Xman 68 - Episode 148 China Hainan Special [ENG SUB]

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[Korean wave]
[Korean wave continues to rage in China]
[Hainan X-Man Special]
X-Man fighting
This is the 2006 X-Man summer special
It is really worth anticipating
X-Man fighting!
I'm here
I'm here
I'm here
Translation credits to klutzy and coolsmurf Flashback Translations to Amicus
Subbed by: shortboy, coolsmurf, rozzy
[At the center of the Korean wave, X-Man is soaring!]
[Embarking on the journey of laughter, moving scenes and romance in China Hainan!!]
[China Hainan Special]
[X-Man Summer Special Hainan Special]
[China, Hainan]
[A special show for the X-Man group visiting China]
[Face changing performance]
[Face changing - a kind of traditional act that requires swift action to change the face masks]
[His actions are as fast as moving lights]
[Everyone just amazed and letting out gasps...]
[Face changing]
AM9:00 - Hainan Venue H
Why are you here now?
I'm the new MC
Speaking of a new team, where is captain Lee Hyuk Jae?
Where is Lee Hyuk Jae?
Lee Hyuk Jae couldn't be here for personal reasons... he couldn't come.
During this time, I will be the temp MC.
Then you are the MC now?
I'll do my best
Please anticipate our program
What place is this?
We are at the Eastern Hawaii, Hainan!
[Hawaii of the East, Hainan Island]
We had made preparations to enter China from July 2006
It can be said that X-Man has brought a new fresh interest in the Hangul/Korean wave here.
It's to coincide the 14th anniversary of the China/Korean trade
and also continue the Korean wave which is why we have come here to do a special
Then let's begin right now and introduce the guests for China Hainan special
[The entertainer of this generation, PSY]
[2006, he is back]
[Rejecting mature look, the super newbie, PSY]
[To make China Hainan stable, he is here]
[No one can imitate his PSY Style Dance]
[90 degrees turn]
[Me too, me too]
[Serious] [Serious]
[PSY always giving his all every time, the highest class of entertainers]
[He will come and conquer China, Hainan]
[X-Man Ussoh - Lee Seung Gi]
[Cute] [Cute]
[Starting off with a cute image]
[X-Man's Ussoh is back just for this China Hainan Special]
[Seung Gi patented tantrum dance]
[Cute] [Cute]
[X-Man's Ussoh is back, Lee Seung Gi]
[Korean wave legend, Andy]
[His impact is like a legend, China's Korean wave legend, Andy]
[X-Man China's legend will begin together with him]
[Shinhwa soaring]
[I like Andy am a Hangul star...]
Please gradually up the tempo, be faster
[Naggy star, MC Yoo]
It's here
[It's out]
[Andy's trademark heart dance]
[Andy Zzo A! X-Man Zzo A!]
[Leggy beauty - Choi Hana]
[Sexy new age beauty Choi Hana]
[Her fresh charm making the hearts of the guys in X-Man flutter]
[Ultimate charm, Hwang Bo]
[Never stopping once, natural beauty]
[Her charm being displayed more evidently in China Hainan Island]
[Please fall into my charm~]
[Wild Bee newbie, Kim Kyung Rok]
[Today also doing a glove dance?]
[Suddenly becoming a magic wand]
[If China has face changing, Korea has wild bee magic!]
[Always making everyone happy with his classic programs]
[Not bad]
[Wild bees legend will continue to rage in China Hainan]
[Kim Kyung Rok]
[Refreshing beauty Hong Su Ah]
[Young bubbly new age beauty Hong Su Ah]
[Imitating] [Imitating]
[Hainan's Yang Guifei - Chae Yeon] (Note: Yang Guifei - An ancient China beauty)
[The bubbly her just like the cheerful sunlight]
[As refreshing as the deep blue ocean]
[The sexy Chae Yeon]
[Super hottie - Choi Si Won]
[Super Junior Pretty Boy - Si Won]
[Ascending to the 10th generation of princes, the new charming new-age guy]
[I also want to do it]
[Si Won also Zzo A! Zzo A!]
