Wish to See You Again taiwanese drama Episode 2 這裡發現愛

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Wish to See You Again Chapter 2
This is behind the place where I used to go to school.
We all call it Feng Hui Xiao Lu (lit. wind returning to small road).
Back then, whenever I wasn't able to turn papers in,
I would come here.
So what about the inspiration? Where's the inspiration?
Don't rush. Come with me.
Dreaming while in a city
I'm sure we both do that
Gray skies don't mean being alive
Let me panic, Let me hurt, Let me love, Let me hope
Just don?™t let me be lonely
Rain doesn't mean it's over
For instance we can still hear
I pray that
someone will be with me 'til the end
Oh, no~
Go slowly
You must believe that my hand
will be awaiting you at every turn
Don?™t be afraid of missing it
Be afraid of giving up
Go slowly
Trust that with every question
my warmth will be present
To be happy, there must be a moment when we meet
What about now? Do you feel it?
Feel what?
On the road just now,
what kind of flowers did you see?
What kind of trees did you see?
What kind of bugs were on the trees?
What kind of fragrances did you smell?
I didn't pay attention.
No wonder you can't write anything.
Can't you use some feeling,
some imagination, and some heart
to experience it?
Just now, when we were walking on the road,
we saw the tree branch flowing with the wind,
like it was singing a summer song.
The flowers next to it weren't weak either.
They hugged tightly together, which made them look even prettier.
The bugs on the trees
are brought to you with the wind.
Let's talk honestly.
The world we see with our eyes
is a great inspiration.
You said it really well.
I'm not planning on writing a book about nature.
I'm trying to help you
to see whether or not you can get some inspiration.
Have you ever heard?
Prodigies use 1% inspiration,
plus 99% hard work.
Stupid, everybody knows that. Einstein said it.
So you have to tell yourself,
I will work hard! I will work hard! I will work hard!
That way of cheering people
isn't for a genius like me.
Alright, if you're such a genius,
then have you ever written
a story that you were completely satisfied with?
Say a couple lines, so I can hear it.
I'm not in the mood to talk about it now.
Maybe, I really am wasting your time.
The weather forecast said
today's weather would be clear.
But because you only left me with the shadow of your back.
it rained
hard in my eyes.
Xiao Xian, remember
to buy some ginseng.
[Di Hua Road]
So you have to tell yourself,
I will work hard!...
Have I ever worked hard?
Since the beginning,
from the very first time I started writing,
I've never thought of working hard.
- Mom. - You're back?
Welcome back.
Come, thank you. Here... Put it here.
Thank you...
Xiao Xian, your friend?
He's a friend of Vice Boss at the hotel.
He helped me bring home the ginseng.
Oh! Thank you.
Your Vice Boss is a really good guy.
His friend is even better.
What's your last name?
It's Xu.
- Xu as in Yan and Wu? (Note: asking about the character of his name) - Right.
Xiao Xu, turn this way and let me see.
- Come... turn. - Turn...
Yeah, turn this way, turn this way.
Your body is kind of lopsided.
Your back... Come in, let me fix it for you.
Hey, hey, there's no need.
It's okay... Let me help you.
I'm in a hurry.
Ai yah, if you don't do it now, you'll regret it later.
Xiao Xu,
why is this kid like this?
Xiao Xu!
Here... Xiao Xu.
There is no need to be polite. Here. Let me tell you, this is really simple.
When you go back, just cut it and put it in the tea to drink and it'll be fine.
You have to drink it!
I didn't mean to, but I fell in love with you again.
Using the last 22 seconds,
I used all my heart and mind to love you.
Let me look at you clearly.
To remember the woman I love.
To let me dream of every move and smile.
Let me go crazy and full of energy with every move.
Right before the time to leave,
you are my only cure.
And then, to the one I love,
please forgive me, for I have to turn around.
I retreat.
[The woman called out in fear...] [And hibiscus flowers gracefully descend--]
Who is it?
Sir, here's your pizza.
Oh! Thanks.
Here's NT $300 - keep the change. (Note: NT $300 = about USD $10)
Why eat instant noodles?
No matter how many times I read it,
every time I read up to here, I always feel so moved.
Pan Neng Zhen,
I look at you and always think that you've been poisoned by the tea.
You've gotten that... What's it called, Ye Zi's poison.
Not at all.
