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okay today he's over the weekend if you haven't heard it met romney choosing
wisconsin republican congressman paul ryan to be his running mate as the uh...
the part of the now romney ryan ticket
it got off to a really bad start mit romney introduced paul ryan is the next
president of the united states taking no time
enough starting to as we hear growing gap crazy let's take a look at this
video i love it
very funny stuff now some people will say hey present obama did the same thing
one time
well that's true obama obon instantly corrected himself was never on the left
the stage
and had been told by a who knows what was that had to tell a nanny ended up
uh... coming back and and making the correction
here's mit romney introducing
of the united states
paul right
he defense
if you if you think the one prominent paid for the dvd's campaign manager bill
because in brown beef with hand around his uh... shoulder
and you can tell that he's getting the message the i don't know if we have that
in the video tape in this community
of catholic so here comes one outdoor in order to
polarize making an incredibly patriotic entrance of course
flags visible
after the guy wearing a
black shirt which is
probably more republican event and democratic ok by the way we should try
mentioned that the music is by aaron copeland ok communist
that fact
all right so there is
called ryan
and mit romney sosa will really see that
today the benefits after okay well we don't have the rest because we just have
the the shortened versions of the romper
so there it is okay uh... mit romney making a gaffe instantly right away
and you know i have to say i actually don't think this is just an innocent ran
a mistake i think this is a freudian slip i've been telling you for a while
but i think it may be the case that mit romney
either never really wanted to be president of the kind of got pushed into
this position
by a number of different factors
and or that he is deathly afraid of god forbid as he would put it
ending up president of the united states one day i really think that there is
two bats uh... verbal mistake
i disagree i think it was just uh... ravi being wronged me in
and not not having clarity
if you will will listen if you don't identify h chocolate doughnut as
anything on the other than a chocolate goodie
it's possible that you would identify your vice presidential
as the next president of the united states maybe that's what it is not
enough or perot
perhaps uh... forensic roney ko
uh... messing up
plans to uh...
plans to
i don't know fall ill after
after winning office
any number of possibilities per share and who knows
last week
for months to be completely honest i've been talking to you but the three
factions of the republican party we have the kind of program for it low taxes
pro-business side which i think is the one that mit romney is most genuinely a
part of
we have the tea parties a faction
and then we have the religious right kind of more extreme uh... evangelical
social issues
side ok now the paul ryan pick confirms that mit romney
agrees with us and with many other people
who say that the tea party faction particularly as well as the religious
are not mit romney strong point okay i mean let's be honest the real mit romney
i know it's hard to know
who the real that ronnie is right because you think in every position on
every issue i was gonna say that they are convinced it will we don't know
anything about iran my sense if i had to guess is that he is his true self is
genuine self is really in that first republican faction ok the put the
corporate pro-business side
he agrees he needs to make a play for the tea party religious right side and
and the paul ryan picked certainly at least with the tea party side
is making a play at that
that's that's the reality lewis he's making a play at that
let's not forget when we talk about that
the paul ryan connection to ayn rand okay because as we know
paul ryan obsessed with randy and philosophy and of course rented velocity
believing basically ensure that if you have made a lot of money regardless of
what you did to get there by virtue of having figured out a way to have or make
a lot of money
you are a good
you were great you are patriotic you're exactly what this country needs
that is what paul ryan subscribes to
yes and also saying that you know alpine rand was one of the main reasons he got
into politics
uh... for about twenty years earlier this year may be anticipating that he
might be a v_p_ candidate
he rejected that and an interview and said that if his views are more closely
aligned with said thomas appoints big yellow for that could've course that is
perfectly exactly who we want to be there number two
a heartbeat away from the presidency is a ghost yeah
but he definitely needs to appeal to uh... the people that brian appeals to
but it is a safe pick i mean a i did say that i pop rock and would be a brilliant
pick but i guess
that was a little too risky risky per share okay so let's let's look at how