[Pretty Boy supremo Choi Si Won]
[Super Prince Kim Kibum]
[Super Junior Prince - Kibum]
[Making the hearts of teenage girl fans flutter with his smile]
[Super Prince Super Dance]
[Envy envy]
[Seems like every muscle in his whole body are moving by themselves]
[Oh my god!!]
[Super charming guy Kim Kibum]
[Cutie Honey Ayumi]
[Her own unique dance in her own world]
[The real cutie dance?!]
[Ang~Don't care anymore~]
[Perfect body Lee Eun Jeong]
[Exhibiting healthy lifestyle beauty]
[Her charm is more evident under this hot sun like rays]
[Pretending to be youths]
[Eagle-eyed Lee Jong Soo]
[Kyung Rok's magic wand?]
[Using the magic wand to perform his eagle-eyed dance]
[Zzo A Zzo A]
[Eagle-eyed romance is even broader than all of China and stronger]
[His romance will continue to rage in Hainan]
[The symbol of love, eagle-eyes]
[Hope it's not me]
[Wontak Angel - Haha]
[Starting with a light Zzo A dance]
[And Haha's own cute dance]
[It's here, it's here]
[After the entrance of eagle-eyed boy, thick-skinned supremo finds his power becoming weak]
[To snatch back his throne of romance king, the battle of all battles will be waged soon]
[Thick-skinned supremo vs Eagle-eye]
[On the plane journey to China Hainan]
[X-Man China Hainan Special]
Ni Hao, how are you?
Many thanks for taking the X-Man airlines today
This flight flies to China for our #68 X-Man.
Wo si (I'm) grasshopper Wo Si grasshopper
Ok, right now please get ready to receive your orders
Jai jen~ (Goodbye)
Who is the X-Man?
[X-Man #68 Selection]
Hey there, I'm Kang Ho Dong
[Ho Dong gets a shock?]
[Haha flipping his double eyelids behind his sunglasses?]
[A long awaited return to X-Man for Su Ah?]
[X-Man debutant PSY?]
[Taking off her glasses, Chae Yeon?]
[Turning his head, Andy?]
[Healthy beauty, Eun Jeong?]
[Super prince Kibum?]
[Eagle Eagle~Jong Soo?]
[Very big eyes, Hana?]
[So sleepy~Seung Gi?]
[Super pretty boy Si Won?]
[Today might be, Hwang Bo?]
[A wry smile, Kyung Rok?]
[Cute girl Ayumi?]
[Or Park team captain, Myung Soo?]
[X-Man #68 selection complete]
Who is the X-Man?
Who is the X-Man?
Who is the X-Man?
Who is the X-Man?
Who is it?
Who is the X-Man? Hurry up and come out
Who is the X-Man?
Is it you? Me?
Why don't you shout 'cut'?!
The X-Man has been selected
[Wanted: X-Man] Who is the X-Man among them?
We'll begin by working on our bodies. It's the survival bridge.
We'll start with a 4-on-4 round
PSY, Andy, Ayumi, Ho Dong
Myung Soo, Hwang Bo, Ki Bong (?), Seung Gi!
Who is Ki Bong??
Ki Bum, Hwang Bo, Myung Soo, Seung Gi!
We can understand his feelings (of becoming a MC), but can you lower your tone a little please...
Let's start with the good points. Andy to Lee Seung Gi
Really haven't seen you for a while.
You've become more mature and manly.
Become more manly.
He wasn't much before but he has now become more manly.
PSY, it's your first time on X-Man, right?
PSY can be said to be one of Korea's leading performers. A true musician.
PSY, is that sweat or tears? PSY is really something...
Now it's PSY to Park Myung Soo
Because you were rivals before...
Bird! Champion!
What else do you have?
Hang on! Hang on!
Who you talking to about hang on!?
Sweating here...
You think you are a bird ("sae")...
