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There were clouds over Delhi and the North and...
Narayan has given many tv interviews.
But he has never watched any
Have you never watched your interviews on tv?
No. - Why not?
Because I'm blind
Straighten the mountain, HanumanJi. And bring your arm in the angle
Here's the next question. What do you need to kill mosquitoes?
Baygon Spray? Good night mosquito mats?
Tortoise brand incense sticks? Or a mosquito-net?
Mosquitoes. - The right answer!
This gentleman is our first bore!
Where's the Mother? The director wants you
What's the program for today? - We're shooting a music video today
Why're you standing here? Hurry up. - Won't you wear some clothes first?
These are my clothes! I'm your seniorprogramming executive.
And you're Just a cameraman.
Where's Topi ? - Here's topi (cap)
Lucky thing to have found a place like that.
Won't you say something now? - What?
What a way to sing! - Look at your father-in-law here!
You...? - Yes. He's no mike-man...
he's a third-rate light-man!
Shut up, you old sonofagun!
You, I'm going to...
That girl had even said, "I love you" and you had to butt in!
BIoody crocodile... - Shut up! And tell me...
are you marrying my daughter or not? I've got to fix a date!
Just like you to go on like a bad LP record!
Will I marry your daughter? - Won't you?
You and your daughter... stinking noodles! Will I marry her?
Won't you marry Maggi? - No!
In that case, I'll touch your weak spot!
Try doing it... - I will!
Go ahead... - Mister...
Ask him what we're fighting for. - You needn't interfere in this...
BIoody eunuch! - What?
BIoody eunuch! - Insolent man!
Will you marry Maggi or won't you? - Lay off, bald egg!
You touch my weak spot? I'm not marrying your daughter!
Call for you, Topi.
Did you call our client an eunuch?
Someone tickled my ribs... I call such guys eunuchs.
BIoody eunuch!
Shut up, you dog! - Dog?!
Not dog, sir... eunuch, lay off!
Topi, are you marrying my daughter or aren't you?
Get lost!
I've lost my Job! Tell the M.D. about my weakness.
Get in... so what's yourproblem? - Whenever I'm tickled...
BIoody eunuch! - What did you say?
Stop the car! Don't leave me here! Stop!
"Look back at me, my love"
"Come, fall in love with me"
"Give me love for my love; give me a rose..."
"Don't you be scared"
"Don't you refuse me"
"Write your feelings on a piece ofpaper"
"Look at me, my love"
"Come, fall in love with me"
"Let's lie on the hot sands, and breathe together"
"On the sly, let's make love"
"Let's run away together"
"Carry me on your shoulders"
"Take me to a temple on Fridays"
"On Saturdays, let's go to the discotheque"
"Take me to watch the The Titanic on Sunday"
"Look at me, my love"
"Come, fall in love with me"
"We're made for each other"
"The two of us are made for each other"
"So what's wrong with you guys?"
"Why are you Iooking away, my love?"
"Have you grown old at heart?"
"You're a machine, not a man anymore"
"Your insides are Ioosening"
"You're like a plant"
"Why were born at all?"
"In love, my love..."
"I've even grown a beard"
"You've passed out... and we've taken a beating"
"Should I give away my heart, my life is going to be ruined"
"Should I be a winner in life... I'll find a thousand girls, baby"
"Look at me, my love"
"We're not going to fall in love"
"Come, fall in love with me"
Come on in, son.
What's today's cartoon, Papa? - Look at this.
You've made a politician out ofme?
I wished to see my son as the chiefminister today.
ChiefMinister? You must've been dreaming.
Oh no. I showed your horoscope to the astrologer today. He was amazed.
He said he had seen a horoscope like yours, eighty years ago.
Only Lal Bahadur Shastri had as good a horoscope.
Well? You're going to be a Ieader, are you?
I'd have been happy ifyou said I'd be a programming director...
or won an Olympics medal. But you send me into politics!
Know what politics is? A gutter!
Hurry up... it's about to go. Look! - What happened, Mom?
Shiva's name will appear now.
Camerawork: ShivaJi Rao... go and ring up the bride's folks!
Dammit! Couldn't they hold the credits for another five minutes?
Your son's name appears for a second and you kick up a fuss.
I thought you had seen a snake.
You don't know anything. Just stay quiet.
You haven't paid me the money you lost yesterday.
I will... sure will. Or I'm not your son.
What are you doing...? What? Why're you applying the henna?
Yes, I'm applying henna. - But I'm not a kid anymore, Ma.
Oh sure, you're a grown up man.
No matter how much you grow, you will remain my son, okay?
Look at those pictures and choose a girl.
This one looks like Tulsi, doesn't she? And this one's Henna!
I showed her yourpicture. She said you look like Shaktiman!
Dad! Do I look like Shaktiman? - I'd reason with a wife, not tv!
Haven't you liked her, son?
She's good, but something's Iacking. - What thing?
That thing which makes butterflies flutter in your stomach...
that which goes straight to the heart and says,
"This is it! Full and final!" - Do you feel that when...
you see that girl in "Hum Paanch" ? - Hum Paanch...?
That idiot-box is making you talk like an idiot
Keep out of this! You're always interfering like a commercial break!
Tell me what kind of a girl you want. I'll find her for you.
With hair like the clouds...
her eyes like that of a fish...
rosy lips...
a nose like that of a parrot...
a slender neck like a pea-hen's...
and tender hands like a lotus...
that would be something. - A girl like this?
You mustn't go Iooking for a bride for him! You'll bring home anything!
Is this any girl? It's a witch! - Just what you were before marriage
And how were you to look at? - I...? I was...
He Iooked like a perfect cartoon!
You take my place? Lucky guy
Hello and welcome to Phulgaon
As you can see, it's a Iovely place...
and our ChiefMinister Mr Balram Chavan is paying a visit here today
On behalf on Q-tv, your favourite anchor-person Urmila
Long live the ChiefMinister!
Long live the ChiefMinister!
Don't bow. This garland is meant for Dr Ambedkar's bust, not you.
What kind of Chief Secretary are you? You ought to have told me!
C.M., my foot! IIIiterate ass!
I typed out the whole program for him.
Is the Minister distributing dhotis? - He might snatch the one you wear!
Go away.
GIory to Babasaheb Ambedkar
Minister... please shake my hand! I'm Pawar!
They won't let me meet you, sir! I've been waiting for you!
It's I who did all the decoration! I've been waiting for you, sir!
Let him go. Set him free
Long live, the ChiefMinister!
Come here.
I'm blessed, sir! I only wanted to shake hands with you
Drive the car. - I've been waiting all day, sir!
Shake hands with me, sir... PIease, sir!
Thank you very much, sir!
Take care of the camera, Topi
You're getting a proper supply of water in the village, I hope?
There's water everywhere, ever since you have become the C.M.
When were the street Iights put up? - Lights? It's about a year now, sir
He's lying! - Who spoke?
I spoke
When were the Iights put up, dear? - The day before yesterday.
Because you were expected. They aren't even connected to electricity
This man is lying. - Watch your tongue, girl!
You speak nonsense before the C.M.!
Calm down... don't get excited
What are you guys up to? The chief of the electricity board...
comes from your area and so are many other officials.
So what are you guys doing?
It isn't Just the Electricity Board. It's that contractor...
I don't want to Iisten to anything. These folks cast their votes for me.
And I promised them street Iights. So why aren't they working?
Dada, these people have only cast votes.
The local contractor has given us money.
He sent 4 million during the elections.
He uses up the power for his sugar-mill.
He holds 5000 votes of the minority. - AII right
I want electricity here immediately!
Have it disconnected after 2 days
Out ofmy way... - Eunuch!
Who was it? Who said "eunuch?" - Who used abusive Ianguage? Who?
Long live, the ChiefMinister!
This is for you. A reward for speaking the truth
He Just about escaped today! - Why did you talk nonsense?
Are we mad to remain silent? - We'll even lose the electricity...
we have at home!
You're going to get beaten up someday.
What sin have I committed? To speak the truth is no sin?
Baggu? Do we have electricity yet? - No.
That's Just what I said! And everybody's scolding me
The C.M.'s circus is moving away and you're angling for a girl!
Pan the camera
Why're we going to Phulgaon? - To meet a flower
It's going to be fun then! - Only I will meet her
So why am I going with you? - To get beaten up!
"The easterly winds blow..."
"over these paths that meander high and low"
"In these paths, let's get lost together"
"Let's sleep and wake up together"
"From my slumber, I awaken..."
"I discover, I have forsaken everything, to go with you"
"Ifit doesn't happen now... it'll never happen ever"
"You're my love. I'm your love"
"Whether someone believes it or not"
Who's that? Who clapped? - I did! I'm the scarecrow!
Since when have you begun to speak? - I speak only to those I like
Speak from where you are. - Who are you?
My name is ShivaJi Rao, son ofBhim Rao
I hold a diploma in visual communication
I'm a cameraman with Q-TV.