was paul ryan vetted is hearsay pickle is making a good point what is what is
the reality of this
interestingly enough
the romney campaign requested quote several
years of tax returns from all vice presidential contenders
several assuming of course that when you hear several it means more than two now
in a briefing with reporters in virginia on saturday senior adviser
that myers
who was in charge of the v_p_ selection process didn't say exactly how many
years of tax raiser tax returns were required to she did say
were requested
by definition i think that that means more than two years that by should mean
to me
that the run the campaign
realizes that the no who
could be the vp
of course the definition of the vp is someone who could assume the role of
at anytime for any reason
you need more than two years
however they don't seem to think that the american people need more than two
years of romney's tax returns to make that exact same decision
no surprise that now absolutely no surprise
what about the paul ryan budget okay
as in many recent polls the latest poll i saw about the paul ryan budget very
controversial budget
is a c_n_n_ survey and it's it shows that the vast majority of respondents
are not particularly thrilled with paul ryan's plans and medicare
replace it with a voucher system so on and so forth only thirty five percent
say they support the ryan budget
fifty eight percent said they oppose it
now among conservatives which is really what we have to look at what will be
affecting on republicans as well as conservative moderate
among conservatives fifty four percent are still opposed to the paul ryan
budget among seniors who would not be affected by the changes in the ryan
medicare plan
a fall seventy four percent
are opposed
even after
being told
that ryan's plan affect americans fifty five years of age and younger
romney already distancing himself from this budget okay he said the paul ryan
is not his
that he is putting together
his own version
a budget of the paul ryan budget
what would be
the effect on mit romney's income
okay and mitt romney's tax base
if the paul ryan tax plan and budget were to be put into place well
fascinating article in the atlantic which says that mit romney
would pay
point eighty two percent in taxes under paul rides plans
you gotta love the stuff was i mean you can't make this up
know that it's incredible eileen
cut basically every year government program designed to help people ever
conceived right
and uh... and and make sure that
wealthy americans are paying as little as possible now they wasted no time on
yesterday sixty minutes interview saying we are not going to reduce taxes for
high-income people a flat-out lie okay that's a flat-out lie
let's look at the numbers this is based on the twenty ten numbers
and we have to go by the twenty ten members because it's really the only
reason here
where we've seen a
full tax return from mit romney we admittedly was don't have many years of
tax returns to work with me right
based on the twenty th and
uh... a tax return
mit romney would've paid about point eighty two percent under the ryan plan
instead of the thirteen point nine percent they actually paid
which is already with the key leslie low
of course less than warren buffett's secretary is fair to say
now happened it's happened
twenty one million dollars
in income
how could you pay so little
almost all of that romney's income in twenty ten came from capital gains
interest and dividends paul ryan want eliminate taxes on capital gains
interest and dividends
just flat-out eliminate willis
that's going to reduce ronnie fact paypal say
now romney did earn
keating earn very much as he said he had a little bit of on the side income
in twenty ten which amounted to five hundred ninety three thousand dollars
in author and speaking fees that would still be taxed under the rhine plan
just not that much ryan would cut that operate from thirty five percent
the twenty five percent
get rid of the alternative minimum tax that would save rock
it would save romney almost three hundred thousand dollars or so honest
twenty ten tax bill so that what we have
we have that small tax
on the little
five hundred ninety three thousand dollars that he made speaking and author
he would still a self employment taxes on is out there in speaking fees that's
about thirty thousand more dollars
add it all up
he would owe a hundred and seventy seven thousand
six hundred fifty dollars
out of a taxable income
of twenty one and a half million dollars that's a pretty cool rate
of point eighty two
that's i would love to pay point eighty two percent in taxes itis i don't make
it's funny because in theory in this country when you make more you pay a
higher percentage in taxes i don't make enough
took only pay
point eighty two percent in taxes
that is that is an incredible tax rate
dave we just really need to get the the ball rolling here and we have to make
more money so we can pay less in taxes yeah
was there before we do it