Let me tell you,
I think Ye Zi
must be a girl with very strong emotions.
That's why she can write down how we feel
about love and hope
so well.
Listen to how this verse can move people.
When the main guy is forced to give the main girl away, he says,
"The weather forecast said, today's weather is clear.
But because you only left me with a shadow of your back,
so it rained hard in my eyes."
It's written so well.
What's that?
So he's actually a
guy that copies other people's work with no inspiration!
How sad.
It's really too bad.
Father's Day and Valentine's Day are almost here. Is the outline for what you are going to do completed yet?
Do you want our customers to wait until next year before they can celebrate Father's Day?
Is the report done yet?
I ate that before. It's pretty good.
Hello, I'm Pan Neng Xian from Sherwood Hotel.
General Manager, this is our new menu for this event.
The first special meal,
mussel and steak for the seafood and meat combination.
Good father, good lover.
After eating this meal, they will immediately be revived.
Mussel is a big factor in food, and steak is also good for the blood.
The second set, god-like steak with red wine.
Right, god-like steak is imported from Japan.
All of those cows were raised on beer.
Think about it, if one could eat
a piece of steak that is flavored like beer, should be popular with customers.
Italian beef with seafood.
How does this set
have anything to do with Father's day and Valentine's day?
Uh, to be honest,
we couldn't think of anything for this set.
If you think about it, the knees and legs are connected
so we can say that they are a pair from the beginning.
Are these the only ideas?
Have you ever been trained professionally?
It doesn't matter what kind of menu you come up with.
The most important thing is the report.
Where is your report?
It's still in the making.
Because my brother has such confidence in your work,
I believe that you can write a report with even more creativity. Right?
Also, this place is a hotel,
not a motel.
Please dress more appropriately in the future.
Vice Boss.
That report...
do you need my help with it?
I think that I'll try it on my own first.
If I do badly,
then wouldn't that mean
that you have bad taste when picking workers?
I believe in what I see,
and I know you won't let me lose face.
Vice Boss,
I want to go out and find some inspiration. Is that okay?
Since my brother
has such confidence in your work,
I believe you can write
a report with much more creativity. Right?
I believe in what I see,
and I know you won't let me lose face.
I must have a way.
I can't let Vice Boss lose face.
Ah, stupid.
Good luck.
I will work hard. I will work hard.
Why are you hitting your own head?
What are you doing here?
I came here to look at the flowers and bugs,
to see if they were doing okay.
You must be here to find inspiration.
What's wrong with that?
People like you shouldn't have to find inspiration.
Copying others will be fine.
I've never copied.
Then it's really a coincidence.
That dialogue that you said the other day,
how come it's exactly the same as Ye Zi's book?
Ye Zi?
You're an author.
Don't tell me,
you've never read Ye Zi's novels
and that you don't know who Ye Zi is.
I know who Ye Zi is.
Not only that, I've read his books.
You should just go back and drive taxis.
You copied Ye Zi's dialogue.
Now, you've come to copy my area.
This area is something you gave me.
I gave you all the inspiration of this place.
Right now,
I have no inspiration left.
Having no inspiration is not the same as having no ideas.
From your look right now,
you probably don't have any ideas.
Did I say something wrong?
Yeah, I don't have any ideas.
I can't even think of an outline.
I even think that I suck myself.
I'm just as bad as a person who only knows how to copy others.
Even if I did copy it,
can you tell me your dilemma now?
Because maybe,
I can help you copy some ideas.
Eat steak?
You didn't just call me to copy somebody's report did you?
No, I just happened to be hungry.
Then you eat slowly, I for sure can't take my time writing my report.
I can eat faster.
How could I trust
a person who only eats steak with ketchup,
to help me think of an American food report?
There's something in this world,
called the Internet.
Links that have something to do with steak.
There are 2.6 million of them.
Oyster, a lot.
Do you think I didn't know that I could do research on the internet?
When do you have to turn it in?
The day after today's over.
The day that has less than 24 hours left.
His brother hasn't changed at all.
In the past, he used to train Xiao Ma just like this.
Where everything had to be done within 24 hours.
- It's true that the devil wasn't created in one day. - It's a good thing he doesn't wear Prada,
otherwise you would have had to help him find the original writing of Harry Potter.
Also, within 15 minutes you would have to have his steak done.
You watch too many movies.
Found it.
