Seeking Love, 13회, EP13, #03

Uploaded by MBCClassic on 26.03.2012

- Cappuccino. - Sure.
Here’s your cappuccino.
What the. Hey!
Why? Don’t think I can speak English?
That’s mine. Do you know how long I waited to drink that?
Cutting in isn’t bad in America? Do you know how busy I am?
Sorry, I thought this was mine.
It’s an honest mistake. Why are you mad at me?
Look at you. The nerve you have to get mad at me!
Anyhow, people like you talk in English. Such disgrace.
You went to the States for a week, right?
Such disgrace? Hey, and you’re not?
You’re acting like an ass when I accidentally took your coffee.
Ass? You need to wait your turn to get your coffee.
- Don’t you have manners, huh? - Really?
In any case, I drank it, so it’s mine. Don’t you think?
Hey, you punk!
You should’ve taken it if you thought it was yours.
And I’m not a punk!
What kind of girl is she?
My luck!
You’re talking smack about me?
How dare I talk about you?
Did Professor say something? Weren’t you running an errand?
Exactly. I bumped into this unlucky girl…
Oh, forget it. The thought of her makes me mad.
It’s definitely dry in the fall.
What now? I wasn’t talking about you.
Why are you using my stuff without asking?
The last surgical patient’s BP skyrocketed. Keep checking his vitals.
Request an ECHO from cardiology tomorrow.
If he has chest pains, run an EKG and push enzymes, okay?
I know.
Page me if something happens.
I can’t believe he’s so stingy Anyhow, he’s OCD.
What’s the big deal using his lotion?
Smells good.
What’s with the air cleaner?
This? Yeojun sent it. He’s very thoughtful and considerate.
He sure is.
I thought he wasn’t flexible like his grandmother, but he’s not.
- What about a humidifier? - Oh, Father.
What’s taking Hyo-Eun so long? She should help on her free time.
She went to turn in paperwork at the school. Her credits need to graduate.
Things are so much better. She’s studying in Korea and graduating in Australia.
- Welcome. - Speak of the devil.
Why do you look angry? The school’s not gonna accept it?
Dad, why wouldn’t they accept such a good student like me?
Then why are you upset?
Some guy told me I have an English accept.
Huh? I don’t know who he is, but he heard right.
Where are you going not manning the store?
I need to change.
The beanie’s cute.
It’s Uncle Yeojun!
Everyone’s here.
- Sang-Eun. - Hi.
Pearl, wanna go to Mommy? I’m craving rice cakes.
- Goodbye. - Bye.
You’re trying to win Pearl’s heart now?
I’m Pearl’s uncle.
I’ll call you. Thanks for today.
I’ll call you?
I told you to quit. Now you show up holding hands?
Who was holding hands? Do I let Pearl wait by herself?
I would’ve gone instead of him if you called me.
Well… I had no choice.
Why not? You should’ve refused.
You always talk back to me. Why do you do whatever he wants?
I went with him ‘cause he needed to go to the department store.
How could I tell him to go? Besides, Sewon’s her uncle, too.
Uncle? Why did you let Pearl meet him?
What if he did something bad?
He’s nobody to you, but not to Pearl.
And I didn’t formally introduce Sewon.
I called Yoonhee and got her permission.
- What’s with you? - What?
I trusted you when you were with a girl late at night.
Why are you suspicious of whatever I do?
Why do you pick fights with everything I do?
- When did you buy a cell phone? - Sewon gave it to me.
- Why did he give you one? - The academy gives out the same ones.
Same one?
Oh, sorry. I’m on my way.
Tomorrow? I don’t have anything planned.
She has plans with me tomorrow.
What are you doing? Why did you hang up my call?
- Well… - Well, what?
It’s cuz you forgot about our plans for tomorrow.
Do we have plans?
Forget our contract? Grandmother’s counting down the days.
That’s right. A week’s already gone by.
I won’t go to an artificial joint seminar.
There are different topics from spinal disk problems to arthritis. Your pick.
There won’t be anymore after autumn.
Sorry, but it’s my turn. Let’s go where I want to go.
- No shopping. - That’s up to me.
Don’t tell me not again?
It’s not bad.
When mommy hugs me kiss kiss.
- When daddy hugs… - What are you doing?
Do I talk with an accent? Do I sound funny?
I don’t know.
Right? Some prick is blind and deaf.
- Prick? - Yeah.
Why did you fight with Yeojun?
Who says we fought? We were talking.
You guys talk meanly to each other?
That’s how we talk.
Were you okay? I couldn’t stay cuz Pearl was watching.
I didn’t want her to be surprised.
Of course, it was fine.
Sang-Eun, do you really have a date with him tomorrow?
For now. Do you have a place you can recommend?
A museum with me, Deoksu Palace stone wall path with him.
Deoksu Palace?
- A date with Sewon? - No, I’m going out with Yeojun.
Okay, thanks. See you tomorrow