we really need a i don't know what's going on here
as a result of a member
sort of let's talk about
whether paul ryan is even qualified to be vice president
which of course means he's qualified to be president by mit romney's on
standards okay
if you're qualified politician is he experienced politician as a politician
alright hasn't really done very much he's only passed two bills into law
in more than the last ten years in july of two thousand he passed a bill that we
named a post office in his district
the other time was december of two thousand eight
or paul ryan of past legislation
to change the way it barros as in bows and arrows willis
are hit with an excise tax and it turns out rock orion had a
personal interest in this
he is an accomplished bow hunter so those are the two bills that that paul
ryan has successfully seen past
now let's say for a second
that we don't care
about what he's done as a politician because we care like mitt romney has
said he cares and republicans have said they care
about paul ryan's private sector experience right that's what we've heard
time and time again about what it takes to be president of the united states
by mit romney zone standard
polarizing qualified to be present
he has essentially no
private sector experience unless you count working at a
uni work at mcdonald's and he was younger or something like that
i don't know how how will the season's forties right now
and he's been
he's been the politician for like twenty years is that a politician for a long
time to ladies and gentlemen
by mit romney's on standard
paul ryan is completely unqualified to be president of the united states
which is
ultimately the question about the vice president today bt
qualified president
in the event that anything were to happen
today president they've won one month as as vp under ravi your quality experience
you need they got brave instantly knew it
now up and let's not underestimate the fact that
brian ryan and romney romney in ryan however whichever order you think make
uh... that they could actually become
the president and vice president of the united states as ridiculous as those who
are clear thinking
logical hamburger any kind of some of the logic and reason in their thinking
we know how absurd it would be if these two were elected
this is not a time to get complacent louis because they could win
i doubt it but it is a possibility
paul ryan we are now learning more and more information leads to talk about his
that paul ryan
traded stocks on insider information to avoid the two thousand a crash this is
really no surprise to me
that he would use physician as a congressman ally in his own pockets
check uh...
secretary trek treasury secretary henry paulson
with paul ryan as well as the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke in
september eighteenth of two thousand eight
now the purpose of the meeting was to disclose the coming economic meltdown
and basically helped congress to pass legislation to help collapsing banks
what'd paul ryan do instead of actually doing anything to help the classic
collapsing banks
is headed to sell his stock in a lot of those banks
and keep it and buy more of goldman sachs which is the one
that he was told by paulson and burn anchi
was not going to suffer the same fate
we actually have the uh... images here which are incredible but on the figure
of the best way to grab these
you can see from the two thousand a financial disclosure from paul ryan
uh... selling
some uh... citigroup stock
selling g_e_ stocks
uh... and as well as webpage to here is the one i really want to look at
selling j p morgan chase stock selling wachovia corporation stock book
purchasing more
goldman sachs group
stock now what it what about the slowest we need to find out more about this did
paul ryan
act on insider information to avoid personally losing money
this is a big deal but maybe this isn't something republicans care that much
about maybe
trading on insider information and taking advantage of your position is
congressman is not that big of a deal to republican voters
you know there is some gray area here neend hee
heed this meeting was
for that purpose no any i did not do i mean how do i did have access to
that could help them in a situation like that but
i mean i i feel like if that wasn't the intent and i was in the purpose of the
perfectly legitimate to use that information and to sell off your own
stock it's not it's information that is not publicly available and by definition
that means it is insider information it is not information that you can legally
be training on i mean this is
again not really what martha stewart ended up going to jail fortune they're
going to jail not for the insider trading but for the obstruction of
but this is a legal this is a legal if he's using information that is not
publicly available to anyone
at the time he acted on it it was not public information that the banks were
heading into this incredible crisis
that's a legal it needs to be looked into it
if there were no specifics as to which
