Google Plus Profile: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Uploaded by salestipaday on 22.01.2013

one of the things you get into in chapter four is talking about your profile and you call it the
vanity plate right is is
was the moment to shine
which is is this is, that this is
your outside appearance to the world i guess is the best way to look at it right? Yep
what it would have some of the tips and tricks that people should be looking at
a creating a decent profile that would
uh... capture attention? well i i think the most important tip about a profile by
is that you have to have to have a good profile picture
and this profile picture should focus on your face
uh... not your dog not your car not the sunset
you know
not you in a group of ten people
uh... this is sort of your
and you should get a good one you know should be out of focus should be red eye
should be well lit
uh... the analogy i like to use for a profile
there are two kinds of online dating sites
here's the eharmony where you fill out you know i know twenty nine questions
about your personal interest in life and whether you want kids are not a all that
kind of stuff because you are trying to find your soul mate
and then there is hotter not at hot are not people look at the picture they decide you're
hot, you're not - that's it
so the profile in social media is hot or not people and i looked at that and in
one second they're going to decide
worth interacting with or not. By the way everything he said not to do
i'm look at my pictures and I have actually done