In the movie "The Devil Wears Prada,"
the steak that the secretary was trying to find
originally came from this!
You guys can try it.
Even under these conditions, you've come up with something! And you say you don't have inspiration.
Too modest.
This doesn't need inspiration.
This only needs a little bit of common sense,
creativity, and a bit of effort, and it can be done.
Then let me try.
Look, how's this?
[A delectable seafood meal begins with Australian Oysters]
Oysters must be the specialty of the God of Love,
which has fallen into humanity.
Otherwise, how does it let people love and not let go?
Use the knife to open the clear black shell. Be careful and put it back.
Don't let this world's most beautiful oyster juice leave.
Squeeze a little lemon juice over the sweet oyster meat,
which will enhance but not overwhelm the flavor. And in one smile, it's over.
Leaving a sweet aftertaste in the mouth, surprisingly leaving it wide open.
Where are the oysters from?
Reporting to the manager.
Because the Northern hemisphere's oysters are only in season in November,
we specially asked another department
and found the Southern Hemisphere's Australian oysters.
They are really wonderful. And only available in the summer.
Australian oysters.
Those oysters are not easily imported, right?
I already used our manager's name, to ask to import them.
Will there be enough time?
At the end of June, we have asked the culinary department to specially go down and inspect the items.
Order them in July,
and in August they will be here by Father's Day and before Valentine's day.
Then we will open Australia's Foreign Foods.
To let the devil cook the steak.
Are we to hire Meryl Streep [Note: Meryl Streep (Mary Louise Streep) - American actress, who starred in "Devil Wears Prada"] to take it in for us?
Reporting to the manager.
We don't have to hire her.
In the movie, she already told us where the steak came from.
Don't fool around, be more serious.
Then, Nancy,
please report things to the manager.
Reporting to the manager.
In the movie, the steak came from the most popular
Steakhouse restaurant, Smith and Wollensky.
We can invite their main chef to come to Taiwan and train,
for it to become the main course of our hotel.
The budget?
Uh, around USD $150,000.
You said yourself
that the hotel must use the best quality and creativity to serve the customers.
I knew you could do it!
From the moment I recommended you, I knew that you could do it.
If it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't be able to do it.
No matter what,
you are my good luck charm.
My brother barely agrees with what I think.
When you came, the miracle just happened.
Thank you for coming.
The hardest obstacle has already been passed.
Now, everybody, please split up and do the next step.
Judy, you are to help with research.
Nancy, you are to look into the acceptances.
Fenny, the sponsors are yours,
until the manager sees what's happening and the food.
Then the manager must agree to let me handle this.
Then, we can start the preparation and invite the American head chef to Taiwan.
The Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse is known across America,
and it is the favorite restaurant of celebrities.
The secret of good taste,
besides making good tasting beef,
is that the
steak has to go through dry style preparation.
Normally, only the best quality American steak
can go through this style of preparation.
Throughout the process,
it must be checked thoroughly to keep the quality.
Therefore, the taste that the customers get,
from this style of steak is wonderful.
High quality.
It looks so good!
Yeah, it smells good too.
Can you tell the main chef to make more for us?
If we sample it and it satisfies us, the customers will surely be satisfied.
Come with me for a moment.
Pick it up, pick it up. Help me pick it up.
Hurry up! Fast, fast.
Who are you?
I don't know who I should be either.
I remember,
are you from that time... When Vicky said he was going to chase that girl?
Hurry, hang up, hang up!
Yeah...I think.
Last time it was you, this time it was also you.
I never thought that it would be a continuing drama.
If there is a third time,
I guess I really do have to chase you.
I have to hurry back and make some recordings.
Hello, sir.
101, please. (Note: he means the Taipei 101 Building.)
What are you doing?
Writing a plot.
Eh, then you..
Can you not bother me?
One question.
I'm only going to ask you one question, that's all.
When you don't have any inspiration, what do you do?
I go listen to the earth's voice.
Nancy, this time, on the sample taster's name list, how come Taipei Walker is absent?
They used to work very well with us.
I already called over there to schedule,
but they said
a new thing just came in,
so they are very busy.
Try calling them one more time.
Taipei Walker's business is well known. It has a big impact on us.
Hello? Hi, Miss Lu,
I'm Nancy from Sherwood Hotel's Management Department.
Haven't you already called here?
I already said, I have no time.
