How to make the perfect omelette with Curtis Stone - Coles

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Now, we've all gone to those fancy hotels
when we're on holiday
and you get made that perfect omelette
and you think,
"Oh, if only I could do it at home."
This is how you make it.
It's actually really, really simple.
I've got four eggs in a large bowl here
and I'm going to season that with just a little bit of salt and pepper.
And then you can put anything you want into an omelette.
I'm going to throw just a little bit of cooked spinach.
Not much. Just a little...little handful.
Break your eggs. Crack that together.
And then just stir.
Into a medium pan, what you do is just take a little bit of butter
and add that to your non-stick pan.
Now, that's the important part here, that you've got a non-stick pan.
Let that butter melt.
And then you just go ahead and add your eggs to the pan.
So you'll notice I've got a small pan here
and when you add your eggs,
you turn the heat up just a touch and then you give it a little stir.
Just using your fork.
Now, the higher the heat, the faster the eggs will cook.
You can cook it high, you can cook it medium, you can cook it low.
The thing is, if you're going to cook it on a high heat,
you've got to be pretty experienced.
So start off with a heat nice and low and then slowly build up.
Now you'll notice I'm using a fork even though it's a non-stick pan
but I'm just doing it extremely gently
so I'm not going to scratch the bottom of the pan.
So once you sort of get it to this consistency,
you want to stop touching the bottom of the pan.
I'm going to add just a little cheese.
I've got some extra tasty here which is just delicious.
And then I'm going to flash it straight under the grill.
Now, it's only under there for about 10, 20 seconds
just to melt that cheese
and then we're going to flip and serve.
Beautiful! When your omelette's ready,
just flip it like this.
Breakfast is served!
PEOPLE: Ta-da!