Age: One day. I was born yesterday when I set my eyes on you
I liked the girl who, without any fear, told the C.M. the truth
What I dislike is that tractor which is disturbing us
My favourite village right now is Phulgaon
In my camera, I have taken away yourpictures
What I have lost to you is my heart
I have realised that you are the most beautiful girl in the world
I want to know your name. - I don't tell scarecrows my name
So tell me then, please
Hey, Iisten...
Did you take my pictures? - Yes. Why ask?
It was a casual question
Wait... wait there!
"Let's traverse through these high and low paths, my love..."
"I want to lose myself in your Iovely embrace"
"Let's sleep and wake up together"
You can't get in here! It's a traffic signal.
Get down!
The bus doesn't belong to you! Why didn't you halt at the stop?
My sweet will. Are you getting down now or do I give you a punch ?
I've my exams at 2. Had I missed this bus, I'd have missed my exams
You didn't stop the bus and you're acting smart now?
Aren't you getting down? - No, I'm not!
You bloody... get down!
He's bleeding!
You push students like this? Beat him up! Get him!
Halt the bus! The students are going to beat me up!
Students have assaulted our colleague.
This bus isn't going any further! Get down, everybody!
What's happening here? - They beat a fellow-student...
we're staging a demonstration.
Out ofmy way... out!
What's happening here? Can't you see the traffic Jam?
Get that bus out of there. - Don't you know who I am?
A driver of the ruling party. Okay? - Fetch the camera. Quick!
Arrest the students. Only then will the bus move.
This driver has assaulted a student. Till he apologises, we aren't moving
Park the bus somewhere. We'll talk once the traffic is cleared
The bus isn't moving! - Listen to me!
The bus-drivers have caused a traffic Jam at Fountain.
They claim some students assaulted them.
The students claim the opposite. Nobody's Iistening to anybody
It's a free-for-all out here.
Ask the Commissioner to rush to the spot. Or things could get worse
The ruling party's Ieaving... follow him!
The Chief? Sir, Sakharam Shelke was badly beaten up on duty
BIood is flowing like water from a tap!
It's an affair for the unions now. Talk to all the district units
Have transport ground to a halt all over the state!
Will the cab move? - Sure will. On your head!
Will this bus go to Jaslok hospital? - Eunuch!
It'll go to hell! - How much time will it take?
There's a traffic Jam. Go home and go to bed! Go!
Eunuch! - Whom did you call an eunuch?
Why must you drivers do such injustice?
My daughter's 32. She's supposed to get married today
The bridegroom is waiting for her and here she is
The auspicious time's slipping away
They'll go away, ifwe don't get there on time
With folded hands, I beg you
PIease do not ruin my daughter's life
PIease take that bus out from there. - Go away, don't chew on my brains!
What a nuisance! I'll be late again
It's time for the interview.
I'll have to commit suicide if I don't get this Job.
Brother! I beg ofyou! Get this bus out of the way.
My husband's had a heart-attack. At least let the ambulance through
Else, he'll die! - I'm helpless, lady
I can move my bus only when the one ahead moves
God! What am I to do?
This way, sir... - What's the situation?
I'm fed ofreasoning, sir. It's drivers versus students
This fight is between students and the driver of this bus
Who's the driver of this bus? - Me, sir
Move the bus. - It isn't moving!
You drive a bus, don't you? Get it out of there
Let me see how you drive
It's no Joke! This bus moves over my dead body! Come on
Start up... he'll move. - Go ahead! Let's see
Try it! My friends won't remain silent ifyou drive it over me!
With my body, the whole of Maharashtra will burn to ashes
Drive the bus! Go ahead
Where did casteism come in from?
A Muslim constable has run a bus over a Hindu driver
We won't take it lying down! We'll slit their throats
They don't know our strength! Stop everything! Nothing moves!
Bring life in Maharashtra to a halt! - Stop everything...
Connect me to the C.M. Pronto
The Commissioner wants to talk to you
Go on - The situation is very bad, sir
With yourpermission, I could break their legs and lock them up
Hey! Don't go overboard
One of those drivers belongs to my party
The others come from the community which helped me get elected
And the students too help us during the elections
Touch anyone of them, and we will lose our support
We keep getting scared that they will withdraw support...
and insignificant parties keep threatening government with casteism
If they aren't stopped, they'll turn the state into a graveyard
We must atleast use tear-gas to disperse the mob...
Disperse them, will you? Not them...
my government will be dispersed.
This chair I sit on...
doesn't entirely belong to me. There's the party supporting me
The community is another claimant and also those...
on whose money we're running this party. Fourth come our workers.
Without even one of them, this seat ofpower will collapse
Ifit does, I'm going to hit you with the broken chair! Okay?
You must never solve such problems.
We ought to make an issue out of them forpolitical reasons
Let them scream their lungs out
Once they're through, they'll be tired, and forget everything
The swine!
Here goes your Queen. - And the King arrives!
Smash everything around
Where're you taking the TVs? - One for my wife and the mistress.
Why deprive your sis-in-law? - I don't have a third hand, sir
Oh get lost
Why're you taking pictures? Get lost!
Don't stare! I'll break your head ifyou take my pictures!
They're vandalising shops and setting vehicles on fire, sir
Public property is all being ruined
If I had to issue shooting-orders, I'd have done it long ago
Let the buses be set on fire. Let a few shops be robbed
I'll put together a committee and send them over to the spot
Take care till then
What a cheapskate for a C.M. ! He can't take any decision
The exams must be underway. I've lost a year...
Sorry, lady. He's no more.
He has left me all alone!
He has lost a lot ofblood. - He might die
Any hospital around? - It's a kilometer away
But how do we take him? There's a traffic Jam
Take care of the camera. I'll carry him
How are you, Kumar? - Okay
In a Iittle while more, you could've lost your life
Thank this gentleman who brought you here on time
What's your name?
Listen! Champakali! - What?
Your name is Champakali, right? - No.
Is it Anarkali? - Yuck!
Is it Kathakali then? - That isn't a name
So what is your name? - Why must I tell you?
How will I call out to you unless I know your name?
You don't need to call out to me - Lizard!
I'll call you a Iizard unless you tell me your name. Lizard!
Go away, blind bat! - BIind bat?
Yes. I'm a Iizard. You're a bat!
"He's lying. - Who spoke?"
Here's the lover from Bombay...
That's me!
"They're lying to you"
"This is for you. A reward for speaking the truth"
Baggu? Do we have electricity? - No.
"That's Just what I'm saying. And everybody's scolding me"
Nice? - What's so nice with a crying face?
Does I look nice when I'm crying? - You do
Listen. You see the footage for free. At least tell me your name
Your film has my name. Look it up for yourself
"ManJari, why did you have talk that nonsense?"
In the riots that broke out, everybody forgot the student...
who lay in a pool ofblood. Such was his condition...
that unless he received immediate medical attention...
he would have died. Under the circumstances, our cameraman...
ShivaJirao, carried him on his shoulders and took him to hospital
Over to the student
"Thank this gentleman who brought you here on time"
The credit for saving this student's life...
goes entirely to our cameraman ShivaJirao
Bat! - Where is it?
That footage on the riots you got, every tv channel wants it
The telephones Just won't stop ringing
You are no Ionger a cameraman. You're a senior news-reporter
Don't you scream, okay...? - AII right. Just don't finger me
Eunuch! - Shut up
"I'm ShivaJirao, son ofBhimrao"
"I'm a cameraman for QTV"
The bat!
What visuals, my friend! - Shut up and change the channel
The bathing scene's entirely mine. Only I get to see her
Go ahead. I'll move. It's pack up for you.
You shameless, insolent, rascal!
You take pictures ofme bathing! Give me that camera
What are you doing...? One moment
Show me every picture you have taken Right now!
Let me at least rewind it. - You take me for an easy girl?
Look at this
Move away!
This is me? - Who else?
Why did you take such pictures? - You were angry the other day...
that I got pictures ofyou crying. To take beautiful pictures then...
I've been going around with this camera from 5 this morning
I'd have taken some more pictures. But something pricked my leg
You heard me screaming and everything got messed up
What's that? - A thorn
Not a thorn! A bite!
A snake bite - Snake...?
I'm going to die! A snake has bitten me!
In your village, when a snake bites someone...
don't they suck out the venom? - There you go again
How could you not realise that a snake had bitten you?
You escaped because it was not a venomous snake
What ifit were venomous? - To see you happy...
I can do anything. - Anything?
No. - I knew it
Should you ask, I'd say I can do anything for you
Ifyou ask if I could lay down my life for, I'd say "Sorry..."
"Not life. Because I intend to live with you all my life"
ManJari, you spoke without any fear before the C.M.
So tell me how you feel about me
"Ask me not..."
"it's for you to understand..."
"why my ears are brimming with tears and why my bangles tinkle"
Your tears tell me how you feel.