Miss Lu,
please allow us a little bit of your time.
A little bit is fine.
Give me a reason. Why do I have to give you time?
Because we've put in a lot of work for this time's sample menu.
It's very important to our hotel.
Honestly, it's also because,
I haven't been officially employed here yet.
So, to me, it's also very important.
Because, I really do like this job.
So, I work hard, very hard,
I'll only go for one hour.
Thank you!
The steak of the Devil who wears Prada.
Who's Prada?
It's still the devil. It must be bad people.
Uh, if you don't understand, don't say anything.
The Devil Wears Prada is a movie!
If you already knew, you should've told mom earlier!
Then what do you know? Say it.
Say it.
As people,
if we don't understand, then we say we don't understand.
Don't act like other people who don't understand but still pretend they do.
Hey! Of course, I have to find out clearly.
I've already planned with all the relatives
to go to Xiao Xian's hotel to support them.
Of course I have to know what's going on.
Then can I go too?
Of course!
Me, too!
Ok, no problem. Once I get my paycheck,
I'll treat everybody to go eat!
Have all the judges arrived yet?
Only Miss Lu of Taipei Walker isn't here yet.
Miss Lu, hello. I'm Nancy.
This way, please.
Sorry, everybody, I'm late.
Hey, we can start.
Okay, good.
Today we're very happy
that everybody can support our Sherwood Hotel.
Oh, look...
It's so exciting, that I even forgot what we're sample tasting.
But that's okay.
I hope everybody's brain here doesn't care about my words.
You only have to keep your taste buds ready.
Get ready to experience our wonderful food.
On with the meal.
[Sign: Happy Day Taxi Co.]
July 30, 8 in the morning,
Zhong Xiao St. and South Guang Fu St. intersection
towards the airport.
Okay, we'll be there on time.
702, 702, On July 30, at 8 in the morning...
It's impossible to look and not drool.
Next time, I must eat you.
What date is it today?
Today is July 14th.
What special day is July 14th?
Is it?
There is nothing; Father's Day isn't here yet.
Ah! It's not Valentine's Day yet, is it?
Oh! Thank goodness it's not,
otherwise I wouldn't know whether to celebrate it with Ah Hao,
or with that new 509 handsome guy.
Enough, you!
You really don't know what day today is?
Today is somebody's birthday!
I don't care whose birthday it is, since it doesn't have any relation to us.
Boss, we are working at the moment, so please don't bother us, okay?
I've raised a ton of useless people!
Tell everybody
to buy some good food and bring back.
We're going to play Mah Jong tonight,
to celebrate somebody you don't know. That...somebody's birthday.
Tonight we are going to play Mah Jong, whoever is close to a food stall, please buy some food.
#107 is at a night market,
[Note: Night Market (i.e. Shilin Night market) - is the biggest night market in Taipei City.]
I'll take care of the pork chop! Over.
#107 roger that.
Pork chop.
Woke up one day
and discovered love
Then I'll buy Shilin night market's Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing.
[Note: Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing - Little Roll Wrapped in Big Roll , one of the popular snacks in Shilin night market.]
Suddenly I realize I've discovered love
In the city, with loneliness, waiting for you
The farther I go, the more I realize, I¡¦ve discovered love
I'm at Ximending,
[Note: Ximending is a trendy shopping district in Taipei]
I'll buy Ah Zhong noodles.
[Note: Ah Zong Flour Rice Noodles - rice noodles tossed in pig intestines served with a dash of vinegar and spring onions]
How many bowls?
#207 customers just got on. We're almost there,
I'll buy meat balls to bring back for you guys to eat.
He should be back tonight. You know...
Of course I know, don't worry.
Where will I go tomorrow? Where will I stop?
My motivation is to meet up with you
Everywhere I go,
I use up all my strength to write
I'm waiting for you here
Discovered love.
Waiting for you in a crowd of people.
Are there any sweets?
#188 is at Yong Kang St.
[Note: Yong Kang Street in Taipei is a location of Ice Monster - the well-known ice shop]
It's so hot...how about mango shaved ice.
In the city, with loneliness, I wait for you
The farther I go, the more I realize, I've discovered love
Forgetting about the time, just waiting for you here
Suddenly I realized I've discovered love
I'm going to buy Do Hua. What flavors does everybody want?