banks which companies were in trouble
possessed or qualified
my understanding of the meeting as he was told everybody that goldman sachs is
in trouble embargo than saxon soul dollars other bank stocks
that's pretty cut cut-and-dried there it is
okay let's talk about my
book recommendation for today i'm actually gonna recommend two books that
i think makes sense to read together
my book recommendations are brought to you in part by a fashion of bastards
the best-selling satirical forecast in american politics circa twenty fifteen
praised as utterly whole areas foreboding an entertaining all at once
it's like joanna louise johnson you can find it on amazon dot com
my recommendation here and i know it's when the both of you have been looking
forward to for quite some time
two books both by al dis huxley
first i recommend you buy brave new world
and you read that
after reading brave new world
you get violent
one of the last books may be the last book that albus huxley wrote
and you read that read them both in that order of course louis brave new world
the distal pian
uh... prediction of what they the future may look like
and island
showing a more
i don't know uh... i idea like utopian type of situation both fascinating books
huge commentaries on today's political landscape i recommend them both so
check those out tell me your thoughts about that afterwards cuz i just
finished reading island myself let's take a break will be back with plenty
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remember when the at romney said that of well he said a number of things that
over the last couple years he said everything from
if he is elected president
college graduate will have a job
to saying that he would create five hundred thousand jobs per month
which of course only happened five times in the last fifty years
it sound like he's backing off of that a little bit and this is really funny
last week
romney declared in his new one page economic policy plan
that the country would add twelve million jobs by the end of his first
term now with his that sound like a lot you were not a lot
sounds pretty hard it sounds hot there's a fascinating
usually politicians get hammered for overstating how much the economy will
improve under their watch as we've been hammering rightly so
mit romney with his five hundred jobs a month number at least by some forecasts
romney's promises
are completely under ambitious because
were already expecting based on economic indicators right now
to add
about twelve million new jobs during the next presidential term
regardless of who the president is
first-term four years
for some reason fraser first month
given up hope
twelve million jobs a month will be on the brought me back up
so you actually thought it would he was making yet another outrageous prediction
macro economic advisers is projecting that
the economy would add eleven point eight million jobs from twenty twelve twenty
six p
moody's analytics is forecasting eleven-point eight million jobs from
twenty thirteen
the twenty sixteen so frankly i'm surprised
that mit romney didn't claim he would create a twelve million jobs on his
first day but if we actually take this to harden say
romney would would create this number of jobs in the first uh... in the first
it really means he's going to do nothing
because as we're already seeing from a number of economic uh... propos
requesting firms
that's what we're going to see the economy is in a recovery phase
and we're going to see that as a baseline during the next presidential
term regardless of whether romney does anything so really what he's telling us
is he will do nothing as planned or how nicely no affect on the number of jobs
that are going to be created or is the continuing recovery dependent on his
uh... i can't imagine that that's that he's even aware of these numbers when he
makes that claim
probably not
you do have to be living in a fantasy world though or just be deeply disturbed
to use the slogan believe in america for your campaign
when you dodged the draft by going to europe
keep tons of money offshore
and allosaurus jobs to china it's not really believing in america so so maybe
we shouldn't be surprised by by very bizarre jobs numbers either
no and uh... really like to see a make good on that uh...
college graduate
that's amazing
don't hold your breath yeah in an attempt to show his concern for the
farmers that were hit by the birds that are still being hit by the devastating
drought that has swept
seventy eight percent of the country romney decided he was a good idea i'm
gonna have a photo op
with an ohio a farmer now that i will farmer that was lucky enough to be
chosen was lamar ka
now coast isn't exactly the rugged
down-home farmer who struggling to keep his operation going that you might
or actually on i'm even already miss speaking
his operations all fifty four of them according to the des moines register
color codes fifty four
soared and corn farmers and that's just one of these jobs
he also is a uh... he's a millionaire he's a real estate mogul