Give me a smile... smile
Smile, or I'll shoot your crying face again
A proper smile
You were better off crying. Smile, I say
A ghost!
Give me a pose. And don't move
"You're sweet at times"
"And sour"
"But I love you as you are"
"You seem to be a liar at times"
"And truthful too"
"But I love you as you are"
"I feel like touching you, to make sure..."
"ifyou're for real, or are you a dream"
"Whatever I am, I belong to you"
"Believe me, my love"
"You are the cloudburst oflove"
"You are the kohl in my eyes"
"I go where you go..."
"In you, lies my life"
"A pea-hen you look like"
"You have stolen my heart"
"What name am I to give you?"
"Just give me the hint, my love, and I'd rush to you"
"My beauty is all for you"
"Give them all up"
"Break every tie and come to me"
"Let's live together in each other's heart"
"You're sweet at times"
"And sour"
"You seem to be a liar at times"
"And truthful too"
"But I love you as you are"
The camera's rolling. Give it a smile. Don't be shy
What happened, ManJari? Why're you running away?
Can you tell me what's happening ? - Can you tell me who you are?
I'm her father. - Father-in-law!
Not father-in-law. Father. - What a daughter you have!
She's great! Let's shake hands on that!
I'm no Congress!
Kalu! Balu! Harya! Come here quick!
This chap was harassing ManJari. What are we to do with him?
I could break his limbs and throw him in the lake
You wear short-pants and bother our girl?
Watch it. I'm going to be your brother-in-law.
The name is Kalluram. - Whatever it is, cool down
Use too much ofEnglish and I'll throw a punch at you!
Eunuch! - What...? Shut up!
Sorry, my weakness... but I wasn't wrong, was I?
What's the tension for...
Guests are like God, okay? So park yourself there. Go on
Look, father-in-law... - I'm not your father-in-law
I'm in love with your daughter. I wish to marry her
What do I lack? I'm earning man. I can even sing and dance.
Ask Topi, ifyou wish. - Oh yes... here goes!
"I was walking on the path... enjoying a snack"
"I was romancing the girl"
"You got Jealous... so what can I do?"
I know a bit ofKarate too
This Bruce Lee will now break this coconut with his bare hands
No. - Oh yes. Give him a big hand!
You land me in the soup, Topi? - Drag the old man into it
I'll fix you!
Watch the coconut break into to
The next item! He'll stop a moving truck with his teeth
What? - Not now... He's fasting today
So kids, what do you think of your brother-in-law?
And what do you think, grandma?
You have it made!
Who are you? - Do you watch tv?
I only tend to my fields.
I was the one who saved a student in the riots that broke out recently
I saw it on tv! - He saw it
What do you do for a Iiving? - I used to be a cameraman earlier
I'm now a senior news-reporter. - Is it a Government employ?
No. It's private. - I want Government service
You can't get a Job in the government. You're over-age
Stop Joking. I want my son-in-law to be in the government's employ
What's wrong with my Job? I get a salary of 15,000...
with all the perks. It's Just like a government Job
I want him to be a government servant
These tv channels close down every other day
Even if the salary is Just a thousand rupees...
I want someone who has a government Job
Only then will my daughter be secure and happy
Go and find a Job like that. We'll discuss this later
Where do you disappear? I kept Iooking for you all week-end
We went to see the Iizard. - Lizard?
He's kidding, sir. - You weren't around this morning
I went to the employment-exchange for my wedding, sir
Employment exchange for your wedding? - Yes, sir
I don't understand - For a husband's Job, sir
Shall we talk business? - Sure
You've got to interview a very important man
I've never interviewed someone, sir. - What's the big deal?
This is your chance. Don't let this opportunity slip out ofyour hands
This is an exclusive show for you, ShivaJi
And your first guest is the C.M.
Why is your hand trembling? - My first interview, sir
That too, with the C.M. Won't I be nervous?
The C.M. is no devil. He's a human being like you and me
Have a natural chat with him. As ifyou're talking to me
Show me what's in your bag
Hello! Today...
today's guest...
Our guest today...
Our guest needs no introduction
Hello, sir. - Hello
You will take the interview? - Yes, sir
What's your name? - ShivaJirao
Hello! Our guest today needs no introduction
The whole world knows him, as do you and me
Come election time, the public casts its vote in the hope...
that the chiefminister will solve theirproblems
And every time, they meet with disappointment and betrayal
Just as what is happening in your rule. Why, sir?
Looks like you don't step out ofyour studio
Today, every family in Maharashtra has a color tv...
and every village a dish antenna. There are telephone booths
in every corner. They have the Internet
Every man has a car for himself. Every man wears proper shoes...
a watch, goes to amusement parks and trendy eateries
Such is the level to which standard ofliving has risen
I can safely conclude that in the last 15 years...
there hasn't been a single starvation death
Farmers don't get two square meals, let alone a MacDonald burger
No worker moves around in cars. He Iabours in the hot sun
The rich are getting richer. And the poor are out on the streets
Our city happens to have the world's Iargest slum, sir
People still face hardships in crowded buses and trains
They still spend hours in long queues, for their rations
Children still beg at traffic signals
People will always point fingers. Do you know?
Ever since I have taken over as ChiefMinister...
the Iiteracy rate in the state has risen to 64.8 per cent
Kerala and Mizoram have a 90 per cent Iiteracy rate
Maharashtra's No. 1 in industry and business
Even in crime, it's the No One - There are Just 35.8 per cent...
people, under the poverty line. - In PunJab, it's 11.7per cent
And an average man's income in the villages...
is still a measly 3 rupees per day.
Get your figures right first... before you talk to me.
This is the World Economic Forum's report...
and this is the World Bank's report.
The World Bank claims that the loan it gave your government...
did not reach the public. Your ministers ate it all up
So they withdrew the next installment ofloan
You don't know, son. The World Bank had set conditions...
that would have mortgaged the whole state.
What were the conditions, sir? Could you tell us in clear terms?
I don't need to tell you. I'll tell the people
The people are watching you and hearing you.
So tell us why the World Bank cancelled its installment
It isn't so easily explained. It's a 1000-page document
There are 18 sections in all. You will get it at the secretariat
Spend 15 Rupees on it and read it out to the people
What's the next question? - Before you entered politics...
what was your family background? - Our was a very poor family
We were into farming. - What is your salary now?
What? - Your salary
After deductions, it should be about 18,000 a month
Which means, annually, you make 2,16,000...
so you mustn't have made more than 2 or 2.5 million till today
But you own properties worth 5000 million.
Where did it come from, sir?
Good God! He's stripping the guy!
Nonsense! Ifyou want to know about my property...
file a case in the court. I'll tell the court what I possess
There are 1.4 million cases being heard from the last 15 years anyway
Harshad Mehta's case hasn't yet been decided
Those involved in the bomb-blasts have been acquitted
In a rape case, when it was time for the verdict...
it was already five years since the woman had died
And you ask me to file a case?
Remember this, sir? - I've seen it somewhere
It was your election manifesto
Yes, I remember. I myselfhad it published.
We will establish a social order devoid of crime...
We will strengthen law and order in society
Women will be able to move without any fear
Every family will be provided electricity, water and provisions
Education will be provided. Inflation will disappear...
and happy days will be here again Instead of "here again"...
they published "will disappear" and I myselfhad it corrected
Has all this happened? - Hasn't it?
You speak of strengthening law and order
But you are the one who destroys the law
You are the one who encourages casteism
Are you trying to provoke me by saying things like that?
Not at all. I only want people to know the truth
Take a look
"Have life in the state brought to a halt"
"Run the bus over me and you think my friends will remain silent?"
"The whole ofMaharashtra will go up in flames with me"
A bus-driver brought the whole city to a grinding halt
When questioned, he said he belonged to the ruling party
Another driver threatened communal violence
The Commissioner of Police could do nothing...
because you wouldn't let him act. To protect your vote-bank...
you let the whole ofMaharashtra go up in flames
Property worth 2500 million was razed to ashes...
owing to your silence. Vehicles were set ablaze...
several people were injured and killed... all because ofyou
You did not permit anyone to take any action
Because you did not want to lose your chair. Isn't that true?
He's trapped!
You are making baseless allegations to sensationalize this interview
I have proof
One of those drivers belongs to my party
The others come from the caste that helped me win the elections
And the students too help us during the elections
If anyone of them is touched, we'll lose their support
Let them scream their lungs out
They'll soon get tired and forget the whole thing
Let buses be set on fire. Let shops be plundered
I'll put together a committee...
Well, sir? You value your chair more than the public. Isn't it?
What happened? - He's giving him a bath
Speak up! The cat got your tongue?
Switch off the camera
I'll have you hacked
Ask him to switch it off
Stop it! Switch it off!
You sonofagun...
Can't you hear me? Stop this bloody farce!
Cut it, or I'll burn everything to ashes!
