How to Make Mason Jar Lanterns | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 27.09.2012

I don't know about you, but I really enjoy finding things that are fairly ordinary like
a jar like this and turning it into something useful and creative. What I'm doing today
is making something that I've done for years: The hanging jar lantern. It's very simple.
You can just take some fruit jars like this of any size, you just wanna make sure that
there's a screw top because you're wire's gonna hook to that. And by the way, these
are really great to hang in trees for holiday parties or end of summer parties or even something
for a fall festival. And what you wanna do is take a wire -- in this case I have got
one that's almost 3 feet long, and I'm using a 22-gauge wire. And what I like to do is
take about a 1/3 of that length, just less than a foot, and take some needle nose pliers
like this and just make a little loop. Then you take the wire and pull it around and make
another little loop here. What I've done is I've twisted this around to start the loop
so this piece of wire is touching this one. What I'm going to do is I'm just gonna turn
this and twist it together, just to make another loop on this side. You see, by turning it
like this, you can actually tighten that wire around the neck of the jar so it holds. So
you can see, it's holding there nicely. And you'll notice this on the opposite side here
with the one that I started. And I just wanna point out, again, I've placed the wire just
under the collar. Then what you do is you just bring the wire up to a certain point,
here at the halfway point, and then down like that. Give it a little pinch at the top. And
then you just thread that end through this side over here, and then you have you're hanging
jar lantern. Then what I like to do is just take some gravel to weight in the bottom and
create a little bit of buffer and a little bit of insulation to the heat. Because what
you're gonna do is take one of these little tea candles and drop it in there like that.
And make sure it's centered because you don't want the flame getting too close to the glass
jar side of the jar because it can break. And then just light it like this. A very simple
and elegant way to adorn an outdoor party. If you like these little tips, share them
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