Dong Yi, 40회, EP40, #03

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Over here.
Wait, who--? Your Grace?
You, here? And in that get-up?
Your Grace.
So you told me to dress like this so I could get into the Chinese gambling house?
Right. If the gestures really are numbers then we need to ask the Chinese.
The courtesans tell me this is the most popular gambling house in town.
Then let me handle it alone. Suppose there's trouble--
Not to worry. I'm Interpreter Shim's servant.
Who'd know me in this get-up?
- But-- - Sir.
Yeah, but... no...
And suppose you get in trouble?
You never plan ahead. You need my help.
Never plan ahead?
Never. I'm--
Come on... sir.
I had a plan the last time I was an interpreter, remember?
Sure, sure.
Whoa, I didn't know there were so many Chinese in town.
A lot of them make a special trip for the gambling.
Koreans, Chinese, men love gambling.
One of these men should know those gestures.
True. We'll try 'em one at a time. Let's go.
- You much losing yes? - Huh?
- A little rest might-- - Off with you!
We here to play or what?
Tell him to use that tile.
Sir, doing this way please...
Ah, right, right.
- Your Grace, when did you--? - When I was a servant.
Huh? Gambling?
Now you can ask him.
- May I question yes? - What?
Everyone's here?
Yes, sir.
They'll be whining like a bunch of old women.
Now listen, that whippersnapper calls US to a meeting?
- What's the idea? - Who's he think he is?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
And for my bad form...
in asking you here so late.
Well, what do you want? Why have you--?
This isn't my doing, sir.
It's been far too long.
I called you here.
It's seems you've forgotten the way to my pavilion.
So I was forced to call this little meeting.
Your Grace...
Oh, you can relax, minister.
Political necessity requires working with father killers...
and smiling at backstabbers, wouldn't you say?
He didn't know either.
In China they're just numbers, that's all.
None of them knows..?
I'm sorry. Maybe I was wrong about them being numbers.
No, you were right.
We just don't know what they mean.
Your Grace...
Jang Ikhyun was dying. What was he trying to tell me?
My father thought it had something to do with the Southerners.
Chief Seo said the same thing.
But with so many Southerners, who could it be?
- Suppose we stop-- - No.
I can't stop now.
They were important enough for him to show me as he lay dying.
I won't give up. I have to find out what they mean.