Aim the camera at the control room. So let me deal with this charlie
He's coming here with the camera! - Stop it!
Put that slipper down. This isn't the state assembly
Why aren't they switching it off? - It's a live telecast, you idiot!
Like the Cricket matches! The whole nation is watching
Can they see me, too? - Yes. And your filthy slipper too
And this guy wants to be member ofparliament!
Welcome, sir... this way. Show me your slipper, please
Where was the slipper from? Kolhapur or Lucknow?
Dada, enough of the interview. Shall we go?
The interview's over, isn't it? Jai Hind
It's a live telecast and people are watching
People still haven't got the answers. PIease sit down
A nice work of dubbing
You had someone with my voice talk any nonsense...
to instigate the people against me
I don't consider it necessary to answer such questions
I have personally shot this footage, sir
How much has the opposition paid you for this Job?
How much would you pay if you were in the opposition?
You ask me any silly question on satellite tv...
and expect me to answer you? Why must I?
It's your duty to give answers. 800 million people have elected you
Do you know who a ChiefMinister is?
Have you ever been to the C.M.'s office?
Do you know what it's like to be in there?
You ought to see how many people come calling every day
People who cry, who ask questions, who thank me, seek my blessings
Some garland me, some abuse me!
Do you know the things I put up with?
Only someone who occupies the C.M.'s chair will know
In a riot or emergency...
I don't get carried away and take impulsive decisions
I get to the root of the problem and solve it
I don't ask silly questions. Just what I did that day
You did nothing that day, sir. What you could have solved...
you let it get even more complicated for your own benefit
And you Justify yourselfhere?
PIay with fire and you will burn
You don't understand !
You will know, when you play with fire
For a day, Just one day... become the C.M.
You will know where it hurts.
That isn't the answer to my question, sir.
What you say makes for a good argument
But it is not practical. - It's absolutely practical
There is a provision for it in our Constitution
We'll only have to pass a minor ordinance. That's all
24 hours makes no difference. - You're Joking, sir
You're the one who's Joking. Occupy my chair for a day...
and you will know what fires I burn in
What a crown of thorns I wear on my head!
You will realise how many got Iiteracy and were rid ofpoverty
You must sit here then and I will ask you questions
In this very program. Do you agree?
What's the C.M. up to? - He's playing a one-day game.
With the C.M.'s chair. Ever since he has been to Bihar...
he keeps talking nonsense
No, sir. That's yourJob. Not mine
Well? Run out of steam already?
You reporters are like dogs, barking after cars
The moment the car halts, you run with the tail between your legs
Well? Would you like to be C.M. for a day?
It's a live telecast, my boy. Everybody's watching. Answer me
Take it! Say yes!
Shall we end the interview?
AII right, sir. Ifit is possible, I'm willing
I will occupy your chair for a day
The C.M. is trapped! He took this for a party meeting!
Good thing, too. I'll get to work with an educated C.M. for a day
AII right then
Jai Hind
Come on
You gave it to him
Calm down... peace
Mr Chavan is growing senile
He invited that guy to become the C.M. for a day
Now tell us if there is provision for this stupidity in the law?
There is. When assembly is not in session...
this can be done by passing an ordinance
There is a precedent for this. - What precedent?
Someone in Bihar was made a chief minister overnight recently
And this is what happened when the ChiefMinister ofAndhra Pradesh...
went abroad for a bypass surgery. - When a Ieader in Delhi died...
her son was made the Prime Minister. - Does he have the right, however?
Neither is he dead nor is he ailing. He only spoke nonsense on tv
Not so much ofEnglish. Just tell me if this is possible
It's possible, sir. You can use your discretionary powers...
and do it through a gazetted order
You can't make an idiot the C.M. !
For that matter, we can't go around drinking poison, can we?
He's right! AII this is nonsense
You don't know politics. That guy showed on public television...
that the Commissioner did not take any action because ofme
Had I admitted it publicly that he was following my orders...
not only would I have been beaten up...
but the next time I went seeking votes, the electorate would beat me
So I had to be one-up on him. - That's okay, sir...
but what ifhe does something seriously wrong for us?
He can do nothing! Till he gets to know the duties of a C.M...
his day will be over. It will be good for my public image
"BalraJ Chavan kicks his post to defy allegations"
People will get to know how easy it is to make allegations...
and how difficult it is to rule a state
You know best. It has to be right, ifyou insist
Here's my resignation, Governor
And here's the Ietter of support, signed by 188 M.L.A's...
to make Mr ShivaJirao the C.M. for a day
I, ShivaJirao, take the oath...
that I will discharge my duties as the C.M. ofMaharashtra...
to the best ofmy abilities
By becoming the C.M. for a day...
ShivaJirao creates history in Indian politics
To cover the event we have the media from all over the world
So let's meet our new C.M.
Even Junior officers arrive in a Toyota.
And the C.M. comes in a rickshaw? Looks like the country has a future
From being an ordinary tv reporter to the C.M. ?
I'll talk tomorrow. Let me work today
You score today
Immediately call heads of all administrative departments
This is an officer from the '84... - No time for introductions, sorry
We have everything, and yet we are counted among the backward countries
There are three reasons
One, those who don't discharge their duties with honesty
Two, those who do not let others work with honesty
Third are those who abuse theirposition and power
Everyone involved in shady deals either indulges in sycophancy...
flexes muscles, bribes his way out...
orparts with a portion ofhis ill-gotten wealth to go scotfree
From the peons to the officers, you have all become corrupt
There are thousands of complaints against such officers...
but no action is taken. They end up in dust-gathering files
I want you to move heaven and earth to dig up all those files
Make telephone calls or fly around the state
In one hour, I want all those files
If someone takes ill... I'll personally open a file for him!
What are we going to do with the files?
We're going to suspend them all
You have scored a sixer
Have you come to the slums to distribute foodgrains and clothes?
I don't think we should have any slums in the country
The Government built houses for you, right?
Yes, sir. - So why're you Iiving here?
Where else will we go? For 2000 families, they give 20 buildings
How many of us can live in there? - Who's Director of SIum Board?
He was around... come here. Don't hide
How many buildings allotted to them? - 1680, sir
They claim it was Just 20. What about the rest?
You must've given them away to the ministers, right?
From the land allotted for these slum-dwellers...
halfis swallowed by politicians. As for the rest of the houses...
75per cent are taken over by employees of the housing boards...
and party members. This gentleman must have 25 of them, right?
If there is anything still remaining, these folks get it
And they're smart guys too. They rent out the flats they get...
and move over to start new slums. - Tukaram got a flat too, sir
He has rented it out to a Sikh for 2000 Rupees
Why didn't you take any action when you know the truth?
You know how ministers... - Forget the ministers
Why didn't you do your duty?
Has the typewriter arrived.
What's your name? - Mr...
Just tell us your name. We'll do the rest
Type his suspension order. - What are you doing, sir?
I'll die! PIease don't do that, sir! Forgive me!
Stop it, sir...
Say something, sir... - Sure. Type it out quickly
I'll be ruined, sir
Where were you allotted a house? - At Shastri Nagar, sir
Come with me
Fetch the trucks and bring all those people to Shastri Nagar...
who were allotted houses there - Very well, sir
Fatso! Kiss yourJob good bye!
This is the one, sir
What is it? - Where's the owner of the flat?
Here I am! - What is your name?
I'm Tukaram. And you...? - You're Tukaram, I'm Bill CIinton
He's the one who's chiefminister of the state for a day
Why didn't you tell me? Come on in, sir...
We aren't coming in. You're going out
Why am I going out? - This flat was allotted to Tukaram
And you're staying here illegally. - I'm paying a rent!
Why must I vacate it? - Ifyou don't vacate it...
you're going to prison. - Prison?
For eight years. - Eight years?! One moment...
Get your stuff, RaJinder Kaur! Let's return to Bhatinda
Check all the flats. I don't want any outsiders
I've brought them all, sir - Throw out all illegal occupants
These folks will live here now
Once we're gone, ifyou rent out your flat again...
and go to live in the slums, the C.M. will imprison you.
Who wants to live in slums? We're unemployed, you see
We rent out the flats to manage two square meals
We'd be grateful to you ifyou could give us some employment, sir
I have become C.M. for only a day.
Ifyou want me to do something for you, you will have to change
Whatever you buy, from a needle to a motorcar...
make sure you pay the sales tax when you buy it
Sales Tax is the government's right. On a gold-purchase of 1000 rupees...
4 per cent of sales tax works out to 40 rupees
To save those 40 rupees, you don't ask the seller for a bill
He takes advantage of that and the entire transaction...
goes into his black money which does not reach the government
So you must pay the sales tax.
