Heated Interview w/ Conservative On MLK & African Americans

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and he has a uh... website the blacks fear that dot net i believe is that
right kevin and correct the blacks fear dotnet as you can go and uh... and
listen armed and read that all about kevin there kevin thanks for being on
the show to that
my pleasure
five hundred gladdock pat terry republica made that automated well you
know what we don't have a colors sdram you know i know i i i i guessing that
harry doesn't neither but
but seven telus telus a little bit you are a uh... and a valid conservative
hob and uh... what does that you know how what is the experience like within
you know that because there are not a lot of sort of i would say out or
announced a new look at the republican convention you don't see a lot of black
faces in the crowd what what is that like what is it uh... where you conflict
i think that answer for that
mhm welcome degree yet that the problem though is not promote that that most
blacks are confirmed i mean when you think about perfect value thinking about
you know they want their kids to get properly educated they don't want climb
you know rampant in their neighborhood kid walking through metal detectors to
get in the pool they don't want their kids pregnant by thirteen you know they
don't want condom handed out at in second grade they don't want your dog to
be able to
do you because you know that he looks a little fin that they are
they don't want to be able to hold a lot but by the conservative values but i
think a lot of people concur all of those values are not exclusively
conservatives maybe some of the moment but armando
well that'll be great if you just waiting on the liberal side of things
back where you find those type of thinking find
that liberals are okay with the little guy don't want to be a thirteen-year-old
girls like a woody allen or polanski
will be colbert made the comment
uh... you know let's make sure we know the whole story about the lengthy vacate
quayle in to a young girl and then richter c
enslaving hearsay
hang that that's the liberal point of view
because what the setback
and she's a liberal but what the is also black and you're saying that's not the
black point of view so does what the just speak for liberals that she speak
for everybody that looks like we'll be are we now have our value will be on the
way people
i don't value artwork color because i don't look at www color
if i didn't know will be goldberg from inventory and then i would think whoopi
goldberg would you explain but you can take one but i read a story about what
the colbert making a point
politically she needed to hear the entire story about polanski
meaning that it's okay for forty something you're a fifty five P romance
to pursue thirteen-year-old girl given quite luther rate from
if tip-off that the other by the country's so if i would like so i'd like
to know our so-called liberal says that she wants you know the whole story on
roman polanski
liberals approve of such a thirteen year olds that's the reasoning we're going to
bridge that marketed applicator liberal dot there the that another broker faded
you know it okay to have black nationalist who the acquit or the
equivalent of the area nation
in the president
you know i don't find that to but appealing for in america that i believe
should be could not be looking at people based on color
let's look at his estimates that follow your your logic and it's one about what
you see blood tests in this
then because rush limbaugh says that we already given up aid to haiti it's
called the u_s_ tax code then we should just sit on our hands on our wallets
right now is that right
well a property that way we're not going out and there are a lot of because
on light
other countries america not only respond by giving taxpayer money
but it's up to the individual to decide what help if they want to do but if you
want to go to step for them to what rights said russian right a lot of
dollars do goat bit the packard money
go to foreign
being picked up a little bit america people had nothing to do it
but is will be but is it is not some other massey this objectively is not
of the welfare of of the navy about our neighbors and and and countries that
that mean something does where immigrants are
apart from and where we have you know uh... the sort of good political and
social issues is not their welfare
well short of our welfare buried it would be happy there
you have traveled all over the world you want to know what i've never came
i've never seen a commercial that fit
help america's poor african-american kit
who can't get educated or who don't have enough to eat
now i cannot work of art for the faith he became a hit africa he became the
main colour
he ticket in the building of the policy to keep control when phil i've never and
all my travel with them at this point uh... up twenty eight different
countries in africa
i've been the europe offender if it could be all the continent
i've watched tv i think three different languages sudden deborah free a
that then
help america
or our financial system went but you know what i heard other people laughing
when people put red hair
plays into the third world trade center you know what i fall on that you won't
worldwide tv
people incorrect we've left the
at america i don't think you know i don't think they are not the goodwill of
what country should be doing
but also a reminder filled with that goodwill to come back toward america
don't you think well i i i absolutely do i think that when you are the richest
country in the world that though that uh... in general people turn to you as
if you have a rich
relatively you would tell you would turn to the average relative in a time of
