Salomon Running TV S2 E04 - In Search Of The Unknown

Uploaded by SalomonTrailRunning on 18.07.2012

It was more of an escape
Just get away from reality and go do a race out in the desert.
I started my trail running, running along the coastline and in dunes
preparing for multi-day desert races.
I probably didn't spend as much time in the mountains as I do these days
I've always found mountains quite intimidating
it feels quite daunting and overwhelming for me
so it was a bit of a transition period.
I think the unknown has really intrigued me in the path I've taken
That's probably one of the main reasons why I have come to Western States.
Well Western States was the first trail 100 miler
It's the one that you read stories about
because of that everybody wants to run it.
You can't hardly help but have a conversation about Western States
if anybody knows that you're a runner
It's another day, another run
and it's another learning experience for me
I just want to go out there and make the most of the day
and learn a bit more about myself and just enjoy the whole experience
At Leadville he came here as a relative unknown
and people didn't know anything about him
I think he's definitely ready for it
but that doesn't stop me from worrying, anything can happen in a 100 miles.
Running a 100 miles is about competing against yourself
it's about getting from point A to point B in the fastest time you can
and really enjoy the whole journey.
Being here this last week I've got to meet a lot of really cool people.
Like Bill and Tony, guys who I have met out on the trail.
In general we all run for the same reason, we all have the same core values.
I respect the person finishing first, middle or last
everyone is out there giving it their all
and some people move a little quicker than others
but they get to enjoy it a little more too.
Community is one of the most important things,
you know just good people.
We have had a good time, we have shared trails and had a few meals together
and it's been really a nice time.
I love just running in the mountains
but having someone push me and pull me throughout the race is huge.
I really appreciate it and love that experience
that's why I like to do the competition part of it.
A 100 miler is full of different stories
but each story is really emotional.
I think when I'm out there running a 100 miles or a 100km and you are going through a bit of a rough patch
I try to think about how lucky I am in to be in the situation I'm in
and make sure I am out there running for the right reasons
I think all of us like that experience
and the risk of whether or not you can hold it
It's something he's so passionate about
It's something he wants to do and therefore I am here to support no matter what.
For me I like spending all day in the mountains.
so the 100 mile distance that you go through
you see the sun rise you see the sun set and I think that's a special thing
My wife asks me why all the time and I really can't pin it down,
I don't think I want to either.
You know, it's having a day that you will remember for your whole life
When times are tough I definitely think back to my roots
and to all the people that have supported me along the way.
I definitely feel like I am running for more than just myself
Timmy Olson is killing it!
If they are happy at the end of a race, I am more than happy, more than they are.
There is nothing more proud for me than to be able to take the South African flag
and run across the finish line with it.
I think every race you always learn something new about yourself,
you learn something new about the area you are racing in,
and I think all that knowledge, I find, has made me a lot better person.