Please say a good point
He's become the new captain. Seeing him working hard is not bad
You see the situation with Lee Hyuk Jae hasn't quite been sorted out yet...
Although born in Japan, but she was able to quickly understand the Korean culture.
A representative of Korean entertainers.
Next is Ki Bum to Kang Ho Dong
There is no sport he won't do. A multi-sport guy.
There's no sport he won't do and there's no food he won't eat!
Now the bad points. Lee Seung Gi to PSY
What is X-Man? Since he is here, let him understand his bad point
Everything is good about PSY. He really stands out.
Looking at him in China... he looks even more like a local...
No wonder he started eating Man Doo (white steam buns)!!
Park Myung Soo to Ayumi, her bad point
Yumi, you've been in Korea for so long now yet when you sing...
You still can't pronounce your words correctly!
Oppa, you need to worry about yourself first!
Ayumi to Ki Bum, his bad point
- He's Super Junior's representative - Of course
he doesn't sing much in the songs
Known to be Super Junior's representative but he doesn't have much to sing
Just take all of that now and vent it out on Kang Ho Dong
Doing a lot of sports is good,
but your general knowledge is a little weak...
What does "general knowledge is a little weak" mean?
I will be lenient on you.
I am currently reading a book on leniency
I saw him reading a book call "Leniency" before.
Before we took off he was on page 29. When we arrived he was on page 32!
We were in the air for 4 ½ hours and he only read 3 pages!
Kang Ho Dong to say a bad point of Hwang Bo
Hwang Bo is very pretty. Out of the 4 people, you're the 3rd prettiest you know that, right?
I admit that!
We'll start the first round
[That's for correcting my pronunciation]
[Revenge accomplished]
Ayumi, Hwang Bo is starting out now.
[It's not finished yet!!]
1st round, Park team wins!
It's the first time I've seen PSY's hair down.
PSY, can you put your hair down again?
Since we're in China, I do a special showing
This has never been before by the public
(HD's last minute rule) Whichever team loses,
has to go under the water and stand back up without using their hands to adjust their hair
Suggestion approved!
I can't do it
It's not often my suggestions gets approved you know...
That's true...
Although both are friends of the same generation, one is seriously afraid of the other...
For the next round, PSY, Haha, Si Won, Chae Yeon, Eun Jung
My team is #$%?!
Excitement does have a limit you know...
I can't lose to Kang Ho Dong!
It's good to be active when you are captain for the time.
But just relax, use your normal tone of voice.
Introducing my Park team
Jong Soo, Kyung Rok, Myung Soo...
Jong Soo, Kyung Rok, Myung Soo, Su Ah, Han Na!
We now start the second round. We begin by saying the bad points. We're doing this as quickly as we can.
We start with Chae Yeon who has not faced Myung Soo for a while now.
This will be short yet powerful. Myung Soo!
You have far too many bad points!
Chae Yeon couldn't say each of the bad points one by one...
[Why did you have to be so frank...]
Park Myung Soo, are you OK?
I'm OK
Even if you're not, what can you do?
Did you do that deliberately?
Park Myung Soo to PSY. They meet again.
You only have one fault. Just one.
You are just really ugly! I can confidently say that you are ugly!!
Haha to fiery eye Lee Jong Soo
Jong Soo's muscles are quite big and his popularity is on the rise.
When did his head grow so big as well?
Next is the fiery eye guy, who's in a shock. To Chae Yeon, say a bad point.
Chae Yeon only seems to like younger guys
Since when?
On the plane you were sitting next to a younger guy as well...
[You talking about me?]
That was just pure luck
You only ever talk to younger guys...
One time, Seung Gi was doing something in front of me,
and Chae Yeon was looking from the side pretending she wanted to learn.
Chae Yeon in fact said she wanted to teach Seung Gi Japanese...
Seung Gi was about to go to sleep and Chae Yeon said to him, "Wanna learn Japanese?"
The important thing is Seung Gi was so tired he wanted to sleep.
Seung Gi fell asleep while he was learning. Chae Yeon took her blanket and covered Seung Gi with it!
