Blu-ray Collection Tour (Part 2)

Uploaded by Voorhees87 on 06.05.2012

Okay, moving on. The next shelf starts with The Mist.
This is a two disc edition. Comes with a bonus DVD.
With a lot of very cool, insightful special features.
There was no black and white version on there though,-
-but I guess, if you want to, you can just sort of-
-desaturate your television. Should work.
Anyway, moving on, we've got A Nightmare on Elm Street.
The remake. Which is not good by any stretch, but I sort of had to-
-have it anyway. I kinda like the cast, I like Rooney Mara-
-I like Jackie Earle Haley, and I think it had some really cool SFX going-
-at least. But other than that, it's a very crappy film.
The original seven Nightmare on Elm Street films.
From the UK. I have seen all seven by now.
And they look pretty good actually.
I don't want to say fantastic, but I think it's a-
-decent upgrade from the DVD versions. So check that out if you can.
Oceans is a French nature film.
It's not a documentary, it's more of a film.
But it's beautiful, very thoughtful, very insightful about our planet-
-and what we are doing to it. By buying these cheapo Blu-ray cases!
Oh dear. Anyway, moving on.
Orphan, very cool. Love those kind of psychological-
-but violent films.
The Others. Very, very spooky film starring Nicole Kidman.
Pinocchio. I started with sort of the Disney classics when-
-I was picking up Blu-rays, and what's more classic-
-than Pinocchio, right? Nah, but seriously-
-Disney have done beautiful restorations on these, and-
-they're very insightful, and I think people of all ages and genders..
No matter who you are, these are films that should appeal-
-to you for some reason.
Life and Planet Earth, more nature documentary stuff.
Pontypool. A Canadian film. Nice twist on the zombie genre.
Very clever, and it's really really spooky.
I saw this by myself, a dark night about a year ago or two.
I was seriously spooked out of my mind, so..
That's kinda rare I think.
A classic. Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho of course.
The original version.
I think they did a..
I'm pretty sure they did a nice remastering job-
-for Blu-ray for this one. And I hear that they-
-remixed the sound for complete DTS surround, so that should-
-be interesting to hear.
Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp, cool flick.
Pulp Fiction, the UK edition. We've actually had-
-Pulp Fiction in Sweden on Blu-ray for quite some time now.
But we never had the cool remastered version-
-with all the special features, so got it from the UK-
-with a slip, and I love that it says-
-"Director approved" on the cover. There's sort of a-
-sticker there where it says "Quentin Tarantino"-
-"Director approved edition". That's nice.
Rambo. The trilogy box set. It was very cheap and very cool.
Stacked with special features as well, so I couldn't resist.
And that meant of course that I had to pick up-
-the fourth one, Rambo. Also known as John Rambo.
Uhm..yeah. Nice, nice collection. I'm a big fan of especially-
-Rambo: First Blood Part II is probably my favourite.
That film is absurd. I love it.
Rango, starring Johnny Depp. I think it won the Academy Award-
-for Best Animated Feature. So yay, go Rango!
I just like a film that's sort of "non-Pixar".
Something that sort of goes against the grain, and does something-
-very sort of "out there" and interesting.
It's not really a film for kids, it's more of a..
I don't know how to explain it, but give it a look, it's very cool.
Salt, this is the steelbook edition.
I was able to secure this right before they got sold out-
-wasn't too cheap, but it was around retail price I think.
I thought it was just so cool that I knew I had to have this.
Saving Private Ryan, a classic World War II film.
Se7en, probably my favourite thriller of all time.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you may laugh again-
-but I honestly think that this is a beautiful beautiful edition-
-of a great film. And everyone should have this in their collection.
This is like cinema history right here, and they did-
-such a great job on this. With all the insightful-
-documentaries and the remastering and everything.
The Social Network, David Fincher again.
Very clever film, moves at a very high pace.
Star Trek, the J.J Abrams film, I really like that one.
Nice pace to it, nice action, very funny.
The Strangers starring Liv Tyler, pretty creepy thriller.
Super 8, again J.J Abrams, attack of the lensflare.