For it'll increase and reach you finally
Do not buy goods if the seller does not give you a proper bill
Here's your bill. 440 Rupees. - I want a proper bill
Me too
If some refuses to give you a bill, report him to the police
Those shopkeepers who don't issue bills and don't pay sales tax...
will have their Iicenses revoked
How much would sales tax amount to? - 4 million, sir
How much are we paying now? - 400,000
No wonder he's asking. Pay up today, or he'll withdraw our Iicense
What's he up to? - He's a moron!
As if the nation will progress by recovering sales tax
How much is the income from sales tax in a day?
For us, or the exchequer?
The exchequers! - I don't know
So what are you the revenue minister for?
What's this? - Get him!
What's this? - A magnet
He uses it on the customers - How much would it weigh?
About 200 grams - 200 grams in two kilos of sugar
How much do you cheat in a day? Speak up, or you'll get it
What's this? - The World Cup
Anyway you measure, you get 2.5 Iiters instead of 5
They're champions when it comes to thievery, sir
It all works out to 1500 Rupees a day
In a month then...
he makes more money than a chiefminister's salary
You don't own the money
They go around the city, picking up rags
They labor and slog all day to make the money
What must we do with him? - SIipper him!
I suggest we hand him over to the public
Each one of them will get 100 grams ofhim
No. We'll cancel his Iicense. What's your name?
Give us the real name or you get hit
What's your name? - Satyavan
Conman, eh?
What a C.M. He takes decisions instantly
Time forpublic grievances. Between 12 noon and 1 p.m.
Call number...
I want to talk to the C.M. - Go on.
I'm calling from a public hospital in Kolhapur
My son is seriously ill with flu. I've had him admitted here
The doctor attending to him ought to have been here at 10.
But he hasn't yet turned up. My son's body is on fire!
PIease do something, sir
Is anyone in the hospital around? Put him on the line
This is the Ward Boy, Vithal - When will the doctor arrive?
Any moment, he should be here. - Is he always so late?
He has his own dispensary, you see.
Once he has finished his work there, he'll come here
What's the name of the doctor? - I.K. Gadgil
You'll soon receive a fax.
Give it to the doctor and tell him he has been suspended.
He mustn't come to the hospital again. Let him look after his clinic
Who are you, sir?
Have another doctor attend to the child immediately
This is Sakubai from Nagpur, sir. We collected every penny...
and bought a scooter for my husband so he could go to work
The scooter has been stolen. It's a month...
since we Iodged a police complaint. But nobody takes any action
When we talk to the inspector, he uses foul Ianguage
PIease do something, sir. - Is the complaint in your name?
My husband's name. Atmaram
Sir, this is Atmaram here. - Go on
I had a Iodged a complaint when my scooter was stolen lost last month
So...? - Any news?
People lose huge cars and vans and there's no trace of them.
So what's your scooter worth? - What is your name?
Uday Mohite
What will you do with my name? Big man, eh?
You will complain to the D.S.P. ?
You'll get nothing, no matter whom you complain to.
Your scooter was opened up and sold. Go and find it!
Is your fax machine on? - What is it to you?
Nothing to me. You have been sent a suspension order.
Check out ifit's okay, or I'll send it again
Who are you, sir?
From Thane. An urgent call, sir. - What is it?
Someone wants to give you... - What's that?
Lizard! What mischiefis this?
Bravo, bat! Great Job you're doing. Keep it up!
Are you watching tv? - Yes
What shirt have you worn? You'd look great in a blue shirt
A blue shirt...? AII right. Hang up now
A blue-shirt for the C.M.
Is the C.M. there? - Yes?
I'm calling from A.M. Women's College, sir
Problems of eve-teasing have crossed their Iimits, sir
Thugs from a nearby colony are always harassing girls here
This is an everyday problem, sir. - Which is the police station around?
Despite all the complaints the police are afraid to take any action
Stay there. We're coming over
Have the area inspector Hurry up
If only you had taken some action. - Back off... move!
Who called me...? - I did
What happened to that girl? - Those thugs dragged her...
she was hurt on the head and had to be rushed to hospital
Follow this up, Mr Bansal
What the hell are you doing when there are so many complaints?
It's a small accident, sir... - He's lying!
Quiet. I'm talking to him. - You talk.
There are a handful of thugs in the slums nearby.
Their Ieader is Ranga, a political murderer
He has the support of some political Ieaders
So nobody says anything to them. They walk the streets like mad dogs
They make obscene gestures, grab any girl's hand...
pat us on our back-sides... even reach for our breasts
Aren't you ashamed? What do you take a salary for?
We can't go into that area.
An inspector once went there to catch him.
And they hung his head in the square. - Don't you have a gun?
What sort of a cop are you?
I didn't have the Commissioner's permission
The Minister asked me not to act, sir
You are all thieves!
Include every name in the list. Don't spare anyone
Where does Ranga live? - There, on the hillock
Ranga, I've seen those slums somewhere
It's our area. They're showing it on tv
Look at him! Isn't he the C.M. for the day...?
It's him, all right.
Whose room is he getting into? - Yours
Come to interview me, have you?
Get some make-up done first
You'll take my pictures?
It's like Matrix 2
Kneel down
Women are like my sisters - Louder!
How much have we collected from sales tax, Bansal?
No one could have made more in a day. 2500 million
Invest the whole money in an employment scheme for the poor
The more capable they are, the betterJobs they'll land
Is my list ready, Mr Bansal? - Yes, sir. A huge pile
Districtwise, talukawise, it tells of everyone who became a millionaire
This one's of those who don't do their duty honesty
These guys interfere with others' functions
And those are the guys who abuse theirpower
In all, there are 45,518 people
Suspend all of them
It'll be midnight by the time you sign so many suspension orders
So issue an omnibus order. Put it on the internet
Like results of exams, have the list displayed on notice boards
I'll give the Collectors the orders to suspend them
There are some Collectors too. - You sign their suspension orders
Ifyour name also figures in this, I'll put my signature on it
I have a tongue that wags, sir. But my hands are clean
How can they muster the courage to indulge in such things?
From the Ministers, sir. They share the spoils too
Which ministers? - Which one isn't?
Food, finance, PWD... 12 departments in all
What do we do with these tomcats? - Put them in a cage
So do it
ShivaJirao, down down!
It had to happen
The police have arrived
I have evidence of corruption against 12 ofyour ministers
I'm sorry, but I have no other option except to arrest them
One punch from me and you'll spin like a top!
Call them over
Touch anyone, and I'll break your hands!
Not as easy to do that. The scribes are all watching
PIease ask them to cooperate
Why're you guys coming in?
Break the door
I was here to pee
What've you done, Mr Chavan? - Go away
I've achieved nothing in a day, nor have I served the people
I did only what a chiefminister ought to do
Had you done as much in the last five years...
our state would have made great progress
Thank you very much
Your day as the C.M. is over. You may go now
I have 5 minutes to go. And one last thing to do
You are at the root of your minister's corruption
You play an important role in their corrupt practices
Hence, I arrest you too
This tomcat wasn't in our list!
Stop being childish. You don't know the law
The ChiefMinister isn't a drunkard you can lock up at will
You need the Governor's approval for that
You need the Supreme Court's orders. There are so many other formalities
I'm sorry, but I'm the C.M. right now
You're a common man
Arrest him
Your good times have begun
Do you have anything to say?
Are the allegations true?
The day he's released, he'll finish me
The Iawyers are here
Useless! When will you get me out of this? Tomorrow they'llJail me
Do something, quick! - Bail has been arranged. Just sign
We're going to the magistrate to get hold of a bail order
I want the courts to stay on all his orders
I'll pass an ordinance to render the orders null and void
May we leave now? - Run
Hey Bansal... - BIoody fix!
Are you trying to hide? - No sir. I was Just standing aside
Come here. - I can't bear to see you like this
I Just stood in a corner and I wept. - Melodrama isn't working with me
Taught him the ropes, didn't you? - I swear by your chair!
You made him the ChiefMinister. Mine is Just a Job
To be with the ChiefMinister. I was Just putting on a charade
Had he been uneducated, he wouldn't have known a thing. It turns out...
he happens to be educated. Worse, he has brains. In one day, he go it
Don't play this game with me. Tomorrow morning...
I'm the ChiefMinister again. - No! Forgive me! I have children
I could have acid thrown on his face
Forget it. I'll let him be. - He raises his voice against you
Something ought to be done! Shall I break his bones?
You'd break the arms of a man who scratched you. He slaps you
And you let him off? - But I don't forgive him
That upstart has tainted my 30 years in politics
What he has done in a day, he ought to be feted...
bathed in milk, in honey, in blood
What a guy! Screwed 45,500 of them in Just a day
The Janitor! Our invisible man! Has ShivaJi Rao done it to you?
Can I get a soda? - Had one too many last night?
Here you are
Ifhe becomes prime minister, he will fix everyone in no time
Our ChiefMinister for a day! ShivaJi Rao
What happened? - I fell in muck
What use is soda? - There's no water
No water in your shop? He cleans up all ofMaharashtra in a day
He must be cleaned up in a minute
ShivaJi Rao is here! - My lion!