Do you love him?
I love her!
My heart is unable to forget you!
Because of Lee Seung Gi, my heart is burning now!
There seems to be so much more to the Chae Yeon-Lee Seung Gi story.
Pretending to be asleep, but the fiery eye boy saw everything.
He was also very friendly towards the air stewardess...
We'll now begin the second round
[Why did you have to mention the plane incident?]
[Revenge success!]
[I'll just commit suicide]
Are you Mr. Byun Hee Bong?
Si Won, are you OK?
Second round, Kang team wins!
This time it's a singing challenge. Use a song to attack your opponent
First off is Kang Ho Dong to Park Myung Soo
~I'm begging you, I'm begging you...~
~Please shut your mouth...~
Honestly, how on earth did you keep your position (as captain)?
PSY to Kyung Rok
Even if I don't change the lyrics, the warning will still have the same effect
It's one of my own songs. I honestly have nothing against you
Are you scared or do you feel dirty...
(Note: He's saying the lyrics rather than singing them)
PSY, can you do it with a tune, just listening to it sounds a little...
Are you scared or do you feel dirty...
(Now does it as a rap)
We'll now start the third round
[Jong Soo!]
[Captain Kang!!]
As the last survivor, Haha wins!
Overall, Kang team wins!
MC Yoo!!
Surely it doesn't just end like that...
Didn't we set a punishment for the losers before the game started?
Everyone has to go below the water for 5 seconds
Really cool...
That's so funny!
When you go under, please shake your head a little as well
It's not fun when you go straight down like this...
MC Yoo really is a pretty guy!
Really good looking!
[And you thought it was true!]
I am reborn!
That's right, that's how you do it!
I'll say it again, you have to shake your head under water
[That's really cute]
Shouldn't the towel be like this?
The ears look like... Lee Ruh Kei
This time it's our Lee Jong Soo!
That's really scary!
That's really cool!
Next is our Park Myung Soo!
Must you really make someone look like an idiot?
It doesn't matter. I've done it
I really don't feel good about this
You look good!
Now, we have a game especially for this special...
Goo Goo Dan Ul Whee Ja Go~ (The quick timetables~)
A member of the team competes with MC Yoo at timetables.
If MC Yoo gets it wrong, his mattress will be flipped over.
If the team member gets it wrong, the entire team's mattress is flipped over.
Whichever teams has the most wins against MC Yoo wins.
We'll now begin this game
Kang Ho Dong, are you confident?
When I was younger, I was considered to be a child genius (Shin Dong)
Don't you mean a fatty (shin ddong)?!
Are you ready?
We'll start now
It's not finished yet
That's why people say you don't know anything!
How could it have been 6? It should have been 8!
How was it? How can 2x4 = 6...
[I thought you said 2x3...]
It's alright. The things with it done quickly is that people will get it wrong.
Particularly with the pressure of someone's eyes looking at you and the distracting hand movements...
Actually, I want to do it again with Kang Ho Dong.
If we have time we will do it again.
Why are you so flustered with the timetables?
Anyhow, because of Ayumi, you all fell in. It's now Choi Si Won's turn.
It will now be done at a quicker speed. Don't look away from my eyes.
It's heart-breaking to see Kang team now. Come back up.
At the moment I'm leading 2-1 against Kang team
[Can't be helped]
I can now understand a little about you are feeling.
Because no matter whom it is when they are face to face with me in a game, they will get a little nervous.
For me, it's really is unbearable.
Numbers and math to me is easy and the four operators (+-x/) ...
I'm considered to be the forefather of it.
I don't easily accept a personal challenge
[Are you not confident?]
I will also not do it for personal gain... Let's see how good you are first.
It's now the turn of Eun Jeong.
7x6 = Eeya~
I just lost so the score is 2 vs. 2.
PSY get ready. The point of this game is for it go by quickly.
But it's not easy for us to compete against each other...
That's true
PSY, the forefather of the four operators...
do you really have that nickname?