he's a former concert promoter who booked huge acts in his twenty four
thousand square foot events that are
and he also like most farmers in iowa
he lives in a spaceship house
it doesn't have a car elevator like mitt romney's house
but it does have a car wash which i guess is pretty good just for a rugged
suffering from the drought
when you bring your truck back covered in mud you know it's it's good to have
now also if you are talking about the need bill that himself
according to the converse that i i i i just can't even believe that on the
campaign is the stupid
according to numbers from the e w g farm subsidies database companies receive
over a hundred and thirty thousand dollars and conservation payments
from the federal government now conservation payments which are
about five billion a year in spending total are usually use by the government
to get farmers
not to grow crops what's the point of this
alter demand stabilize prices sometimes to preserve land
capitalism at its best is it was you could the government paying farmers
not to grow crops
and then that guy
its hand selected by romney
for a visit
i mean
you've got the idea of mine
yet heroes whatever cover money he's receiving farmers are
able to receive all sorts of money from the government it's not just for
conservation payments no question but in just a conservation payment alone our
whole areas because of course the guy bill that also right
but we we met
out of the hundreds of thousands of farmers
being impacted by the drought
many of them people struggling to keep their homes even keep their forms at all
you had to go and meet with the millionaire real estate mogul who lives
in a spaceship house
with an underwater car wash
in his new nothing
words that he could have done this this has to be the worst possible farmers ago
meter mit romney but it was probably dec what he's probably uh... contributor he
was probably comfortable there
no question that i love this picture by the way that we are putting up their of
making the cornfield
he's like also this is where the children of the corn come from that that
inmates shedding so much flight from mit romney figuring out all sorts of stuff
this i mean
denies dot shopping thing no but uh... pretty definite silly
my heart was warned by newt gingrich's loving comments about his party's
presidential nominee saying
he doesn't
particularly dislike
newt gingrich
as a person
he doesn't particularly dislike newt gingrich is a person i think i have a
video here lewis
let's take a look at it no i don't
why don't you go ahead and plan for seles let me ask you about the tough
part of his thank you
why is that the people who run begins from the
let me just politics even and so on
they don't like him afterwards unnamed your sense of tough things you know but
they argue can forget what you said people like huckabee seems ice is a
pleasant guy he's really despise it he says he has no salt uh... you see this
everywhere but i have uh... real rudy giuliani didn't like it really get nasty
but what is the reason is wealthiest looks not just a southerly blogs people
about his is is rivalry pontefract so i think that that that men and i get on
finally a lot of stuff done together and i don't get me just like he was a person
surprising to hear black baptist ido particularly dislike him
as a person that work particularly certainly has a lot of meaning doesn't
and uh... i mean the whole thing is just silly
chock full of of uh...
alternate meetings i mean
i don't particularly
dislike him
as as a reversal so
i dislike and as a person but we are able to get some political stuff done
what a ringing endorsement from newt gingrich for miranti unbelievable i mean
but let's let's be clear
newt gingrich didn't particularly like many of his ex-wife's either so newt
gingrich the scenes in general to be maybe
some kind of a better person about bidder lukewarm type of cold guy when it
comes to uh... other people in his life
will stop by the year
all right let's take a break they spoke dot com slash david packard show will be
back will cut the gary creep
about uh... chick fil a first amendment confusion in plenty of other stuff
and then later on today by the kansas doctor
who's been criticized for not forcing a ten-year-old we expect them to have a
david madman shelves and david jacqueline dot com
welcome back to the david adventure
joining me is very creepy is president and executive director of the united
states justice foundation gary thanks for joining us let's talk a little bit
about the
discussion about the first amendment surrounding chick fil a
the a c l_ u_ and and discussions of what exactly is the right to free speech
give me your sense of what first-amendment implications there are
on both sides
with the chick fil a did uh... anti-gay statements that have been made and the
response to those statements and maybe that'll be good starting point for us
this building it i gave out what the statements
that ektu
chitra latest kaka kathy said
he said that uh...
