Life in Saudi Arabia

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Suicides operations still going on Were accused the Islamic armed groups
the Islamic armed groups
the Islamic extremist groups (Youth Party) Claimed responsibility for the bombing
the Islamic armed groups
enthusiasm the Islamic rootiness groups
the Islamic rootiness groups
one of the sentence that show up in the news
the Islamic rootiness groups
the extremist islamic groups
the Islamic armed groups
do you know what's the differences?
the fact is we always see it in the news
next mr ikegami will explain to us islamic rootiness
Complement to the news about terrorism
in 2/5/2011 osama benladen Al-Qaeda leader killed
but until now the terrorist act didn't stop
and now watch this please
islamic fundamentalism islamic extremist islamic armed
in the news about the terrorist i think you usually hear it but
do you know the differences ?
I do not know never
isn't it the same ?
all of them are terrorist groups
Islamic fundamentalism isn't the people who only acknowledge the islamic religion
they are the people who do terrorism, and I find a terrifying image in my opinion yes..right
why this words became a terrifying image?
i'm gonna ask ms ikegamii yes...
it's randomly use but the real is
please understand the Islamic fundamentalism ,and underneath the meaning is different
both do the Suicides operations and killing people
but the Islamic fundamentalism not like that
so what does it mean?
the Islamic fundamentalism is the Islamic renaissance
which mean it's with the modern development
for example the women started not to commitment with hijab
and they showing their temptations
then they say why don't we back to the right islam
why we don't back to the Islamic orthodoxy
then the Islamic renaissance started
also spreading the islam
and helping the poor people
and Provide medical care
and also volunteer work
then the Islamic renaissance began
and paste this label at them is christian scholar
Fundamentalist Christianity have large exist in America
as shown
Means belief that the words which in the Bible is all true
An example of people who believe that God created them, so the theory of evolution is wrong
And those who believe the story of Noah (peace be upon him) ,all of them are fundamentalist Christians
Accordingly, the renaissance of islam was called the Islamic fundamentalism
it's an explanation in christian opinion
so truly it's not Islamic fundamentalism
But an invitation to return to the the right teachings of Islam
that's mean the peaceful movement called the Islamic fundamentalism
but inside this movement
There are those who think it no problem with to the terrorism and violence to achieve goals
and those called
islamic extremist groups
so that's why there's a wrong opinion that Muslim extremists
Yes.. i think so
Put word extreme or do not submit it change the meaning entirely
yes right
But if we say Islamic fundamentalism, it means back to the teachings of Islam
The objectives refer to the traditional Islamic way of life
There are still retains of traditional Islamic life
it's saudi arabia
this time ikegamii and haruka went together to saudi arabia
yes right
I was surprised by views i haven't seen it before even i japan and europe i haven't seen it with i grew up in Switzerland
i really surprised
in saudi arabia it's hard for non muslims to get in
Also enter cameras for the media coverage is rare to obtain
But this time, we got a special permission we managed to go there
Now see please, views haven't seen before 76 00:05:22,460 --> 00:05:29,380 We set off from Japan, about 8700 kilometers from country in the Middle East ... The oil-rich Saudi Arabia
This time, join us in the introduction Haruka Christine
and now finally we come to saudi arabia we look from the hotel window in the capital riyadh
We note the work is continuing in the construction of towering buildings really
Saudi Arabia is a country difficult to access for the foreigners
Also the entry the press and the foreign media is difficult
But we have special permission to enter
and we have been able to come here
Why deliberately to start from the hotel?
It is true ... I want to start from a place dedicated to tourism I want to do that but
Haruka you can't appear on the screen in this clothes only here
when the saudis women go out they wear abaya it's look like a black cover
and they cover their hair as well as many of them cover their faces
also you haruka if you want to go out you have to wear this
saudi arabia is committed to islamic religion
even foreign various religions
they asked to commit in this costume
they are really strict yes..true
Place in the desert the city of Riyadh was built , capital of the Kingdom
still being developed since the discovery of oil
In Japan we don't know much about the Islamic way of life, so what is it?