We'll see soon if that is true
4x2 =
bababa 8!
The forefather of the 4 operators... I deliberately used his name...
I didn't know what was going on and just answered! He said "PSY," I said, "yes?"
I've now reversed the situation.
Park team, you all now look a little nervous.
We're not nervous. Nothing to worry about.
It's now Andy's turn.
Kang team are losing to me by one point...
Andy, are you ready?
5x7 = 35 but he doesn't know 7x5...
As it stands, I drew with Kang team with three points a piece. Kang team therefore has 3 points!
That was easy. Next up is my competition with Park team.
Just now Kang team managed to achieve 3 points against me.
How will Park team fair? Is everyone ready?
If you are feeling a little stiff (MC interrupts)
Pay attention...
Yah Yah... Can't you see I'm trying to talk?!?!
Everyone, let's hear a little encouragement
I start the round!
Why does MC Yoo have to start the round?
I'm older than you!
I start the round!
I'm not doing it!
Let me get a little closer for the competition
I'm currently leading 1 vs. 0
Let's do it again.
We're finished
Kyung Rok, are you ready?
[I couldn't close my mouth in time]
How many times did you ask 2x7?!?!
Sir, let me get back on first
Don't just hold it...
Please don't ignore me...
Sir, please help me...
Don't be like that, sir...
This will be the last time, sir.
Next time we will swap
That was won by Hong Su Ah. Congratulations.
I'm still leading 2 vs. 1.
Lee Seung Gi has just graduated. He should be good. He was student president.
Yoo Jae Suk, he was a student president!
When I was in elementary school, I was once a class president, you know~
Don't lie!
Oh my, it's been a long time, a long time since I heard someone tell me to not lie.
(Not forgetting) Sir, it's your turn to go on~
Why doesn't Kang Ho Dong go on instead of Yoo Jae Suk?
It has become a sinking boat!
What the hell you doing?!
You have to ask a multiplication
What is a good one to ask?
We're running out of time!
Hurry up and start!
30 hours!
I'm sorry. I have to leave now
One day has 24 hours. Where did you get 30 hours from?
If Ki Bum wins then Park team will win the game.
But if I win the round will be tied.
Ki Bum, are you ready?
It's currently all tied.
We'll now have a special round when we pit the weakest members against me as I'm not that strong with timetables.
Each team will decide which person on the other team is the weakest.
I choose PSY!
What you looking at?!
[You chose the wrong person]
I'm the divide of comedy
And what is that?!
I choose Lee Jong Soo
I'll start with Park team's weakest member Lee Jong Soo.
10! Ouya~
PSY, are you ready?
I'm upset I got chosen as the weakest member.
It's because earlier you asked me my name so I answered the way I did
I understand. Let us see your true ability. Are you ready? I going go to really quickly.
We don't need a weakest member challenge.
MC Yoo should just sit aside.
We'll decide this by ourselves.
OK, whatever! Sit aside!
Our team's representative, PSY!
Our team's representative will be Lee Seung Gi!
We'll now begin the strongest member challenge. Are you ready?
As it stands, Park team wins!
It's the Hainan special.
In English it's called of course.
In Thai it's called Nae Neon.
In German it's called Naturlich!
In Japanese it's called Mochiron desu.
In Chinese it's called Dand Ran La
Let's begin, Kang team!
Our everlasting Shinhwa, Andy!
X-Man's saviour, Park Myung Soo!
Myung Soo yah!
(Refers to his hat) Are you a shuttlecock?
Andy yah!
I'm going to sing your new song
("Once in a lifetime" by Shinhwa).
This is a Shinhwa song, right?
What did you do in it?
I sang
What part did you sing then?
So you're X-Man's Captain Park?
Team Captain?
So what do you done then?
Andy, with your hairstyles 8 years ago and saying you were Shinhwa, I've been watching you.
Are you still andi (a child)?
You're a singer, I'm a singer too.
I'm going to sing your title song.
Look in my eyes.