Pretty cool, it doesn't quite mesh as well as it should I think,-
-but still a very nice film.
Supernatural, the complete seasons 1 through 5 on Blu-ray.
I think they're airing season 7 now if I'm not mistaken.
And I've seen about half of that, so I need to catch up with-
-the other half sometime.
I think there's gonna be, or has been,-
-an even bigger box set than this, so check that out-
-if you're a fan.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber from Fleet Street.
Or "of Fleet Street", I should say.
It's one of my favourite collaborations between-
-Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.
Just really stark, beautiful beautiful musical.
Taxi Driver.
This is the Collector's Edition.
I did not get my hands on the Limited Edition, which-
-was sold right when this was new. But they're doing these new-
-Collector's Editions, at least in the UK.
Which are really cool.
They've all got these white covers with this golden-
-embossed lettering on them. And the film looks really beautiful-
-and you've got all the special features on there.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
I bough this film.. I think this is the-
-at least the fourth time I've bought this in probably like-
-two years or something. Long story, but yeah.
This should be the definitive edition, shouldn't it?
At least until there's a new format.
The Thing, yeah. This is the classic 1982 John Carpenter version.
With the new slipcover. Gotta have that one.
Kurt Russell probably does one of his best performances ever.
And I picked this up just recently, it's the new prequel to The Thing.
Where you see what happened to the Norwegians.
And I really like this one actually, I thought it was really cool.
I know it's CGI and all, but I still think they did a really-
-great job at capturing the atmosphere of the original film-
-and tying them together. So now I kind of consider-
-these two, one long film. If that makes any sense.
Transformers. Two disc special edition.
The first one is..
I know it's really intrepid, like it's so poorly written-
-and so ghastly acted, and you've got Megan Fox and-
-Shia LaBeouf running around there, but still. I think the first one, if any-
-is still a really cool action film. Really epic, and you've got to-
-love the great CGI in this.
Trick R Treat has become a Halloween staple-
-of recent years. Really sort of a cult film. Check that one out-
-if you haven't seen it yet. Great, great Halloween tradition.
Tron: Legacy. I love Tron: Legacy.
It was so unexpected. So epic. So beautiful.
So dark, and I just really love the score by Daft Punk.
Triangle starring Melissa George. Yeah, pretty clever sort of thriller.
Not so much a horror film perhaps, but more of a thriller.
Really interesting premise, and fairly unexpected story.
Sleeping Beauty: 50th Anniversary Edition.
Ths is probably my favourite Disney film of all time.
It's such a beautiful film, it's absurd.
Every single frame of this film could hang in an art museum.
Without question.
Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise.
I know Tom Cruise has a way of sort of-
-infiltrating history, but I still think-
-Bryan Singer did a really good job on this-
-considering the fact that everybody knows what's-
-gonna happen in the end, but you're still sort of-
-at the edge of your seat throughout the whole film.
The Road starring Viggo Mortensen.
Really poetic, beautiful film. I also read the book recently-
-and the book was also really brilliant.
Very straight to the point, very poignant, very beautiful.
Very, very sad as well. But still a great film.
Worth a watch, but get some tissues if you're-
-gonna watch that one.
Next up is Walk The Line. I think it's the Extended Version-
-on Blu-ray. Have not seen that yet, but it's one of my favourite drama films.
So when I saw it cheap on Blu-ray I could not resist.
When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors.
A documentary about The Doors. As I said, I'm a huge fan.
I recently got both of their box sets.
Brilliant film, beautiful narration by Johnny Depp.
And I think this is very accessible to anyone-
-who's a rock and roll fan or a music fan or a Doors fan-
-at all. Like, you can watch this with your kids, or with-
-your neighbours or with your friends or with anybody.
The Wild Bunch, yeah, watched this one just yesterday.
It was cheap, and it was a classic western,-
-I'm sort of starting to collect a few westerns-
-here and there. Yeah, it was pretty good.
Probably not the very best I've seen, but still, worth a look.
Didn't have too much going on storywise, plotwise perhaps,-
-but it did have some nice bloody action sequences.
Next up is Within Temptation, The Black Symphony concert.
Really epic symphonic metal.