Waiting to meet you everywhere
The farther I go, the more I realize, I've discovered love
Woke up one day and discovered love
I'm at TamSui,
[Note: TamSui /Danshui Zh?¨n - a sea-side town in Taipei County]
I'll buy Ah Gei.
[Note: Ah Gei - fish ball soup]
Waiting for you in a crowd of people
Suddenly I realized I've discovered love
In a city, with loneliness, I wait for you
The farther I go, the more I realize, I've discovered love
#509,#509 Long Ge likes to drink
Xien Passion Fruit QQ. Can you buy it?
Got it.
Got it.
Discovered love.
Waiting for you everywhere
Woke up one day and discovered love
Today, we're very thankful to everybody for being able to support Sherwood Hotel.
In introducing the Devil wears Prada steak and Australian oysters.
Our friends who are the first to taste-test.
Our friends,
cheers to everybody.
Thank you for making time to come today.
- Bye bye. - Bye bye.
Miss Lu.
Is something the matter?
Miss Lu didn't say anything today.
Can I treat you to some coffee?
- Apple Juice. - Yes, no problem.
Would you like something to drink?
Give me a Latte,
- and a tiramisu, that's all. - Okay, thanks.
What did you think of our menu today?
The report was not bad.
But to a girl, the portions were too large.
But if it was on Valentine's Day,
and they could share it with their lover wouldn't that be great?
But if there is no lover,
then they could also share it with their old friends.
You graduated from Jia Yi Fu Ren High School, right?
You probably don't remember me.
You were in the same grade, same class,
your name is Ma Yong Rui.
Your family used to run a buffet,
and the classmates used to make fun of you by calling you Ma Hen Lei. (lit: The horse is tired.)
You remember me?
That time, the three of you were like brothers.
The other two...
One of them often wins awards for writing. That's Xu Le.
Another one who often bullied me, called Ding Yu Hao.
I also remember
you guys often hid my backpack, so I couldn't find it.
It often got so late that I couldn't go home.
Ah Hao was really the only one in the whole school
who had the guts to bully you.
I thought you three did it together.
I wasn't! I'm different from them.
I honestly...
I'm going to pick up a long-distance call.
Vice Boss,
Australia's oysters imports has some papers that urgently need your signature.
Ill go back to Taipei immediately.
Wait for me, I'll deal with it in the office.
Okay, that's it, I have another call to pick up.
Bye bye.
You finally picked up the phone.
How could I not pick up your phone?
Okay, okay, see you tonight.
Bye bye.
You definitely will not believe who I just saw.
This is boring, I can't guess it.
I saw Lu Yi.
Who's that?
Lu Yi!
The most popular girl at Jia Yi Fu Ren High School.
She remembered me.
So, that means I have a chance.
Maybe Prince Charming
finally finds love.
Congratulations to you.
[Happy Day Taxi Co.]
What did you buy? It looks so good.
It's meatballs!
Why are you eating?
He's not back yet.
I have rice noodle soup here.
Stinky tofu is here!
It's great! So hungry.
Meatballs, there are so many meatballs.
That's good!
#509 handsome guy.
Hurry up and come in! Hurry.
I can't, I already told you,
he's not here yet! You're still eating?!
Sho Xing?
Yep, the Boss was so mad at us today.
We pretended not to remember his birthday.
Let's surprise him!
Hurry and set up.
Yay! Hurry hurry.
Long Ge!
Happy Birthday!
Today's only a small day.
Why are you so happy? So carefree?
Oh, you guys want something, so you do this.
Today, it's somebody's birthday.
Who could not remember?
Don't worry, there are some that are still working.
That's why we chose to stay here, to help Long Ge celebrate his birthday.
You two girls.
Come, Long Ge. Please go inside.
Long Ge, happy birthday!
Thank you!
Did you know?
Even though I'm from Hong Kong,
I still remember when I first came to Taiwan.
The first time I rode in a taxi,
I met a very nice taxi driver.
He took me to a place.
I've never before eaten such a great taste of minced meat over rice.
That time, my business collapsed.
He started talking to me.
He said...
people must always be happy!
How do you guys know?
Haha, Long Ge,
every year on your birthday,
you always say this.
Also, this is how our Happy Day Taxi Co. came to be.
The new person doesn't know.
#509 #509
New person, what's your name?
You can call me 509, that's fine.