extreme need
okay but let me let me take that help you got to kevin kevin let me finish a
little bit knowledge you speak again
and answer your question
uh... i i think yet you know it's it's it's an interesting you note
i've been interesting picture you paint certainly that nobody you don't see
please for american kids i i i think that there is a world wide perception
that america should
be taking care and can take care of their own and as we know that doesn't
always happen
and i don't know the extent that i don't know religious groups do that and
open-air worldwide religious groups i can speak to that but what i can say is
that when you are talking about seeing people all over the world latin there
were uh... it was anecdotal the people that were laughing at the you know if
the united states
nine eleven half in the world trade center went down in the pentagon wasn't
how i was a mess michael rotting
make out i'm not talking about money and loving about people laughing let me ask
and then it was not laughing at us and let me ask correction and let me ask in
terms of who helped us strain for after katrina
but with this
donated humanitarian aid artistic income countries ran random from a website
by mid dash donate humanitarian ain't worth one million dollars belgium sent
three medical teams of thirty one personnel renee donated one million you
can tell i'm in the article you're getting into the solve above it
those boat that all the years
doesn't see what we do not care what we live here on the young turks is
difference of opinion but what we in cysteine and the young churches accuracy
in fact so what i'm digging into artifacts regarding your statement that
provided to us in our time in a moment restate what i put archiving that yet
your commercial
where they are running program say
leaped help america's young inter city black
to get education
to get their name
medial it's better
that's what i say
well the logo might look a little governing or american off the world
ek and crime
the break-up every other country
and the world
yet we all wait happier to the question of what are we doing to help
let me give you another thing to think about guide
the reason why america
effect a great country it because although other cultures have come here
they are matching their own well
many of whom are praying that money back into their own cultures
they're going back putting the education of difference was that they get from
america into their own culture and they're giving back and that weight
that's what america is
well you know that's what you are america's about my i agree with you
about those about that but i also agree with you about that as americans are
well it is your it's my america too but i'm just saying that
their parts of my america or the way i view my country maybe that's a better
way of putting a kevin where i think that it's great to be part of the
country were money from my country is going
uh... on an official and political bases to other countries not alive and that we
don't have any impact agree with doctor well that that sounded as if we didn't
grasp perhaps i think that that's not going to do that but america's write
this trip to the occasion
every single time let's let's talk about uh... a hypothetical if kevin jackson
were to sit down with martin luther king junior i'm only doing this because it's
today and if you two were to sit down what common ground as a as a black
conservative uh...
that uh... did you are that as a black conservative sitting down with you know
the the leader of the fact the leader of the civil rights movement of the fifties
and sixties what what common ground would you imagine the to view at it be
probably via depicting wheat if they have common ground we
martin luther king and i really want
we we believe that people should be judged by the content of character but
what i will tell you with it
the left believed that martin luther king with them back in of liberalism and
and and and a democrat
when in fact hit corvallis you've been everything that's all the party that he
uh... foul
or things that came from the way blacks thought in the fifties and going forward
have faith is the rose law secret
had the black family
been left her with
in the fifties we'd be people we'd we'd be a lot more and have a lot more to be
healed running companies
we have a lot better homeownership we have a lot you were teenage pregnancy
the life you are abortions think a lot of people who know doing other boat type
of thing to get you actually and i thought that a compelling point can you
expand on that what like what what what makes you say that what what you think
for many reasons we can look at what we're locate film right now look at it
in america
black lead and practically every negative cultural capitals
per capita fell four grampa ph pregnancy we'll eat
high-school dropout rate we'll eat college interest rates really we have
the few with cali graduation rates we have the few homeownership we have the
we have the few it
hired level of abortion ninety percent average in the u_s_
forty one percent of the black community
ten percent unemployment in america thirty rockefeller plaza i hear you know
i i i just i just mean or what
what the ballots
when you were talking about the black family in the nineteen fifties what
about that
specifically how did that change for people who don't know about it bent and
what what is watts supports your thesis about that there were two thing that
happened for the black family in the fifties departing with what happened
earlier in the forty two hundred under f_d_r_
it with a lot of people in your audience unanticipated
mark repair to rape me they work that's not my grandfather would have to pick a
