Barcelona vs Arsenal 4-1 ( ENGLISH ) عصام الشوالي

Uploaded by TheMarocainpure on 10.01.2013

The game has lit on fire
and here Pedro goes to the middle
now they need you the most Messi . a call of duty........will you respond ?!
Rafa Marquez passes the ball to Gabriel
the ball with the blaugrana fc barcelona
Look at the power of the fans
they are cheering like if barcelona are the ones who scored
this is the power of big teams
messi moves
messi is gonna say something
and he has spoken
what an Argentinian boy !
you are the greatest !
you are the charming wizard !
how did you become so talented ?!
you're like a greek legend !
so start to take notes you Barça fans
1 -1 from leo the second answer is correct
I’m gonna succeed
I’m gonna have a promotion
I’m gonna pass this test leo
thanks to your goal messi
the two teams have scored and messi scored
what an amazing shot what an exciting show
what a great entertainment
An amazing goal: ...which you can't score in your dreams which the mute can talk Which the blind can see the beauty of messi’s performance
watch and keep quite
you don’t need to comment
you need only to applaud
so applaud whatever team you support
Just applaud !
oh almunia ! you are not blamed for this he is the Argentinian
messi in the middle
everybody wants to see the ball with him
everyone wants to see the ball with Leo
busquets to dani
dani to xavi
to Gabriel milito to messi
messi is thinking
messi planes and passes a dream ball
a chance for the scond goal
the English players are there
messi again and the second gaol for messi
what a playstation football !!
even in playstation you can't do the same
in one single night he may become the top scorer in Europe
6 goals for messi in CL
1 goal distance from cristiano
but cristiano has already left the CL
messi continues the dreams
.....continues to entertain
.....continues manipulating his opponents
please god make me play like messi !
I wanna rape our neighborhood’s goalkeeper
Arsenal defence tried so hard to keep away the spanish danger
but messi doesn’t know what mercy is
his hobby is to break hearts & records
look at the pass from pedro
messi comes from the back and scores his second goal
Barcelona 2 - Arsenal 1
the first time in our lives
we know a slave , a human
who can cross the continents
you are out of this planet messi
He Has the shot of rockets
He Has the power of tanks
and the abilities of planes
in the earth ,in the sea, in the sky He is the giant
Ronaldo, you mad bro ?
to perform like this without ibra, without maxwell, without puyol, without pique
and iniesta in the bench
execuse me but this era is " the Barcelona era"
.. Rafa Marquez
the ball goes to keita passes to Messi
this is a dangerous occasion
he’s gonna score the hattrick for sure
he’s gonna score for sure
and he scores in a professional world class way
you are a world class player
hattrick in a half time ! Unbelievable !
how many hattricks you have in your record ?!
how many super hattricks you scored ?!
you are a legend man
and now I confirm what Diego Maradona said
” at 22 years we were different "
"at 22 years I wasn’t like him "
he is horrific
he is dangerous
he is a sexy beast
he looked around he tried not to be selfish
then he scored a panenka
he looped the ball over the goalkeeper
look at this football a sensational football it’s just amazing so shut up & enjoy !
The ball is inside
and it flirts with net
it dances with the net
look at him
he scored a hattrick and he’s calm
like nothing happened
4 minutes to the end
and the 4th goal is close
xavi passes there is no offside
and messi runes
messi moves forward
impossible he missed the goal
and he scores the super hattrick
the super hattrick
yeah .. move your head both sides you have all the right to do that
give me your ear give me your nose
give me your foot give me your legs
No, your legs will never leave Barcelona
you’re gonna be a prisoner in Cataluña
they’re gonna make you a statue in the heart of new camp
look at the 4th goal
look at what he does
look at what he makes
look at how he dribbles
look at how he insists
look at how he passes the ball between legs
look at how he scores with his legs
look at how he writes his name in history amoung legends
look at how he makes his name everlasting he scores and be happy he’s happy and runs he runs to smile he smiles to laugh with his fist says: ""barça barça barça is the strongest team ever""
The best team of the world without question !