Around Campus: How's your semester so far?

Uploaded by OCCCedu on 10.02.2010


Well my first semester
is going quite well.
Chris: I like my classes so far;
it's a lot of classes, but
I love 'em
and this is one step closer to my goal.
Danielle: So far it has been
random, awkward, but really fun...and cold.
It's very cold.
Kyle: I have no clue.
I guess they call that undecided.
Tanika: My semester is going very well.
I have great teachers,
great study partners,
great friends.
James: It's going great.
Love my classes, love my professors...very simple.
Charles: My year's going great.
I actually love being back in school now and it
feels pretty good.
I don't know, the teachers are really making it enjoyable.
It seems like there is more help around the campus than there
was when I first started.
I'm really trying to make something out of my life and
this is the perfect start to do it.
I have a daughter, and I am a single parent so they work with
my schedule a lot of the times and they help me out a lot.
I came here the first two years and then last semester I decided
to take a semester off because...
I mean, at first, when I first started coming to the college
here it was like straight out of high school so it was just kind
of like I really didn't know what to do so I took a semester
off, got my head straight - got things more figured out now that
I'm back I feel like I have a more of a purpose, you know.
I actually know what I'm doing.
My goal is to finish up these two years then go to UCO, and
that's where I'll finish the rest of my years and
get my Bachelors degree.
Then after that, I want to be able to start my business.
I have my own record label.
So, I want to get that started...
get the legal process knocked out
and I can just start my dream.
So O-Triple-C is the best place for me to be right now...
in life...there ya go...I'm good
- Do I still got to talk?
Why are you still looking at me...(laugh)