Yea, his last name is 5 and first name is 09.
Why don't you cheer?
Long Ge, to you.
#626 also came
We can buy lottery today!
Hurry up and come in. Hurry.
It's Long Ge's birthday. Of course I had to come.
Come in, hurry and sit down.
Right here..
Do you two know each other?
No, we don't.
The company got a new cute guy.
He's scared that he'll take what's his in Xiao Jun's heart.
I don't know which one to pick.
It's so annoying.
Sorry, Long Ge, it's your birthday, and I'm late.
Cheers to you first.
Come...a bigger cup.
Go, again!
You guys are going to make me drink alone?
There's no meaning to that! How about it?
If we drink like that, we'll get drunk fast!
Yeah.. great...
Long Ge, since you're so happy today,
do you want to sing a song for us to hear?
Long Ge, sing a song! Sing a song!
Okay, okay, okay...
I'm not afraid of anyone! I'll sing!
None of you will understand anyways! The song of Shanghai!
Rolling waves
Flowing waves
10,000 miles of river won?™t stop.
Sifting away
the world's troubles
La, la, la... With the tide
comes joy
and sadness
Even if you can't distinguish between joy, laughter, sadness, and grief,
the tide still churns.
Thousands of waves.
La, la, la...
Come.. drink up!
Happy Day Taxi Company.
Yes, Miss Chen.
Okay, I know.
Okay, the usual in thirty minutes, right?
Thank you, bye bye.
Eh! Somebody wants a taxi, who's going?
I'll go!
Eh, you've just drunk alcohol, how can you drive?
Only two cups, there's no problem.
Can you?
You'll see ghosts.
No, hurry.
Ah, really.
Ah Hao.
Where are you running to?
How come you've been missing for so long?
It's none of your business.
What are you doing here?
Don't say it.
Since you and I are just drivers.
A customer is waiting.
Xiao Ma, are you crying?
Are you really such a sissy?
No, just a little heartbroken.
Xu Le,
you have to keep writing.
This might be your only hope of communicating with the world.
How about this,
we'll be your support.
Keep working!
Using this pen,
write out your dreams.
You'll definitely make it.
#626 reporting.
I've picked up the customer going towards Ren Ai street.
we've only watched two movies
and ate once together.
If we add it up,
to these other two times at parties.
You say, what responsibility do I have towards you?
That represents that you're trying to chase me.
I'm not, I only treat you like a friend.
Then why didn't you say it earlier, why do you always have to avoid my calls?
All my friends know that we're dating.
Hello? Xu Le.
Are you or are you not trying to chase me? You used to be the one who would call me.
Later, there was a girl who would pick up your phone. Who is she?
Xu Le.. wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Why do I have to tell you who picks up my phone?
Do I have to report to you?
We're not even boyfriend and girlfriend!
Okay, wait a minute.
Hello? Xu Le. Hello, hello? Xu Le.
Okay, from now on, I will never contact you again.
You should be happy now.
What? Think low of us because we ditch school?
Hey, you're not saying anything?
Ditching school is so cool, eh?
Take out your notebook.
Making a fist, do you want to hit somebody?
Well, I'll go along with that.
Bullying the new transfer student.
Don't try to imitate threatening moves.
Ah Hao has lots of practice with this!
Are you okay?
Don't thank me. I'm always this handsome.
Let's all be friends.
I just saved your life.
Take out your notebook.
Let's go.
For the essay topic this time,
there's a classmate that wrote very well.
Xu Le,
come read it in front of the class.
Teacher, I'll help him read it.
No matter what time it is,
memories are the best.
"The same river, the same mud.
Every year it's the same flower petals.
The oil left flames to the stems.
After a not-so-great winter,
it becomes one with the mud.
The gray, the gray.
It's like our life stopped halfway.
And the short lived life becomes clear,
and full of surprises.
Also autumn's fruit,
it's bright yellow, but it doesn't ripen.
Xu Le,
master Ah Hao has a personal driver to go to and from school.
You can save the bus money.
Get in the car.
Xu Le,
you don't have to be polite.
Where do you live? We can take you.
It's okay.
Bye Bye.
If you're a brother, then get in.
Goodbye, my friend
We said that we wouldn't say good-byes
So long, my friend.
Even if we don't see each other for a long time
So long, my friend
Remember that you gave me the truest experience.
[Gu Chi's Tears]
Class is over.