that among other things that contradict judgment definitely estates for war
thing i mean shaking affixed to god
arson what's going on same sex marriage what's going on at least portion
and he has every right to say that
the intolerance people on the left of those homosexual but it does not be just
a hardcore left
course don't accept free speech by anyone budgets
pizza so they can easily lashed out inspector problem and it well
the former chief of staff for mister obama for two-and-a-half three years
who's currently bearish congress saying well check fleas values for trial goes
back speed
irony that is that uh... mister man you are displayed a public uh... actively
bracey the black most of it
in chicago
ask if there's a such apparently chicago's values anti-semitism basis of
the gets flights at a christian okay but what i think right now i i i p let's i
just to take a step at a time just for clarity for our audience
i actually i didn't think that anybody was denying that chick fil a had an
anti-gay stance i'm excited even think we're going to go down that route i
think that we were going to talk about first amendment but so you don't believe
that the triple a_ has done anything anti-gay by indicating that they believe
that homosexuality
is something that is wrong that got it dot is going to punish
aside from the first amendment locations you have and i think that nothing
anti-gay was indicated by chick fil a
that's right i mean she's quoted in the bible bible says
so tell me again what what was the quoting from the bible what does the
bible thing
buk buk buk apple circus heat
because the bible study at thomas sexuality i was a abomination elections
but the senate but he said that were shaking your fist of god where to saying
here basically troop you've got
who had a rapid our country where we want we don't care about uh... biblical
rules that the flight details when he's going to there
yeah ice pick
acknowledges actually no evidence that
objects laser discriminating it's uh... any homosexuals were anybody of any
ruling producer of or sexually
desperately gender political or otherwise
yesterday and i have pictures
they have extremely good reputations for their relationship with their please
okay so the problem i have is that so quickly when someone comes out and and
i'm offended by what chick fil a saying if i find it to be anti-gay whatever the
case may be
there's people on the right who starts saying that chick bullies first
amendment rights have been in some way violated this is the same thing that we
remember doctor laura schlessinger when she came out with this
and word lace rant on her show and then people were offended and they stop
listening to her she said she had to leave per show
to regain her first amendment rights people seem to somehow confused
the right to freedom of speech without
read 'em from the consequences of speech that some find offensive and that that's
particularly a confusion we're seeing on the right
well that that's not a confusion i mean ostriches thirty years ago i was on the
savings that you don't relations commission which were sanity he set up
to the floor
safety right shortest city san diego and because i spoke ads for the boy scouts i
got so many death threats that that i had to have please protect later a
crescent city to city council requests
and this is the
what happens is that
people on the right christian speak out and they get death threats and they get
harassment okay but i think that that but let me read i have to stop and i
but let me finish not included
you speak with
the bay area idea
may peers
that they're not going to allow chick fil a jeff franchises in their cities
because of comments made by the article a is outrageous
how many cities have one hundred-percent employment how many cities
don't need new jobs coming in
ignore for a moment the constitutional rights
i mean that's just ridiculous number what
number two nec now of these that's an atlanta census go washington d_c_ boston
new york eighty cities that now turning down
freighters application
is going to be at the fact
till assumption of the legitimate suction in law
they've been denied
because of restraints on freedom of speech having nothing to do with the
new over parts of the application it's not ok dated all sorts of boston what i
what i think we're starting to conflict which is your absolutely right
meditate mayor
were to prevent chick fil a from coming in simply based on the statement they
made about their position on gay rights and a c l_ u_ attorneys as you've
indicated are in agreement that would be a violation of the first amendment
however that being said i'm talking about something else which is this idea
that we see time and time again from the right which is when someone gets of
bended at something that has been said
from a christian god point of view as you indicated being offended by
something like that being offended by saying hey it's just the word of god
that homosexuality is wrong and then
not patronizing that business or whatever it is
the first amendment says nothing
of someone being offended by someone else's speech it has nothing to do with
violating any one's first amendment rights
much as we saw with doctor laura the mayor's thing is something else but
you're mixing the film
buzz actually traded your greatest by the doctor or as a personal friend
and for many years i did it
i saw the pilot appeared to have one of two parts for television prototype
in when my uh... wife was uh... terrorist beverly l they gave her my
segment for about half said they did oppose peterborough death of dot death
and dying right so what you would agree then that when people were offended by
what doctor laura sediments they stopped listening
that didn't violate doctor lowers first-amendment rights that the other
not an auto so then why are we comply or we saying that someone being offended