My maned lion! PIay the music!
Put him down. Don't give my baby the evil eye
Come on, take some photos
Come on, marry me. - What...?
For a day
He's too busy. I'm available. So what d'you think?
The chiefminister! - It's ShivaJi Rao
Greetings, Mr Minister. - I'm no minister
Son, hold out your bowl. - Bowl...?
Your shirt. - What for?
For a gift ofpaddy. - I don't understand
Wiping out the middlemen between the peasants and the government...
was a great favour forpeasants. Now we can sell directly...
to the government. After expenses, we'll make 5000 more to a ton
Every year, we make the first offering of ourpaddy to The Gods
You are our God now
Yes son
No, that's talking too big. PIease don't talk like this
We give from the heart. Accept it. - Accept it, please
What will I do with this paddy? PIease make an offering to God
Take it, please
For the love, the respect you have given me, I accept this
I travel so far for my ManJari, and you're going away from me?
What happened? Tell me
With the gift ofpaddy they make you a God. But what have I to give you?
Life is most precious, but my life I shall not give up. Because...
I want to spend a Iifetime with you. And for a woman...
there's something even more precious than life. Her honour
I give you all that is mine. - ManJari, have you gone mad?
I have nothing more to give you
I want nothing. The trust you repose in me...
is more than enough for me
"Let's take the ups and downs oflife together, my love"
"Let me lose myself in those arms I love"
"Let me awake, let me sleep in your arms"
"I have crossed the Iimits"
"Whatever anyone might say, I'm in love"
"It's now..."
"or never"
"Make love to me, sweetheart"
"Let love poison me..."
"like a scorpion"
"Let me carry you away in my dreams"
"Let me hide you away from the whole world"
"I follow you"
"I belong at your feet"
"And when I close my eyes, take me in your arms"
"It's now..."
"or never"
"Make love to me, sweetheart"
"Let love poison me..."
"like a scorpion"
"Let's take the ups and downs oflife together, my love"
"Let me lose myself in those arms I love"
"Let me awake, let me sleep in your arms"
"When the heart is on fire, who can sleep?"
"Memories ofyou invade my slumber"
"The moon and the stars..."
"have travelled with us..."
"for Iifetimes, they have witnessed our love"
"It's now..."
"or never"
"Make love to me, sweetheart"
"Let love poison me..."
"like a scorpion"
"Let's take the ups and downs oflife together, my love"
"In those arms I love... - Let me lose myself"
"In your arms, let me awake... - Let me sleep"
Following ShivaJi Rao's exposes of corruption...
by the BalraJ Chavan government, has resulted in...
withdrawal of support by Chavan's allies
The Chavan government has fallen. Fresh elections have been announced
Look! A mouse felling an elephant
Whom would you like to see as ChiefMinister?
When the last-timer turned out to be a robber, we voted for Chavan
And he turns out to be a bigger thief. And that bastard Mishra...
uses the opportunity to bring the government down
Any of them will sell us out
None of them. - We should have someone new
Give the one-day guy a permanent Job
ShivaJi Rao is the right man
Government by ShivaJi Rao
The only man around is ShivaJi Rao. The rest are all like us
What for? - Your name is on every lip
You must enter the fray
I have no interest in politics. - I'm with you. Don't be afraid
You won't get a better chance
I'm a normal guy Iooking for a normal life. 8 hours of sleep
The food Ma cooks, and Papa's cartoons
And the freedom to do whatever I want. Films on Sundays...
pav bhaJi on the beach and my Iovely village belle
I have it all, all but a government Job
I'm taking the civil services exams. - The government wants you
And you're Iooking for a government Job?
Words from ShivaJi Rao, the man who shook up India in a day?
Papa finds flaws with Ma's cooking every day, till Ma asks him to cook
One day, Papa enters the kitchen. He cooks. By chance it turns out well
Doesn't mean he can cook every day. Cooking isn't his Job
He sketches fine cartoons, and I'm a fine reporter
Will you spend the rest ofyour life asking questions on mike
My Job is to reflect public opinion. - Is that enough? Won't you serve...
the greater good ofyour country? - I shall, but not as a politician
As part of the executive. - To hell with the executive
After the trailor, the public is waiting for ShivaJi Rao...
to show them the real picture after he becomes ChiefMinister
They wait with bated breath and ShivaJi Rao says he wants to sleep
He wants to enJoy himself. What's stopping you from enjoying all that?
You can still become ChiefMinister
Smash up the place
Here they come. Want to watch a movie? Try Bandit Queen
Want to become the next ChiefMinister?
Go on, become ChiefMinister
Stop him
What do you think ofyourselves?
Want some interviews?
Camera here
Come on! Want photos?
Here, take some photos
Great. CIoser to the light source
Eunuch! - What did you call me?
Do you have running water? - Yes
Why don't we have running water?
No electricity. - Everyone else has electricity
Not a clue
The phone's dead too
Let me go and make a complaint. - In how many departments?
Who are you? - I'm from the municipal corporation
What is the matter? - You have flouted rules...
while constructing this house. It's a foot and 8 inches extra here
The commissioner's office has ordered a demolition
That's how it has stood for 30 years. What's this sudden development?
You haven't even served me notice. - You were served notice. But...
you didn't take it. What can I do? - When did you serve notice?
Is this any time...? - Bulldozer ahead
You're harassing us
What are you doing?
Stop it! - Don't do this
Get out ofmy way
Stop this
Let go
Out ofmy way
What's this...?
What happened? - Why are you in bandages?
Some trouble at QTV. Minor injury. They overdid the bandage
Shiva, why is this happening to us? They stop the water
Then they cut electricity, then the telephone line
Now they've destroyed our home, destroyed it, Shiva
Don't cry. - Retribution for your day in office
Take Ma inside, please
Enough. They destroyed my home! I'm not going to keep mum
BalraJ Chavan is behind this. Go and get the Iawyer
You want to fight in court? Very well, go ahead
1.4 million cases are pending. Remember yourself on tv?
Same happens to your case too
Since 1947, people have moved court against several politicians
Was a single scoundrel punished? While the case is sub Judice...
he's free to enJoy himself, till he dies of old age
Files are closed and left for cockroaches to lay eggs on
You want me to clam up, Mr Bansal? I'm from the media. I'll call in...
television, press. It'll blow up in BalraJ Chavan's face
Forgotten what he did to QTV? - What wrong have I done?
In this country, doing a good deed is doing the worst wrong
AII I did was an interview, and I was doing my Job
Becoming ChiefMinister for a day was an accident. As ChiefMinister...
I did what a ChiefMinister ought to do. But it's over
I'm back to being a common man. Why are they still after me?
Who says you're a common man? The day you took the chair...
you became a politician, you belong in politics
Stand apart and you will be crushed or left to rot
You expect BalraJ Chavan to leave you alone?
Ifhe wins the elections, he will set the police after you
Ifhe loses, he will set his goons after you. he won't leave you
Where does this end? - Migrate. Else enterpolitics
I'm not entering politics. - Then stop cribbing about what...
your fault is. This is why men like BalraJ Chavan win. In time for...
the fight, you hide with tails tucked between your legs. Men...
like you are this country's curse. You show them dreams. Then...
you say it can never be. Damn
Come on
ShivaJi Rao is up
No! Don't take my photos! I'll lose my Job
Let me keep my Job at least till he becomes ChiefMinister
You're back? - Can't change. I'm the dog's tail
What have you decided?
To take a shit. Get that? Move, the man wants to shit
Mind your manners. No one in here. Stand back
Don't you see where he's headed? - I know. Son, I'm Opposition
Kumar Vishal. I know you use the loo first thing in the morning
I've been here since 5 am. I have 40 Iegislators waiting to sign up
PIease Join ourparty. Whether it will be you or I...
who becomes the ChiefMinister, we'll decide at the general meeting
I have some pocket money for you. It's in the car
Where do I keep it? 100. - Hundred what?
Million. - He's in too much of a hurry for it
Listen to me. - So much for toilet politics
This is our misfortune! You don't presume you're accountable for...
what you swallow? He's accounting for what he has swallowed. Sit
Greetings, Mr ShivaJi. - Master, not mister
We're from "Serve the Nation". Join ourparty
You will be the next ChiefMinister. Our Ieader has made a contribution
Towards your efforts. 500 million. Just tell him you're Joining us
500 million? Income Tax? - Mr Topi...
Yes? - 2 million for you
As commission for signing him up. - More! Thief!
I'm Hemant Mishra. Ours is AIIiance Party
Couldn't get in through the door. So I climbed down
Just like climbing down in politics. - No problem ifyou don't wish...
to enterpolitics. AII you need say is that I'm like a brother to you
I shall rule in your name. The sword you wielded for a day, I shall wield
Every day of the year
Which party is that? - Shiva, my son...