We here in the old area in Riyadh
haruka...yes it's look good
i feel ia became a saudi yes..true
without this costume you can't walk in the street
i don't see women here
there are one,all covered
yes there are one woman
wearing abaya only her eyes is showing yes right
look she's not alone she's with her husband
it's important here protecting women so women aren't allowed to go out alone
when she want to go out she must go with men of her family
also driving is dangerous so they aren't allowed to drive
that's why she go with special driver
yes..women aren't allowed to drive here
In the ninth month of last year spread news about women was whipped because she drive car
But was pardoned ,and still women aren't allowed to drive
absolutely there are women want to drive
and there's people who wants this
and that's mean even saudi arabia is changing little bit
but the point is protecting women from danger
when we see women wearing or driving car matter we think it's strict from saudis
but first we have to know what's islam
always we hear about the islamic religion but
when we say islam it's mean
Fidelity of worshipping for god, and the Surrender and obedience for god
so it's have meaning yes
that's mean we should hearing and obedience for god and this is islam
this is the islamic world map
we don't know exactly how much of muslims but they are multiplying
Therefore, it is said that the number of muslims will skip the christians and be the most spread religion in the world
when you see the saudi flag ,you'll know it is a religious country
what do you think is written here in the flag ?
it's in arabic and read from right to left
no god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
and the Messenger mean it's sender by God words
which is the word of monotheism and belief in the religion of Islam really
that must be spoken by Muslims
that's mean saudi arabia declare that it's Islamic country really
then we went to see the commitment
women hide their adornment So that, will not mesmerize men
that' why they show their adornment only for their family
and inside we found a woman covering all her face
she can't see right? No, to the contrary
i can't see from out but inside you can see well
you can see ?
Already I can see .. I can see clearly
do you see me? never i can't see your face
i can normally walk
yes really and that's good no one can sees me
it's really beautiful and the saudi women in this way can see good and can't be seen
so i wear hijab to hide my body and protect my self
then they go to
During that Mr.Ikegamii and the other man are doing unusual thing notice that ...
they are holding each other hands
in fact this man is your guidance in saudi arabia
men holding each others hands it's normal and non-fishy
It shows love and respect
do you hear oh wait
The voice of closing shops and markets
this is the adhan sounds (the pray call)
calling for the pray time
and when the pray time come everyone have to go to pray Therefore, close the stores
look they are closing
in pray time must close the shops
in one day there are 5 times to pray and this is the fourth
every time they close the shops! yes
when they close the shops what they do? nearby there is a mosque they go and pray
where this sound come from?
there is a mosque and also this is Loudspeakers yes
there's a Loudspeakers there's a lot of Loudspeakers
from here is the sound
the adhan calling every day 5 time from the city mosques
not only the shops are closed also the supermarket closes in the pray time
This shop works over 24 hours
But since it's the pray time ,look there is no customers here Yes, there is no one
There's a place selling televisions isn't it ? yes
look to the tv screen please yes, the same scene in all the screens
This is the direct broadcast of the sacred Kaaba of Mecca
and this is the the holy spot in religion of Islam
mecca it's the place that the messenger muhammad (pbuh) receive the revelation from god
and it's the place the islam started from
every year millions of muslims come to do the pilgrimage in mecca
and also there are another holy place in islam it's almadina almonawara
When the pray time come, broadcast live on the air from Mecca and Medina via the local media
the muslims pray place is the mosque how is it?
i wonder how the "mosque" place of worship in Islam is?
the entrance to the mosque for non muslims isn't easy but today we are especially allow to enter
when the pray time come muslims gather to execution it
in the men's section mr ikegamii allowed to enter
now i take off my shoes
in this time women can not enter to the men chapel
finally the prayer started
the imam is the person who know the religion things and he's the guidance for the worshipers
in Christianity there are a Monks and priest but in islam no one is like this situation
there is a leader and guide for worshipers based on the said and done the men pray
In their prayers, where they are turning to ..?
to mecca...
