The Bangles Interview Grammys 2012 -- TurboTax GRAMMYs Backstage

Uploaded by TurboTax on 09.02.2012

Alright guys, if you've ever walked like an Egyptian, then you're walking to the sounds of these ladies right here.
I have The Bangles with me. Oh my goodness, you guys are so phenomenal
and I hear that you guys are doing new music now too. Yes. Tell us about the new single.
It's a song called, I'll Never Be Through With You, and it was
co-written with us and Charlotte Caffey from the Go Go's.
Oh my goodness. It's the other all girl band, so it's kind of
bringing together of all girl band song writing.
I love that. Of course now when it comes to Turbo Tax
they have experts standing by to help people out with their taxes
but you guys are experts on being girls
and stayin' together. Yes. Now what advice would
you to young girls out there, that are in big girl groups and they get into a fight
and cattiness with other girls? How do you guys keep it together?
Talk it out, talk it out. Work it out. Make sure everybody is happy
with your decisions and just make sure there's communication.
Communication. Anything else? Yeah, respect. You know, if you
can always keep that in your mind. That everybody has their emotions
and just always treat your band mates
and the people that you love with respect. And just remember that,
Even when you love someone, as Debbie was saying, you can still have communication with them
breakdown and sometimes you just have to hug it out. Hug it out.
Thank you guys so much for hangin' out with me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you guys. Have fun.
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