprised but if you close enough to
start working
but the big things should always be recovered before you close
so don't be a cheap skate stone and after a few blocks kid who inspection
as orwell's hendrix reluctantly just walk through with your uncle frank okay
have a great night day wherever pragmatism wherever you are fans who
want to
we have to renovate or staging houses in real estate investing number of new jobs are going to ask you
the dot com and i'll see you next time