Because the Kaaba is the qiblah of the Muslims in their prayers and location in Mecca, so they go to Mecca
Shows the direction of Mecca, right there directly to the direction of the cavity
the cavity in the wall called ... the Mihrab and it shows mecca direction for the worshipers
so everyone directed to the Mihrab and pray
after the pray done Miss. haruka allowed to come in she entered..!
it's the same feeling when we enter the temple
I felt the Holiness of the place
the muslims who should be pray 5 times in a day
why the suicide bombers exist in them ?
actually the suicide bombers believe that what they do is Jihad and this a big difference
jihad is the holy war or the holy fight
When violence happen the extremists Islamists called this acts
jihade acts
أor some of this groups called herself jihadi groups
and a lot of japanese are scared when they hear this words
but the meaning of jihad is
Cooperate in the conservation of Islamic teachings
But why that image originated frightening and terrifying?
for example when some country is under attack and fighting strange aggression
for protecting it and protecting the religion and the islamic holy
that's mean fighting For self-defense called jihad
When a foreign attack ,the fighting began and the jihad start in order to protect properties
It is here widened the misunderstanding that every war can be jihad
The origin is that the jihad is to save the doctrine yes..right
For example today when I want to overcome the difficulties i do my best effort to go to the mosque and pray in it, then the self-Jihad become Jihad
so this is familiar thing
that's why the jihad exist because it's familiar
For example there are suicide bombers ..
we know suicide unacceptable
and for human they know that god who give them the souls
So they may not be baptized lost it
the suicide think that the method of their deaths are the best ways
but in fact they are suicide and the Suicide go to hell
The Islamic religion criminalized suicide and terrorist action
and if we look to many of the suicide directed, we found many of Scholars don't believe in it
next ... What are the distinguishing differences between life in Japan and Saudi Arabia?
first.. food shops
It is natural that there are several differences between the Kingdom and Japan
It is those differences time Look there is hours of work 25 hours
Today 25 hours?
it's not really 25 hours, but it's publicity
It means we are always work and in all our
The two went to the food section
Do you know what is the cuisine that Muslims could not eat?
yes...pig why can not eat the pig? yes why???
This is because (god)Allah Almighty said in the Holy Quran.
He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah. But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
This means that God has forbidden them to eat Dead Animals, which is ignorant of the cause of her death because sit's may be sick and hurt
And also the blood and pork and sacrifice for others than Allah
But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him. Indeed, >> eat it without the knowledge of
Or if necessary at a time <<when there is no sin to eat it>> <<That God is Forgiving, Merciful.
After it became clear that they don't eat it so it is natural that the pork is not sold here But what kind of meat that are sold, will go to see
Written here camel meat oh camel meat!!
yes it's camel they eat it
It is similar to normal meat when viewed yes..right
but it's camel meat yes it seems Arab purely
In general eating camel meat is something usual in Saudi Arabia and also there is a market for camels
Look to this hamburger here written word"Halal"
Yes, but what does"halal"word mean?
For example, the cow, which is the meat of this Sponsorship was the remembrance of God by name according to Islamic law
and this what"Halal" word mean, so this meat is Permissible to eat and They are reassured
even the sausage is sold normally?
Yes sold
isn't it sausage is pork?
that's what you think right?
let's take a look ... it's chicken sausage
it's sausage but from chicken meat
There are drinks prohibited to drink,isn't it?
Alcoholic beverages
yes because it's mentioned in the Quran that alcohol is not permitted to drink
so it's natural that they are not sold in the markets
But there is juice look at that
yes ,is that the Liquor section in front of my eyes?
however i looked to it's still a beer right ?
if it's a beer!!Can they be placed like this? 272 00:22:49,240 --> 00:22:52,180 look it's free from alcohol
really !It with wine..? it's not
Because the amount of alcohol in is 0 percent
why they can't Drinking alcohol in islam?
because if human is drunk
he's gonna lose his mind and then will forget about his religion
For that reason they cannot drink wine yes..right
and it was written in the quran that who follow The teachings of Islam will go to the heaven
and there he can drink as much as he wants of the delicious liquor
then we went to a video store
look at that!!