Xu Le,
What's up with him? It's weird.
It's written all over his face as the summer of young Xu Le.
Wait for me. Xu Le,
there's nothing out there that you can't say.
This world doesn't even care about
whether or not I want to talk loudly.
What are you talking about?
This story sucks.
Nobody wants it.
It's been given back to you?
It's okay.
If you can't do it this time, you can try again next time.
That publisher...
You're too loud.
Don't worry about me.
Xu Le, what's wrong?
You're so annoying.
Just go inside with me, and then you'll know.
Why are we here?
- Just look and you'll know. - Boss, right here, there are 100 books
to sell.
One book is NT $50 (Note: US $.50)
But what?
Boss, I'm buying a book.
One book is not enough; I'll buy two!
[Title: Gu Chi?™s Tears]
[Bus Stop Sign: Small Black Lake, ZhaoHu Station...]
Xu Le, come to my house to eat later.
My house is a buffet. So you can eat until you're full.
Then why not go to my house to eat.
Xu Le, the things at my house are good.
So what?
What's the big deal about the things being good?
Is it so we must go to your house to eat them?
Fish, bird's nest, or abalone?
All of them!
So snobby.
Then don't go to either.
Go to Xu Le's house.
Xu Le, today we're going to eat at your house.
I don't have a house.
I live in an orphanage.
Ma Yong Rui!
What are you doing?!
It's New Year's Eve, and you're still going out?
New Year's.
If we don't eat a meal together,
how can we tell other people that we're brothers?
I'm going to celebrate New Year's with my friends.
Who's that?
My dad, he's so annoying.
He was talking about some orchid's blooming, and he wants me to go with him to take a look.
Don't listen to him.
What do you say?
Right now we still have to pray and give thanks for the food, and thank the Lord.
Thank you guys.
What are you thanking us for?
Let's go...
Let's eat.
What do you want to barbeque?
Xiao Ma.
During the time I stayed there,
this was the first time I've had brothers standing by me.
Okay, how about corn?
Okay, here's corn.
Yeaa, new year!
With real friends,
there's nothing that can't be said.
I can tell you my pain.
My brother is a pervert.
What Xiao Ma said isn't wrong.
There's nothing that can't be said.
Anything that's stupid is fine, too.
Even if you hit rock bottom,
you'll never be alone.
Because there will always be us.
I've thought of it.
For graduation,
let's go take some fireworks to blast the girls.
Blast it at them, so they'll scream.
Take a look at that picture and how much "feel" it has.
Hey, be more mature.
That's right.
It's none of your business.
You should've said,
life is like a beautiful firecracker,
diminishing when it is at its most beautiful.
Just like the life of James Dean.
[Note: James Dean - American Actor and Academy Award winner and two-time Oscar nominated posthumously, who died at the age of 24]
A person's life...
begins to fade when it's at its prime, doesn't it?
I'll always remember
the times we had together
and the beautiful moments.
Hey, how come you're so weird all of a sudden?
On graduation day,
my whole family is emigrating to America.
My dad already arranged everything.
your English sucks. Why are you going there?
Didn't you say we were going to hang out at your house?
What about now?
Don't we still have trips to go on?
Islands to visit?
Bettlenut girls to see? Women to chase? Beer festivals to go to?
[Note: Bettlenut girls - girls selling betel nuts along with other "services"]
You sure know how to talk! What about now?! Say something!
Are you mute?
If you can't do it, why'd you say it?
Are you deaf?
You're deaf, aren't you?! Say something!
Are you mute?
Don't be so annoying!!
Do you think I want to?!
Why do you guys always follow me around?!
Get away from me!
I don't want to see you.
Then you can go rot.
How was this time's sampling?
They were very pleased.
Each judge said that our Devil Wears Prada steak
was very creative.
Using the movie's popularity, we can get feedback fast.
This time it's all thanks to Nancy.
The report was also very well written. That's why it succeeded so well.
This is all due to everybody's teamwork.
If you praise too much, you're being too modest.
It doesn't matter, I'm treating you to lunch.
Did you continue asking the judges to make sure that everybody says yes?
I checked a bit.
Now the last one is Taipei Walker's Miss Lu.
We still don't know whether or not she'll give us good feedback.
I'll call back to make sure immediately.
I'll call.
Hello, Lu Yi. This is Xiao Ma.