Come on
Farmers' Party
Son, they said on tv that you were beaten up badly
ManJari started crying when she heard. I couldn't bear to see her cry
So I brought her over. - How are you?
Can I talk to you in private?
Everyone's talking ofyou. I was worried they might...
drag you into politics. Don't get into it. It's a filthy quagmire
Step in, and you'll be sucked in
I'm not being selfish. I tell you as a father
Before doing anything like that, do spare a thought for ManJari
Son, I like her. - Shiva, do what I say. Marry her
Let's go away from the penumbra ofpolitics
Give way, Topi. - I'm in control. I'm responsible
You've become a big man! D'you know how many are waiting to see you?
The youth are ready to lay down their lives since you were beaten up
It's "ShivaJi-ShivaJi-ShivaJi" on every channel. AII over the world...
everyone's glued to tv sets waiting for your yes or no. What say you?
Forgive me. I've to say nothing now. I'm a simple man. I got beaten up
My home has been razed, I'm a troubled man
I beg ofyou, please leave me alone
Come with me
This is not a paid crowd, not lured with chicken-and-booze
Not the ones laden on trucks. They're here because they want to
Because they believe. This is a good man, a good Ieader
He will give us a better future, he will give us good governance
Ask any man, and he will say he wants to become a doctor, a civil servant
But no man wants to become a Ieader. Ask them
Everyone shuns politics, because it's filth. But no one's willing...
to clean it up. They leave the country in the hands...
of old hyenas, who don't even have time to live.
In this country, every man aspires for a 20,000-buckJob. And...
a pretty girl. Come time to retire you expect to save up enough...
to buy half an acre ofland? In the suburbs.
To build a 700 square feet house. Painted yellow, and a garden...
to recline in the sun, while you read the newspapers and...
tell your wife, "Darling, politics is ruining this country"
You have no right to blame a politician
Had Mahatma Gandhi cozied up at home with his wife and kids...
you would've been cleaning Iatrines in some Englishman's house
Had Thomas AIva Edison not left home, would we have electricity?
Had Graham Bell thought like you, would we be using telephones?
Before it dies, even the silkworm uses it's spit to weave silk...
to be remembered by. We're humans
Look at him. How is he bothered? Who are you for him? Since 5 am...
he has been waiting for you. Hey, why are you here?
Is this a fair?
My country has become lame, like me. Make it walk
The headline. ShivaJi Rao of the new party, "People's Cause"...
has swept the polls with record votes
Every candidate has won
Not Just majority. His party has won all seats
Be happy. - Lizzy
I hope we will do together what I tried to do in a day
I have appointed two ministers to each department
One, an experienced elder. The other is young and zealous
Laws, we have for everything, but nothing is implemented
Corruption rules the roost. No matter how much we might try...
governance will be an effort in vain. We must find out what's wrong. Why?
We must punish the guilty, we must correct. I've thought out a way
Complaint box. - The facility already exists
Ifwrong is still being done, then it's because it's out ofreach...
for the common man. We'll have a separate Department of Complaints
It will function under my supervision
Complaint boxes will be placed in every village, at every crossroad
Water, electricity, potholes on roads...
errant civil servants taking bribes, including me, if I err
Without fear, you shall complain. Action will be taken in 24 hours
No matter how big the problem, it will be settled in a week
The day I find complaint boxes empty, I'll know I've given good governance
The day I find complaint boxes empty, I'll know I've given good governance
This upstart has ruined all the parties in one husting
As long as he's in chair, we can't do anything
I'm thinking ofgoing back to the chilli trade in Kolhapur
Even selling chillies will get tough. He has set sleuths after us...
Iooking into unaccounted incomes. Out ofnowhere he has dug out...
800 cases, out of old files. He won't rest till he sees me...
rotting in Jail. Must do something about him
Pandu, fix him
Keep this. - What is it?
Who knows? ShivaJi sends
For the village lass! Cellphone?
What do I do? - Press "Okay"
That way
How are you ManJari? - You still remember me?
Silly! How can you talk like that? Of all the bouquets I've received...
I wept when I saw yours. I'm pining to see you
No one can stop me. But such is the responsibility, that I can't leave
I called Patil so many times. Your father took the calls
And he said you weren't at home and he hung up on me
That's why I sent you a cellphone. Whenever you wish to talk, call me
Will you never come to see me again? - I'm coming on Sunday
Sunday is 5 days and 6 nights away! What if something happens...?
Daddy is Iooking for a government employee for me. Anything from...
postman to a vaccine centre worker, to an electrician, veterinarians...
I'm so scared. - Don't worry. Very soon...
Sir, the infotech people are waiting
I'll talk later, ManJari
I want to talk to him. - Who's him? There's a 36 men here
Including me. Who do you want? - I'm ManJari
You should've said so. One minute
Call for you. - Who is it?
Lizzy. - Say I'll call later
He's busy. He'll call later
Topi, ManJari speaking. - Topi here, loud and clear! Howdy?
Bad. Get him on line. - He's talking ITwith the Japanese
I'll tell him when he's free. - Everyone says, no one does
Neither does he call. Ifhe won't talk to me, why send me a phone?
Chiefministers are like that. Their time isn't theirs
"Darling, take me"
"I beg ofyou..."
"take me to the stars"
"I'm playing swords"
"How can I play with your love?"
"From the maze..."
"how can your beloved rescue you?"
"Darling, take me"
"I beg ofyou..."
"take me to the stars"
"Government Job?"
"You're Just a king for namesake"
"What use are you, ChiefMinister?"
"Curses on your lips, lust in your eyes?"
"Why are you blushing?"
"How heartless you are, why are you so selfish?"
"I'm praying"
"Now it's upto you, sweetheart"
"Darling, take me"
"I beg ofyou..."
"take me to the stars"
"Come into my heart"
"I'm not unfaithful"
"I'm not cruel"
"Day and night I think ofyou"
"I'm peaceless, I'm sleepless"
"I can't even squirm"
"With desire...
"with passion..."
"in my eyes...
"I come to you"
"I come unto you, my love. Let's play hide-n-seek"
"Darling, take me"
"I beg ofyou..."
"take me to the stars"
ManJari, what's this sound? - What sound?
My ears aren't ringing. Let me have it
Where did this come from? I ask you, where from?
Gave it to me. - Who...?
He spurned you forpolitics! And you still talk to him?
What have you? - Vegetables, what else?
Open up
Sure, I'm not carrying a bomb
AII right, 1000 Rupees. - 1000? What for?
Bringing stuffinto Mumbai for the first time?
You got to pay tax to get in. - But there's no tax on vegetables
Don't argue. This is private tax. Everyone pays up
If I don't pay? - The stuff doesn't go in
But you land in Jail. Show yourpermit
I apologise! I made a mistake! PIease forgive me
What you're doing is betrayal. For every cent you extract as bribes...
traders recover in five-fold. The result is inflation
Consumers are crushed. Arrest him
Shoot him. - No, take him away
Traffic diverted
I'm travelling to that village on personal work. Why so many cars?
A single car is enough. - The entourage follows you
So much money being spent on my security?
I'm not repeating the mistakes ofmy predecessors
None ofyourpredecessors were on hit lists. You are
It's our duty to provide you with complete security. You are...
public property. We're more worried for your life than yourprivacy
You are riding car number three
In that case, I'm going nowhere
Hi ManJari, howdy? Doing fine?
Rule says, one foot earth, half a foot deep pebbles
Two inches of asphalt, and use the road roller five times
Rains keep washing this road out. Make sure it lasts five years
Else, I'll flay you alive. Get it? ShivaJi Rao rules. Remember
Yes Mr Public
That's what has become of us. Paupers are about to flay us
In the land ofvirtues, there's no evil. ShivaJi rules
How go these bangles? - Great stuff. GIass, from Ferozabad
May bangles chime, may gold and silver shower while ShivaJi reigns
No, that's nothing. Give me that. - These?
Problem. - What?
I forgot my money. - Can I give you next time?
I don't even know you
Do you know me now? Am I familiar?
Don't scream
I'm on personal business. PIease don't tell anyone
He's in Phulgaon. In disguise
Keep an eye on him. I'll be there
Keep this. - Thanks
By my mother! What an opportunity! But not a photographer in sight
Will you give me an autograph? - On what?
On the beaten track walk the cowards
Off the beaten track tread the brave, the poets, our true sons
Coming on Sunday! Forgotten? You keep promises you make to others
But ManJari means nothing to you?
Anyone at home? - No one
Who says? She-ghost?
Where are you going? Who are you?
What insolence is this? - No insolence. I'm upto mischief
What mischief are you upto? - First, I'll caress your lips
Then I'll bit you under the throat
I'll pinch your waist, then a small rape
Okay, go on
Shameless! You've shaken me! - Pest! With the headgear...
and whiskers, you think I won't recognise you? Out with it
Got my girl
Why a get-up like this? - ManJari, I'm Just your ShivaJi now
No files, no meetings, no Bansal, no police, no Topi. I'm spending...
the whole day with you
Really? What can I do for you? - First, I'll eat. I'm famished
What happened? - I fried bread in butter oil
AIso porridge. But you didn't come. I was so angry I gave it to the goat
Stale bread is all there is. - That's enough
There's nothing more. - I have you. What more do I need?
