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Uploaded by GeeksHive on 11.01.2012

My name is Dylan, I am the owner and designer of Tablet Teddy Bears.
We have 3 new products of our own in the market.
We have a Tablet Teddy Bear that holds your iPad
It has bendable arms
and it has a backpack that comes out, put it in there and carry it with you.
It also comes apart for kids
so that they can carry the backpack with them as well
And then, our second product is,
we have a tablet teddy bear with a handle here, put in your shoulder here
you can put your iPad here like this in this position
and it includes a pocket on the inside so you can slide your iPad in here
zip it up and the kids can carry it wherever they are.
We have a pocket in here for your cellphone and earphones.
And then lastly, our third product
Tablet Bean Bags that holds this position here or this one here.
It has a non-skid material, and a handle.
And lastly you have a pocket where you can push it and carry it with you wherever you are as well