Yatterman 2008 - Episode 9 (subbed) english/español

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Codename: Boyacky. Mission: To plan the next Mecha.
Organization of preference: Dorombo, gang incorruptible...
... the unique and original.
At your service, boss!
Idol of schoolgirls and murderer of many hearts...
24 hours a day working... to build a Mecha Dorombo with your hands!
Sometimes Dokurobei-sama will be on your way.
Courage... nervousness... tired... distraction...
The Ring Dokuro always on your mind!
What happened?...
What the fuck is wrong with you!
Touching the buttocks of schoolgirls... Should I cut off your hands!
Wait Doronjo-sama, I think that is confusing me.
Forget it! are you supposed to find if they have something of value in their pockets...
I swear on my hand!
Tonzura?... Tonzura is doing its job?
I think so...
They say they will go shopping at the florist.
Then go to the salon and there will continue to talk, man!
Okay, now look what they are talking at the table together.
They say they are reconciled with their boyfriends, then go to the movies and end up in the ice cream man!
He's doing that?
Did not you give a notebook to point something important?
Do not worry, sure have not heard anything important, Doronjo-sama.
Do you think this job is easy?...
I spent six hours putting on makeup!
I remembered it was ten hours!
Shut up! No one should question my authority! Skapontan!
So Doronjo-sama became the hot girl we know.
You are very kind!
Wait until we return...
... This program is presented thanks to our sponsors.
"The Curse of Otankamen, Dakorón!"
Wow, that was beautiful! Did you see how we looked in there?
I love mummy!
Ai-chan, are you all right?
Look who's talking! Have not looked at the ass of those hookers?!
Ai-chan discovered that I'm still a dog with legs!
Oh, shut up you idiot!
Gan-chan seems dissatisfied with her partner, Koron!
He will see that I can be better than a slut either!
A mystery shop!
Is this possible? - Let's find out!
Well, that's funny...
This seems to be easier than taking a plane ticket to a travel agent.
Dorombo Travel is your travel agency that guarantees you a Bon Voyage!
Tickets are flying for just 10,000 yen, man!
You say I can go for 10,000 yen, anywhere in the world?
For 10,000 yen monthly traveling?
Wait, why have not thrown their money yet?
Do not look convinced, Doronjo-sama.
Ai-chan... we must expose Dorombo!
But... we have to wait for them to do something...
... so we can act!
So Yattaman, will get into action!
It seems that 10,000 yen is not fair...
1,000 yen now!
1,000 yen said?
That's a bargain!
Get out of my way! Sell me all you have!
That's enough! Now close right away!
At your service, boss! [Ara-h0ra-sa-sai!]
My tickets?
That was amazing, Doronjo-sama!
Of course, the genius of Dorombo outweighs any fraud!
Ai-chan should know soon, dakorón!
Excuse me... excuse me!
Excuse me, did you notice something strange when you got your ticket?
Let's see...
A paper tablecloth for kids?!
This is 100% a scam!
Do they think getting rid of this?
I have you!
It seems that they will escape!
What the hell is going on, Yattaman?
How easy, man!
Well, what do you plan to do in the next Dorombo-Mecha, Boyacky?
Thanks for asking!
I'm preparing the Dorombo "Mecha-Sphinx" or whatever!
Roof falls, man!
I have news Dokuro Ring, beh!
Well, Akapontan! Get up lazy!
Well... yes!
Anyone want to go to Egypt, beh?!
Gladly, Dokurobei-sama!
But know that Doronjo-sama is allergic to many things...
Allergic to sun, wind, water...
Do not talk nonsense!
Dokurobei-sama, Dokuro Ring?...
In the nose of Otankamen find Dokuro ring, beh!
Otankamen's nose?!
Egypt is full of risks, beh! Venomous snakes may meet...
... and strange things like the Curse of the Sand Turtle, beh!
A Curse ?!...
... a curse.
You say that the nose of the mummy has magic powers?
Sometimes I think I waste my time with you!
Gan-chan, what happens?
Seems to go to Egypt to find him.
Ai-chan you blush, dakorón?
Just a little.
As you like... It's time to educate!
Since ancient times, Egypt has been a place besieged by people seeking treasures...
... and one of these treasures was the famous nose.
Is it stolen?!
The pyramid is where the king rested and the Sphinx was built to remember him forever.
Do you see that in a book?
Silence! Have to travel to Egypt and look for the famous pharaoh and his nose!
That will be your goal!
Is that our goal?!
Another fault and will be punished!
Tonzura, Boyacky, we know where to find Dokuro ring! Prepare the ship!
At your service, boss! [Ara-h0ra-sa-sai]
[Hmm Sphinx]
Preparing for takeoff!
Hey, Boyacky... Why not fly higher?!
It seems that I did not give enough strength to those engines!
Are escaping?!
Gan-chan! - Right! ... Yattawan!
Wake up, Koron!
* Insert sound *
Well! Here we are!
What ?!... How did you park so fast?
It's something I could never do.
I explain:
This is the most convenient way to park ...
... however, some people do not calculate very well.
It was nice to be 15 minutes in the driving school.
Come in, gentlemen! Come in!
Doronjo-sama, I think that's the entrance, man!
Well, let's see what it is.
No, I'm looking for the toilet.
Are there any that can be used inside?
Well, this woman has to shit! - We want to see Dokuro Ring!
Ticket, ticket, ticket, ticket...
What ?!...
Doronjo-sama, I have the tickets.
Please, please... Go ahead!
What's wrong?
Ota ... Ota ... Otankamen!
I do not know what happens...