Yes, what is this
It's intimate scene is not it? yes
there is a tape on it
Do not be allowed to show these things
Hide it by sticky tapes!
yes..right and also that
look woman in swimming costume Obliterated and hidden
Here hidden all parties of the woman
what do yoy think of this?
There is nothing particular and Doesn't show anything of her body!
the Cross here has been hidden
oh is that mean the things are related in other religions are not permissible yes .. right
yes ,so now we know that the cross in Christianity is forbidden for them
they are strict more than i expected
It also seems that they cuts part of the content of the film in the tape depending on the content
After that, in the complex fast food stores
Look there in MacDonald Did you notice something?
yes there is a barrier in the middle's separate
in this side women section
and in the right side men section
men and women are separated from each other
so they are Unable to go like this and demand together
No can not do that
so it's separation wall yes,between men and women
it's the first time i saw something like that
yes.. in everything Differentiate men and women (not always)
this is saudi arabia
letsgo and see the Conditions in regular restaurants
Here in the middle of the capital alriadh where place gathering restaurants
we take a look at the restaurant in our way
we found the customers are just men
the truth is this place is specific for men Or so-called bachelors section
either the entrance to the women's section, it exist in the other side in the restaurant
here is the family section,It is a place specific to women and families
we can't see what's inside
Amazing !!! Covered by curtains
for saudis
it's impossible for a man and a woman eating a meal together without being married or relative
but Foreigners can use the place to eat meal together
Given around us as expected the families Takes place
yes...They are many
There are also foreigners women
the woman in front of us are Governorate totally
It as if she were outside in the same appearance
she's so good eating her dinner while she's covering
yes she can eat under the cover
anyway Dinner does not change in such a fun place in any country
i thought it's very quiet Place but it seems enjoyable so i felt relieved
for example are they allow students of both sexes when they want to go out together and eat dinner?
it's impossible to do really...
for women that aren't allowed to meet foreign men
what kind of life they lived in their houses?
don't be surprised please,because it's ordinary house
The person who allowed us to enter his home is MR.khaled abo hadel
It is not an ordinary it's house for rich people
yes .. but in saudi arabia it's ordinary
So just doesn't mean it's wealthy
look there is a pool and garden
it's a large house !!!
sure in japan considered as a big house but in saudi arabia considered as normal
sure it's the oil country!!!
the average monthly income in saudi arabia about 16000 SR
Despite the sense that it is only a oil country but...
It does not impose taxes,and the schools and the governmental hospital don't cost money
And also because there may be two or three generations of one family living together in large houses
For permission
now inside the house
hello hello
women don't wear abaya inside their house
today the family are gathering for our sakes,there is 7 women
What do you think to live in this country ?
women in saudi arabia
what's the thing make them happy ? and what's the thing bothers them ?
the thing that make me happy The existence of the Two Holy in saudi arabia
and the thing that bother me we aren't allowed to drive the car
yes ,Unfortunately we cannot drive the car
also the abaya we should wear outside it's bother
Including that marriage in saudi arabia is traditional wedding so it's one of the things we care is this marriage?
Oh, parents can you tell me how you both meet and get married?
i get married by traditional marriage
when my dad meet her family he interested in ownership and he ask her family to marry me
then i was able to see her
for you mother didn't you have any objection to the method of these marriage?
jeddah is the city where i born so i became unwilling to leave
so I didn't expect I'll marry him ever
but after my dad said he's from respected family i decided to meet him
if god wanted and he was a good guy god will make us together
and if it contrary we'll separate in a normal way but thank god we got married and have stayed together
maybe she likes my face
then the grandpa tell us how he meet the grandma
in the period when i were in egypt
my relationship Improved with her family
when my family agreed we got married (family marriage)
Because of not knowing my wife at that time
After our marriage started loving
that mean you married a woman didn't know in advance
for girls did they define there marrige by wthcing The opposite sex And objectionability love or what ??
