Advanced Poker Strategies for Texas Hold'em : What Are Poker Card Values?

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.02.2008

On behalf of Expert my name is Michael Sohaski and I'm here to tell you about
hand values. Poker is an easy game to learn the hand values however, it is a lifetime
to master. Let's start now with the hand values, in the winning hands the high card wins is
the lowest hand value. Next in line is one pair here we have a pair of 6's. Next highest
hand value is 2 pair, here you can see we have a pair of 7's and a pair of 4's. The
next higher hand value is 3 of kind, here we have 3 two's, next highest hand value is
called a straight. Notice 6 7 8 9 10 that's a straight. The next highest hand value is
a called a flush notice all cards are all of the same suit. In this case clubs, the
next highest value is called a full house, it is a combination of 3 of a kind and 2 of
a kind. The next highest value is 4 of a kind, notice here we have 4 fives and this is the
hand for which all poker players look it is called the royal flush. Notice it starts with
the ace and goes down to the 10 all of the same suit, friends let me tell you something
if you receive one of these and a lifetime of play consider yourself lucky, by the way
notice that we have very many different types of hands here. And you may wonder well is
one suit worth more than another suit. For instance, I got it in spades well in the rankings
no suit is inherently higher than another suit.