"Stale bread...
"Stale bread and you is fun"
"Cold water and you is intoxicating"
"For you, I'll do anything"
"I'm dying for that bosom"
"How can you talk like that? Makes my heart go dhadak-dhadak"
"Goodness! My heart goes dhadak-dhadak too"
"Let's catch butterflies... - And climb a tree?"
"What if I fall?"
"And get hurt? I'll be in pain"
"That's passe"
"Just an old love story"
"Say something new"
"Love in times of affliction... and I suffer a new sickness"
"Our hearts dance ta-thai-ta-thai"
"How can you talk like that? Makes my heart go dhadak-dhadak"
"Stale bread and you is fun"
"Cold water and you is intoxicating"
"ManJari, my love..."
"Let's go for a swim"
"Let's steal mangoes first"
"Ifyou're caught, you'll take a thrashing"
"When in love, it doesn't matter"
"Everything changes..."
"now you've had your way"
"Oh, what a spell you've cast on me..."
"Cupid's arrow strikes sweet pain in my heart..."
"makes it go dhak-dhak... all the way from Delhi to Mumbai"
"Stale bread and I am fun?"
"Cold water and I am intoxicating?"
Two Sundays a week would be fun, no? - You're the ChiefMinister
You can take any day off. Who's there to tell you off?
The public is there. I'm their servant
You're so-sweet. Thanks to you...
your Dad is now giving the wedding a thought. Let's get married fast
I didn't have yourpermission. But saving your life is my duty
He's with us
You may come out
I never imagined they'd get as far as this
A life in shadows ofimminent death may be ofyour choosing, not ours
Ifyou still want to marry him, tell him to give up all this...
and come to you like a common man. Else, you may die a maid
But I can't bear to see you a widow
What are you doing? - Why, what happened?
I should be the one massaging your feet. Instead...?
Son, I'm Just touching you to assure myself that you're still alive
Let go ofmy foot, please! - Didn't I do it when you were a kid?
For the sake of others, you do so much, you live in tension
SIeep a while, son
Go to sleep
I was applying henna
May I...? - Yes
Been years since I slept in your lap. Can't I spend the rest ofmy life...
on your lap? No chiefministership, no security, no tensions
Wouldn't it be nice ifwe could rewind life backwards like a video?
What happened? Why are you crying? - You've gone so far from us
I got so much to tell you, Tell me Ma, what you want to say
Go on, Ma. - What else?
I want to see you married. What did ManJari's father say?
Nothing, he Just...
Papa, switch off the phone
It's Mr Bansal. Must be important. - No let up
Signal's weak in here. Let me step out. Hold on
Yes, signal's better. Go on
Intelligence report! There's a bomb in your house
I was applying henna. May I...?
The henna isn't even dry
Dad's watch
Wouldn't it be nice ifwe could rewind life backwards like a video?
You're taking my place? You're lucky
"I ShivaJi Rao swear that..."
"without fear, prejudice, favour or animosity..."
"I shall protect all lives"
Let go
What did my parents do to harm you? Why did you kill them?
Can you bring them back? Tell me, can you...?
After months, I was talking to my parents
My father was massaging my feet, Ma was painting my hand with henna
I Just went out to take a telephone call
There they lay in pieces, strewn all over
Men bury their dead, cremate them. I Just washed them away
AII because of this scoundrel, all because ofhim
Do you think staying on as chiefminister is so easy?
For all the antics you staged to become the people's hero...
maybe someone, a terrorist, a fundamentalist, or a politician...
didn't like what you did. And he killed yourparents
Stop this melodrama! It's all your doing. And I know that
I'm Ietting you go because I'm helpless.
But the law won't spare you
Ruffled my hair. Give me a comb
Before he sends in the law...
we must topple his government
Spark offriots, set the city afire. There should be blasts, men must die
Ruin the law and order situation
Don't worry. Everything's organised. We're Ieaving in five minutes
Respected ChiefMinister, four days ago...
some dangerous Iooking men are squatting in my house. Perforce
They've been talking of things like bomb blasts and riots
We're scared. We beg ofyou, please take immediate steps...
before they do something nefarious. I wish you well, always
A responsible citizen
Where did this Ietter come in from? - No time for all this talk
Arrest Pandurang immediately
I told you to arrest Pandurang. Why have you called me here?
Sir, when he got to know that we're about to arrest him...
he got himself admitted to hospital pretending he's ill
Look at him, lying like a watermelon
Mr Pandurang, I got to ask you some important questions
I hope you will co-operate
Brilliant act
My client is suffering from high blood pressure...
high blood sugar and heavy chest pain. He cannot talk
Given up law for medicine? - The medical report says that
What kind of treatment is he being given?
Due to acute diabetes, a boil on his leg has turned gangrenous
The doctors anaesthetised him and amputated a leg
My leg! Where's my leg?
It's drying on the terrace
Look at this! The diabetes is acute. - What will they do now?
They will amputate the other leg
PIease leave. - You get out ofhere
Nothing's wrong with me! I'm perfectly fit
That's what every man thinks before he dies. Look...
you have blood pressure, chest pain, diabetes...
kidney failure, gangrene. - You don't understand!
The reports are false! I'm perfectly fit, I swear
Now tell us, where are the bombs? - Which brand ofbalm? Tiger Balm?
Trying your hand at comedy? Out with the truth
Else, you won't leave alive. - I'm telling you the truth
I know nothing. - With the false medical reports...
you've Ianded yourselfin a trap. It says you got high sugar
No one can stop us from amputing that leg or your arms
Pandu, choose one finger. - What for...?
One for your leg. - And this...?
For your arms. - And that...?
For that other thing. - No! Don't cut anything, please!
I'll tell you the truth
We've wired fourplaces. The railway terminus
The bus terminus, the Central Bank
And a blue cab
Take your furniture back
My leg's back! Praise The Lord
Can I go to sleep? - In the lock-up
Deploy bomb-disposal squads. Round up all the blue cabs
Quarantine the cabs
Found it? - Not yet sir
Go on, sir. We'll take care ofit. - No, it's my responsibility too
One second
Check that
CIear out! Fast
Take care ofhim
Not you, sir. - Back out
Back out everyone
People are saying that you planned the blasts...
to topple ShivaJi Rao's government
He rigs bombs, then he defuses them himself. And he accuses me
Did any of the bombs go off? In the last moment, there he was...
defusing them
The alliance between our 3parties Ieaves him half the force he was
He's trying to use new ruses to hack at our roots
What about the blast in his house? - It didn't kill him, did it?
He sacrificed his parents at the altar ofpublic sympathy
That's the kind ofman he is
How do you react to that, sir?
There will be an enquiry. - Yourparents. Did you?
How come you called me here? - It wasn't because I wanted...
that I have become ChiefMinister. Nor did I squabble with you...
for your chair. Millions came to me, they made me run for office
They made me win, hoping I'd do some good for them
Now when I want to do some good, you're coming in my way
Am I? You've got me sitting at home
For all the money, the brains, the manpower you will garner...
to topple the ruling party, had you even spent a percentage ofit...
forpublic good, you'd be here, and I'd be happy sitting at home
Strikes, riots, blasts, all the time. Do I do my Job?
Or do I go Iooking for bombs? - Friend, you have been after me...
right from the beginning. Ifyou think I've really done anything...
well, you have the police, the law is on your side. File a case
Investigate, appoint a commission ofinquiry. Ifit's proved, hang me
I'm not stopping you, am I? - I know very well how...
rogues like you play hide-n-seek with the law
But as of today you cannot escape me
You accept defeat so soon? - Who has won, who has lost...
you'll get to know soon. - Son, for 30 years...
I've experienced politics. I've chewed up and spat out the best of them
If I'm here with you, the whole world knows...
that here I am in this room, all alone with you
You aren't getting away with killing me
Ifyours has been a 30-year experience...
mine has been a year's, battling you
Add that to your 30, and I have 31
Now I'm going to shoot. This bullet isn't meant for you. It's for me
You fooled me! Scoundrel!
What you're saying, makes for nice debate. But it isn't practical
Absolutely practical. Become Chief Minister for a day, see for yourself
That was a fine interview
In the end, they made a politician out ofme
No sir
He played politics for dirty business
You played politics for a good purpose
That too, only once. - But I...
You've said nothing, I've heard nothing
Look at this! He shot a good man! How merciless
Was that well-put?
Make way
I was selfish for my daughter's sake
But you lost yourparents for the sake of others?
Now you're all alone
But you are a great man. Indeed, great
May you be happy forever, son