i don't want to marry someone by looking to him i want to set with him and talk to him and understand him then marry him
i don't want to marry guy my family chose it for me
Here relatives marriage is common
but i want to meet the guy i love then marry him
i think marrige by seeing is good 385 00:32:14,920 --> 00:32:21,300 meeting the right guy i can't appreciation it by myself god is the one how chose it for me and i have to abiding this
ahh so this is the way you think here 387 00:32:28,061 --> 00:32:35,061 i never thought in this way that god have our destiny
We went to the highest tower in the capital Riyadh the Kingdom Tower
in this place men aren't allowed to enter
ahh really so this place is just for women
yes that's right i can't, so hurry up haruka go and find things
sounds fun
the Kingdom of Ladies
written here the Kingdom of Ladies
this floor for ladies only
i will go
it's look this place is for ladies so what happen when you are lonely lady ?
now haruka is going to the ladies floor
so this is the ladies floor
the glass isn't clear so you can't see
i don't know what's there
what a strange atmosphere,oh i can see we barely catch here there 403 00:33:48,520 --> 00:33:50,840 oh she's Waving her hand .. i see her
Although it is 9 in the shopping center
we see many ladies buying a lot of brands
the impression that the saudi women
are subjected to severe persecution by men
but the truth is opposite
it seems to me the women have appropriate freedom
In this way they can live freely
oh she's back, how is it?
Truly was outside than i expected... they all can reveal their faces
and show the clothes they cover with abaya
There are also cafes
what they don't show to the people From luxurious clothes and other could wear it there
according to haruka there is many of Hairdressing salons and beauty they reveal their faces and enjoy
It was above my expectation.they wear luxurious clothes compared to japan
in the islamic community there is a person how have a high status
Scholars of Islam who are called (Muftis), where the people consulted as they find it difficult
mohammad alarefe is a very popular muslim scholar 421 00:35:28,480 --> 00:35:40,280 islamic scholars those who keen to follow the religion of allah were written in quran and in it the laws of Islam and the guidance for people
and this mufti have popular program he reply the people's questions
i'm gonna talk to him about The Islamic religion in saudi arabia
alsslam alecom w alecom alsslam (Greeting)
we foreigners think that saudi arabia is country who protect islam we want to know why?
in saudi arabia the city that the prophet muhammad peace upon him was born
and it's the city Chosen by God to the mission of His Messenger
also there are the two holy makkah and almadina
A lot of Muslims around the world come to perform the rites of the pilgrimage here
so we have to take care of islam
and the islamic country isn't just saudi arabia but this country considered as the center of islam And we must abide by the teachings of Islam
after 9/11 I think there are a lot of people are afraid of the Islamic religion what do you think?
in islam god imposed on us a lot of laws
But it's natural laws and reasonable for humans
some of it killing people without right, something forbidden and unacceptable
so These criminals are not Muslims
that mean if they follow the right islam they will think this is bad thing
In the original these are not Muslims
How do you know us Islam in sum?
if you did a good thing for people god will be satisfied
and we have to continue doing the good things
after death we will meet god and admit us to Paradise with his permission
did work of women in saudi arabia is not allowed ?
no On the contrary, women are able to work and there is a lot of working women
did women's rights in saudi arabia is changed?
It is currently in a phase change
take a look please
this is the last year news but
saudi arabia gave women Political and governmental rights
Means of voting rights and nomination because they did not have the right by. so they decided to allow that
but they don't have Parliament
in fact they have Consultative Council
Where the experts meet and discuss and raise their recommendations to the King
and the people meet to vote for the selected candidates
but they don't have Parliament? yes...but they only have Consultative Council
In this Council women allowed to participate nomination and election
In the future, women will enter the Council and become active
it's a big step ..right?? yes..that's right
The country will continue to change according to what I think �