by which iqbal a has said and they're not going to go there
how is that a violation of the first amendment if we leave you saw picking on
the mayors that i understand what you're saying
if they were to reject the chick fil a application
that would be cause for concern but simply stating that they would prefer a
not come to their town politically you may disagree with that you might make
the jobs argument i'd agree with you on that gerry
but to say that simply stating they would prefer chick fil a stay away from
the city
that is not a violation of the person let us know what they say it
what they said is we're not going to allow that to be sick
antigovernment official saying that that's now bats worry
alien to you by a gracious because government
authorities to not have the right to pick and choose who can
open a business based on the religious police of n out of the c_e_o_ of the
business now have a very distant admitted in the sense of it
difference between the c_e_o_ saying happiest local was a shock startling
is the c_e_o_ saying
okay and the company has put they state they have no purpose which on basic
understands the sikh hillside and and ideas might be distinction i'm trying to
make is of the actual wording was not we will not allow
the actual wording was not would prefer not somewhere in between it was
something like i would recommend chick fil a contrary to what my point is
though until an application is denied until triple a_'s kept out those there's
actually no bill grievance here
well uh... yes in one six billion upset as usually take what's going on
the new york city council chip chairman
pay is trying to pressure new york city universe thirty-year university to get
triple-a out there are people trying to force uh... southern mississippi to kick
chip the layout of these are government officials and then doing pet as first
amendment and patient i'll bet you're punishing someone because of the
religious beliefs now if that chick fil a chairman was a moslem everybody don't
worry screening or your anti-muslim discrimination you tear what what what
what what because of mister kathy statements were christian well there's
except the a_c_l_u_ and groups like mine yessss justice foundation there's no no
uppal ok well that that's of course getting into a new this idea that the
war on christians exist but that's unfortunately something we don't have
time for today which i know you think does and i think that's an
but will have to keep that conversation for a different day i'm gary creep
president an executive director of the united states just about the suspenders
and we're not agreeing on much but i'm glad for the civil conversation
thank you very much as they currently show dot blots okay thank you
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a kansas doctors under attack for and not forcing a ten-year-old rape victim
to give birth
shocking as an analyst
known on kansas
doctor and you have some bravely took up the cause of women's rights and bravely
i say
because christian jihad is scott ritter murder doctor george tiller in two
thousand nine now doctor new house might actually lose her license for the quote
of not forcing a mentally ill ten-year-old to carry her un coles baby
this story
you get kind desensitized to the stories lewis when you read about them time
after time
and then we really step back and think about it it's it's literally sickening
that this woman is being
for not forcing this girl
to have her angles child
at age ten yeah
it's obviously it's like a it's like a mechanism to become desensitized to the
stuff because if you didn t which is the overwhelming
there are people in kansas
who think it is proper that a ten-year-old
who was raped and impregnated by a family member
and has mental illness
should be forced
to have a child
who would raise that child well they would say you she would go out and give
it up for adoption ida adoption
countless indications
that even having a baby in this state at age ten
if she's lucky
in the rest of her life she may be able to maybe start to recover from
physical trauma as well
visit would run as well no question about it
now the kansas medical board includes a former lawyer for operation rescue which
is eight anti-abortion really an anti choice will produce an quote expert that
testified that abortion can never he considered to have a positive impact on
a patient's mental health and therefore dr new houses opinion
that the best possible outcome for this
uh... ten-year-old
would be to have an abortion cam possibly be right of course that's not
the pointing argued what we're talking about here is what would be the lease
the bag not what you know when i wouldn abortion be
wonderful with waterfalls and flowers and cinnamon writer and i love that
we're talking about
the least
disastrous situation
and in this case
it is not where the ten-year-old girl to have her on goals child
which ashamed
dead after a a rate
impregnation it's just now
now not not the logical solution
if we can even really use the term pro-life anymore i have been using a
prologue but now we really should just be called
conscripted to station that's really what we're talking about here when it
comes to pregnancy and the religious right
uh... the mouthful
i mean i think i think i think entire troy's
doesn't have releasing connotation l_a_ nine times and addresses entire life
we did a story several months ago about a man who had a stroke and forget
now we have uh... this is a new story but i've come across an article on
psychology professor warren rock moran's website W throught more dot com you
discusses an inverse story it's a couple of years old it's about a fifty
seven-year-old right handed men who had to pay
stroke at the age of forty five and that resulted in
uh... basically
complete recovery as far as the physical symptoms within three months
the patient was uh...