hundred pound the cotton
in a bag
at least per day and cotton of a light little thing in a bowl if you've never
seen it actually pics
and my grandmother made fifty into my grandfather made about
that from what they got paid
so key think about that for the early twenties and thirties
and all the fat in the forties you get the they've called focal security and
that you get unemployment things like that
if you're making twenty dollar the week
as a white worker and you get unemployment and they pay you know five
dollars a week if you know the cold war unemployment
you look at that is when i get paid my bill
but when you make a dollar a day into might that i'm not going to pay other
paid not to work you know by the way it equivalent to what you use to making
that with the first slippery slope for black
uh... that second clip reflow payment would call the the great society which
is under l_b_j_
the famed gotten fate has been you know in work going to have to voting democrat
for the next two hundred years
it's technically ungrateful
side he did led into the in great society
because blacks believed at that time the government replace
the father figure can replace the family and all that the core values
we think they should take care of a person
your community
your church
your free of your family
and allowed us to report
should be the government
for black people of this generation spoke first restored
is the government
and it you'll go takedown talkie if you can figure out who helped build you know
if there are many other girl be gotten pregnant and how much you may be able to
get out of an if you've got a job
cabin since u_n_ dr king or lockstep
am i to assume you agreed
that doctor king was right when he said traditional capitalism has created
conditions permitting necessities to be taken from many to give luxuries to the
few and has encouraged small hearted man to become cold unconscious lists
wheat we don't who park while they're out there uh... i think we without would
have more things that i could tell you i don't agree
left the things i could tell you i don't agree with then i agree with electric
mixer we get more quotes right
with respective dr king on capitalism i don't agree with it
yet communistic leanings because the heads of the way that he grew up where
people have been decried that america that he within it no longer in eight
different my friends
if they are america have more black millionaires and billionaires in their
careers black people
bailey any concentrate in the world including africa
we've got more black people than anybody
so when you said that you would you were in lockstep you really man locked up in
mid east of that way if i thought you make you believe you would be in
lockstep had he lived dot
up to the present
if you would it if dr king with the live
and had the evolution of black people occurred the way he envisioned it he
would not be decrying capitalism because black people would be it it be a big
part of capitalism
when you are not allowed
to work at a job in the nineteen fifties and you can only be a third level
janik area or from menial job great because you're black and you got it
through the back door
beth elber worldly envision
but if you thought
since walking to the wall street going in the front door getting up you know to
their deputy yellow
you have no problem with capitalism
because it would be giving back to all
staff a little back in his days with not giving anybody that i'm not giving
couple active with only
that the elite
so and then non-black aliant yet
replete non-black kevin jackson inr in wrapping up with you know i want to ask
you uh... you know i were worse certainly not going to agree and that's
fine because we don't have to agree i i i don't
terms i don't feel way movement in your direction of the at all in the way i
think certainly and i i think don't know that it is happening in your community
either but perhaps it is
the up but the question i have read today is martin luther king day and
stepping away from the things that uh... we do
that we do not you know agree on what what does it mean to you as a black
conservative an american two thousand ted what does martin luther king junior
i thrive president day it the fact that you know that this country with honor
a person of hit magnitude i think of the great thing the fact that it was done by
republican presidents
i think of a phenomenal thing the fact that you that if different people
realize if they were that the conyers i have for this in nineteen fifty-eight
and when the democrats at the house and located in the presidency and they
denied it for fifteen years well it's all about and since i see you know again
it's up to
it's not as simple as that there are many republican governors and the
democratic governors who didn't want to
and i thought it over union issued and we can make that it all all we want to
tell a guy i asked you not to put politics into a but i guess it all
comment out of all israel has activated in a normal situation it's exactly what
i was asking about americans wherever that it's a great day for
it's a great day for america
not for black america that's a great day for american it apartment hit thatcher
would be honored with it
so we had three on that side we agree on that psalms seven sets another website
is blacks here das nets and the board is the big black lives and uh... thank you
for taking the time to do sankar
well apt
i disagree
when machines and computers profit motives and property rights are
considered more important than people
the giant triplets of racism that k realism and militarism are incapable of
being conquered said martin luther king there we go out you're listening to the
young turks