~Are you Andy?~
Last time Myung Soo hyung sent Eric a text message.
Hang on.
The people here don't know the full story.
Not that I'm boasting or anything... I'm always in contact with Eric recently.
They've recently been texting each other
Do you have contact with Eric?
- No - You?
Can't get a hold of him.
I have contact with Eric through texting.
A lot of texts come through. But...
...the replies are done by our manager!
Actually it wasn't me who sent the texts either!
Do you think it was my manager too?
No, it one of the employees in my fried chicken store!
They send the text while they are frying chicken so there are lots of typos in the texts! They use the chicken claws to type, you know...
Kang team!
Our Kang team pretty boy...
Choi Si Won..and Andy in between, PSY!
For the last three years, I have been a avid viewer of X-Man.
Let's not talk of anyone else but Park Myung Soo's entertaining performances, I really enjoy it.
This person is not bad~
I really enjoy it, and look forward to more in the coming season, I applaud you to show my appreciation.
Well, with PSY's title track, Bird and his chicken, both are men from the bird family...
But recently, I've started to become a little worried about him.
Firstly, his performances have become far too plain..
You have only two...
Can you get to the main point...
Hang on! Hang on!
Who you talking to about hang on!?
Stop saying hang on!
Hang on!
His performances are plain. He only has two.
One is shouting the other is the chicken.
Other than those two he has nothing else.
Excuse me, but can you hurry up, the viewers are beginning to change channels!
Because it's coming from me as a fan...
Don't be my fan!
Do you know the guy who came on before Jung Joon Ho?
After he came on, our show was in ruins!
Why are you trying to teach me...
...but I never got a chance...
They're gonna switch the channel on us
Stop pointing when you're talking
Just lower your hands and talk.
I don't want to play anymore!
Why are you trying to teach me...
Why should I be learning from you?
His performances are plain. He only has two...
Excuse me, but this type of speech, can you leave it on our bulletin board online...
Hang on! Hang on! So..
Why do you keep saying hang on?!
This isn't your home bedroom, you know (Play on words)
My wish is with Myung Soo now as captain...
is not to be upset with these little incidents
and that he can stand on his own two feet, and that his performances become better...
Your 1st album bird, you become a bird
Your angle is wrong...
It should be 90 degrees...
- That's not the point - I hope you can do it this way first
He hopes that you understand that a bird can fly but a chicken cannot...
Your song was great.
(Title tracks) Bird! Champion!
What else do you have?
Hold on, what else do you have as a performer
Look at my portfolio.
Sea Prince...
What else is there?
Ah~ Tallallah, Long Legs
What do you have? Bird, Champion...
Even so...
Don't explain!
What defamation! You're defaming me!
Hang on! Hang on!
Why are you constantly sleeping?! (play on words)
Personally, we recently have become quite close...
PSY will be having something to celebrate in the coming future! (Getting married in Oct06)
PSY is really an able man. I sincerely congratulate him.
But I won't come to the wedding!
I have a CF to film...
I have a CF to film so how possibly can I go to your wedding?!
I definitely can't come.
You ask why he was so quick to decline my invitation.
It's because I never invited him in the first place!
Oh yeah, that's right! Sorry! Sorry!
[So embarrassing]
I want to say something to all the viewers...
Our Myung Soo hyung's behavior, attacking people personally, shouting...
I think everyone is now tired of it.
Everyone has had to put up with it for so long,
but he really needs this type of support,
he really needs the warmth and support of others...
Seems like you're doing a charity function...
Why is it ARS you say...
He doesn't need too much time but needs a little,
Please, can everyone give him two months time to change his ways.
PSY yah~
You really are a cute thing.
It's your wedding, how can your hyung not be there?
Our hyung recently, has been number 1 or 2 on the top of internet searches.
There will lots of red packets, I'll be wearing a suit to attend.
I appreciate your concerns.
Right now you don't have time to talk to me about these things,
and you have no time to attend my wedding... you only have two months,
Go think of new gags for yourself!