was gay his whole life and they become aware of that orientation in his early
he had several gay partners etcetera
after the stroke
he found himself to be
heterosexual he just said i'm i'm attracted to women now after his after
the second stroke that he had actually
this is interesting because again it is another indication that sexual
is not something that is environmental but is rather a uh... it's something you
were born within it is something in the brain
what else is this interesting as well
i think that uh... people who
wanna keep believing that
homosexuality as a result of an abnormal brain function
um... could still think that after this they could just think that
this person had an abnormal functioning before the hemorrhagic stroke rotary had
and after it it's somehow normalize the functioning of that part of the brain to
digest chance right so the anti-gay nuts are going to say if someone is straight
has a stroke interns gale se
you had a stroke and now you get honestly the stroke messed up your brain
but if you're gay and then turn straight up they will strokes are complicated so
strange things and whatever problems he had as a result of a stroke
the part that controls the sexual orientation was fixed as a result of the
stroke that it's brilliant really blade please see if if there is making
someone can turn gay or george strait as a result of a stroke you're you're
admitting that it's in the brain you're admitting that is in the brain and has a
a little and since when do we discriminate against people based on
things that are caused simply by their brain we don't know if if if you remit
yeah that this is possible that this actually happened
you are
you are basically denying that it's a choice
uh... so gardena and these people were usually anti science bio-data you know
i'm sure a lot of most argue that it is a choice but if the you can't have both
now he certainly cannot both but they'll figure out a way to half of milk west
right and just one more plan on that the way they could argue that it's still a
chiles is by saying that
you make the choice in your brain changes to reflect that should have had
a after all while having the behavior
i love it
or even though you're feeling these things now you can act on them right
all right well there it is yet another story let's go to some of your voicemail
and email the voicemail line twenty four hours a day
at two one nine two david p
hears a voice mail about
producer louis trying the argentinian not there that night on brought in we'll
take a listen to this one
gunship list cute
blueberry judah montana tonight
but uh... this time
uh... you don't have any standard
most americans
to do it like what they're going to put sugar in it and now
when judge in king's i think it would
putting her in a total w at the water and on you know tuza cooler temperatures
and landed on top of the delivered via a c_b_ radio of some kind
him and now
and then drink it and then also you know what i like turning around you know they
actually leading players around with a little
uh... hot water dispensers diyo permitting at the compound plot works
for a great but
and you that this is happening in salt lake city in time there's a trilogy the
notebook people in argentina tend to push around
uh... it's not true that um...
i don't have any statistics on a high no people we would both know people there
who do in people who don't i was chilling louis the authentic uh...
argent i'm gallo chill way of drinking it
pre dated
using sugar probably
uh... but yet you can of course uh... use sugar and also i'm initial lewis i
don't know who want to do it on the air but another trip related wrinkled they
did a which is the uh... cole
old martha that they drink in you know
the north of argentina paraguay and brazil which is you know ice-cold
lemonade or orange juice with monthly very cold with ice cubes
that's another popular that'll be a spinoff show that a little include ahead
with the other
literatures of his suggestion on share that with the agency you will
areianet romney's incredibly stage shot grocery shopping trip at the drugstore
he's buying three packages of sudafed and making a batch of mass in the sermon
servants bath
of course we have no evidence that you do i would love to see it that would be
an interesting side candy
and next they're gonna have a video of nato wife washing dishes and dusting
you know i'd still don't know why they wouldn't do that
begin that even more obviously an authentic right
and on the low i_q_ execution in texas dennis wrote me he said i was listening
to the podcast really
here to talk about taxes executing the man with a very low i_q_
it amazes me that so many republicans are celebrated the government ruining
uh... running their health care
but have no problem with the same government
executing their fellow citizens yet
government can't figure out a way to run health care
but they can't figure out who is going to go to kill let's not what's not
privatize uh... the judicial system know that of course not
all right that's it for today
bonus shell david pacman dot com slash membership great great stuff on today's
david catchments yahoomail david admins ajosh