Which Xiao Ma?
Clue one - Sherwood Hotel.
Clue two - high school classmates.
I remember from clue one.
Do you need something?
I just wanted to ask you
about this times Valentine's Day food report.
What is your opinion?
The food is not bad.
The report was also written well.
I'll say yes.
To show you my appreciation, I'll treat you out to eat tomorrow.
I think if it's because of business, then that's not okay.
Then how about because we're classmates?
Okay, I will, since we were classmates.
But I only have free time today for lunch.
Then lunch today!
Keep in touch.
Bye bye.
Lunch time is here. Time to go!
Uh, Nancy, I'm sorry.
Because there was a sudden appointment for lunch today,
I'll treat you out to eat tomorrow!
It's okay.
It's not that model whose come to annoy you again is it?
I thought everything was already done.
I am going with Taipei Walker's Lu Yi to lunch.
[sign] Taxi Company
Hey! It's so loud and annoying.
Can you play something happier?
I played the happy ones last night!
Now I'm feeling a little sad.
Sad about what?
I don't know.
Should there be a reason?
Long Ge.
Why are you back now?
You came to participate in our sadness club?
I have something to ask you.
When did Ah Hao come here?
Two years ago.
Why did he come here?
You're so weird.
Why did he come here? Let me ask you,
why did you come here to drive a taxi?
It's because...
Well whatever he does it for, whatever you do it for,
I don't want to know.
I just want to know, that you guys do your work right.
He should be in America.
Not here.
Young boy,
in this world,
there's no should and should nots.
I should also be in Hong Kong,
to work on my job there.
I should have a beautiful wife,
that came from Washington in America to help me with that apple lady.
But instead, I'm here.
Discussing with you about should do and should nots.
I think...
you should go back and drive.
whenever you have questions, that nobody cares about,
just don't ask.
Do you want to know about Ah Hao?
I've seen his record.
He really didn't come from America.
How do you know?
It's written there that
he graduated from Jia Yi Fu Ren High School.
It's written there that
he graduated from Jia Yi Fu Ren High School.
It's you.
Did you come here for Vice Boss?
He went out.
You...are you okay?
What are you trying to find him for?
Do you want me to help you...
If you had a friend,
who went missing for many years,
but suddenly appeared now,
what would you do?
I would ask him just what happened then.
The sample tasting results were very good.
That report last time,
I want to thank you.
The report that you helped me with last time.
Why do you have to bring up small things like that? I have more important things to do.
What kind of attitude is that?
I'd like to request a cab #626.
A specific call for #626.
May I ask, what is your location?
Near Sherwood Hotel.
Near Sherwood Hotel, please hold.
But #626 is currently taken.
I'm sorry, #626 is in Xin Dian, currently driving someone.
Would you like another cab?
In half an hour please ask him to come,
to the Cheng De Bridge Underpass.
I'll be waiting for him there.
#626, #626,
in 30 minutes please report to the Cheng De bridge Underpass to pick up a customer.
Got it, got it.
#626 #626.
Did you pick up your customer yet?
Strange, why is Ah Hao's customer
taking so long?
I already said it was strange in the beginning!
Ah Hao can offend people easily.
What if someone's doing something to him?
What exactly do you want?
We're friends.
Friends should help each other in times of need.
Friends don't have to help each other with everything.
After graduation,
we never heard anything more about you.
I didn't even know you were a Fine Arts major.
That's because we weren't in touch.
Only because we never had the chance to see each other.
But now that we've met again,
we can all stay in better contact with each other.
Let's find a chance to bring everyone together to hang out.
You know, your arrogant brother,
your inferior brother
and that fine and perfect you.
Then that's decided.
I'll be in charge of reserving the restaurant.
You're in charge of contacting them.
Miss Lu,
you're like someone who has the entire world.
I used to think I was.
But I realized that after high school,
the person I liked for ten years,
didn't look at me even once.
That person must be very stupid.
Where is he now?
Vice Boss.
You said that address, where is it?
I can't find it.
You can't find anything.
Can't find friends,
can't find streets.
Xu Le, this is your home,
you go find that person who can't find her way.
Why are you here?
Where's Vice Boss?
Hey! This belongs to Vice Boss!
What's wrong?
You want to give it to him personally?
No, it's not that,
it's just that...
You like Vice Boss.
No way!
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