This is the right way when you park your vehicle on the streets, Koron!
When you see a space, try turning the...
That we have already seen!
That's their Mecha...
It seems that Dorombo came before us!
Now let's look!
Dorombo should not take Dokuro Ring!
What is this?!
There is nothing here, man!
Perhaps it is somewhere else...
It is not possible!... Are you sure I was here?
He returned from the dead to take revenge!
Say what?
We try to avoid it but could not...
Other people interested in doing a show have taken your body!
Forgive Otankamen-sama! Forgive, forgive!
So here it is?
It seems that Otankamen was a very lucky person in your life.
Ai-chan, you were listening to me?
At least not told you the other story that overshadowed his life.
Otankamen has a curse.
Otankamen Curse?
Well, they say Otankamen was the most powerful of ancient times.
It is said that when he died, all Egyptian virgins accompanied him to his grave!
That made the whole civilization be extinguished.
All these girls...
I would love to be the mummy!
But that's not all... he did something terrible!
When he was a prince had an obsession with underage girls...
... he thought they would give him strength to live.
Then he was... a prostitute?!
That seems...
However, got what he deserved...
Cellulite! ... Hemorrhoids! ... more ...
I can imagine that little ass!
So was not violated ?!...
Of course not! They were all very decent women! Wait till I finish the story...
In revenge, the king conjured a curse for those who desecrate his grave.
So, that was...
Where is, where is... Where is it?!
Otankamen must be near!... Doku?...
I think they will see it, man!
It seems to be a very beautiful group of schoolgirls!
Shut up and learn! See how to handle this.
Does anyone know where is the prince?
The prince!
Prince ?!...
"Prince" sounds very formal... Boyacky is better.
Sure, Boyacky-oji!
Why, why, why?...
Boyacky is just like you!
So handsome!
The king is just like me...
... as beautiful as a dream frustrated!
I explain:
The real race was losing its purity over time, from mixing with commoners to finish with simple thieves.
Prince ordered to tell where to find his grave.
Eh?... Do not you know?
Otankamen was the prince who had that strange ring in his nose?!
Sure! It was the thing we saw in the temple next door!
At last! Who was the girl who saw Dokuro Ring?
Well, will I be chosen to be part of your royalty, Boyacky-oji?
Ah... me too!
Me too, me too!
Sure... Now smile!
Thank you!
Sorry, but Boyacky Prince, grandson of the king of Egypt Otankamen has business to attend!
This is a case pending, Your Majesty!
See you!
Boyacky-oji! - I love them all!
To the true temple, immediately!
At your service, boss! [Ara-h0ra-sa-sai!]
Egypt has many unexplored places, where you can still feel the mystique.
Pochittona! I like that!
Before you, the grandson of Otankamen, Boyacky-oji, I'm back!
Finally, Dokuro Ring!
It is not your grandfather, you idiot!
Otankamen is dead, man!
Anyway, Dokuro Ring will go with us!
Stop there!
It's time to get their lesson!
Wait... Ready!
Return the Ring of Otankamen and nobody gets hurt!
Do you want this?...
Well, take it!
Make way!
Kenda Magic!
Give back that!
Wait, wait, wait...
This ring identifies me as the great Otankamen and now you will suffer!
Now, you'll see the power of me! Preparing eternal damnation!
Ready ?!...
Electric baton!
Boyacky-oji, what's wrong?
Are we ready?
Yattaman is here!
Evil will never prevail!
What the fuck are you saying?
We love you, Boyacky-oji!
Please stop, Dorombo!
Doronjo-sama, is the curse!
Let's get out of here!
Schoolgirls ... Doronjo-sama ...
Doronjo-sama! Schoolgirls!
I want to die!
Wait for me please!
They escape!
Shit! After them!
Wait for me!
Throw him something!
Doronjo-sama, I just realized that I like more adult girls!
Come on, accelerate this thing!...
They come back!... Boyacky!
Let's give them!
Preparing Desert Storm...
Smack here! [Pochittona!]
I always forget the end!
There is some storm-wan!
We can not continue with this!
We have to get out of this sandstorm, Koron!
Give them their due!
Time to drop fleas!
Ai-chan, it's time, Koron!
Energy recharged, completely!
Preparing super-surprising Mecha... Start!
These are camels, man!
What beautiful Mecha!
Sure, they'll get tired soon and we'll go from here!
We'll go to the precipice!
Now I realized...
Boyacky, why did not you do anything?
I want to say Doronjo-sama, I did not want to hurt those cute little animals, so I did nothing.
Boyacky, you're so cute! Even more tender than a kitten!
Something like that.
Even the pigs flattered, drown ...?!
Action ...... Now!
What happens now?!
The propellants mixed with water...
... Bang!
We won, Koron!
Well, are you ready? Victory Pose!
Yatta, yatta, Yattaman!
Skapontan! This seems like a curse!
Boyacky, you think that's the good?
What if it's wrong, man?
Ah, what's going on?
Where is the ring that contains a small part of me?
Dokurobei-sama, Egypt has been the best place we have visited ...
We even saw cute camels!
Hurry... Give it to me now!... Boyacky!... Come on!
Here it is!
Please be the Dokuro ring true!
Now receive a punishment!
Smoke comes out of the...?!
I feel so humiliated! I want to die!
As you wish, beh!
I do not like mud baths!
Oh, looks like Boyacky is dead, man!
It is the last remaining vestige of Prince Boyacky-oji.
The journey ends, Yattaman!... But the future is uncertain...
Later! See you!
Yatta, yatta... Yattaman!
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