Next up for Park team.
Only this person can defeat PSY
Hwang Bo!
To stand out, you chose that hairstyle, right?
Our Hwang Bo... is a kid(bro) I really like...
Why do men think of you as a man?
We need to seriously sit down and analyze this.
I hear you're the new star of CFs?
Thank you.
But you don't look so good...(play on words)
Hang on~ our Hwang Bo.
I want you to do something. Stand straight!
Stand Straight!
That's the reason men don't like you!
You are so obedient to what men say. No men will like you like that!
Hwang Bo has a lot of male fans, though
I like you (as a brother)!
Don't wink!
Hang on! Our Hwang Bo, let's see you flutter your eyes.
Very pretty~
Hwang Bo yah!
have no confidence...
in changing you into a woman!
Hwang Bo wins!
Who will compete against Hwang Bo next for Kang team?
Handsome guy, Choi Si Won!
I love you!
This feels bad! This feels bad!
What are you playing at, kid?!
She already knows the ending!
Don't do that, just come out and attack me
Everything is so good about noona except for one thing
And what's that?
You're too wild.
Do you wish for me to be a little more gentle?
Show us once!
Show us once! Show us once!
Do what? An action~?
Do that jump when girls are really excited
Why don't you jump with your brother?
I don't want to be a woman in front of you.
I just want be seen as a woman in front of Ki Bum.
Bad kid!
Don't you know?
Ki Bum is not interested in woman like you, noona.
Let's have a bet then!
It's OK! Bet everything you have!
But can you me 1 year to prove it?
[Beautiful Her - Hong Su Ah]
[Thick-skinned supremo - Haha]
Oppa, do you think you're handsome?
She's being the aggressor...!
She's the type I like~
Are you saying that I'm not?
Since we've arrived in China, it really has been very hot.
At this time, I really want to ask oppa a favor.
Since it is so hot, how much hotter will it be,
Can you help me ask unni?
[Ask Hye Kyung unni about the weather condition here...]
[Awkward Awkward]
Do you want to go back now?
A lot of women have this misconception
Our relationship is as deep as that!
[Just how is Haha going to explain this when he gets back...]
I am always free to choose my companion!
But that person must be interested first...
[I'm open to all types of women]
(Whispers) I'm sorry!
[Why did you say that even though you knew the consequences...]
Su Ah, you sat next to oppa on the plane, right?
Su Ah, I noticed that you were very excited
On the plane, I was reading magazines.
I saw male models with moustaches, and you were heavily sighing...
after the page with the male model
was Ahn Hye Jyung unni's interview...
Let me explain.
Me and her...
I actually quite like her!
[Thick-skinned supremo felled by his own real love relationship]
I've my own thick-skinned role to play in X-Man
It's actually quite torturous for me to do all these
[Truthful confession by thick-skinned supremo, Haha wins]
After having a girlfriend, it's so much easier to get a win
[X-Man oldies very envious with what Haha has]
He is hotter than the sun in Hainan
Lee Jong Soo
[Eagle-eyed boy - Lee Jong Soo]
A person who is more fiery than the sun in Hainan island
Lee Jong Soo
[Eagle-eyed boy - Lee Jong Soo]
[They finally meet]
[Thick-skinned supremo vs Eagle-eyed boy]
[It's time to see who is the better one]
[Rivals meeting in China]
[Passionate supremo Lee Jong Soo]
Do you know why I like you?
No, I don't know...
Because it is you...
...the more I look at you, the more I find you lovable
[Thick-skinned supremo Haha]
You're too aggressive
[Now even the ice-caps at the north pole will be melted by them...]
I have long knew that you weren't someone simple
The image that I've painstakenly built [An intense battle will begin soon]
You're actually thinking of snaking into it and taking over?
I'm different from them...
[This summer, let their rivalry make Hainan island even hotter]
I'm fighting everyday...
But do you know who I'm fighting against?
No, it's not like that
[X-Man Summer Edition Hainan Special]
[It will continue next week]