All-Con 2012 End of the World

Uploaded by samazecom on 07.02.2012

Death and destruction
is all there is now.
The darkness has covered this world and soon there will be nothing left.
The apocalypse, as foretold by Mayan prophecies, is near.
When the year 2012 reaches it’s end, so does the fate of man!
Join All-Con this March 16th at the Crowne Plaza in Addison
Show off your sewing, creativity and craftsmanship skills at the Cosplay competition
All-Con’s costume competition will take place on Saturday.
Winners in every one of the categories will receive awards. The Best in Show will walk away with
the 2012 trophy and $200 cash prize.
All-Con presents the La Divina Burlesque on the Oak Stage. Must be 18 years or older.
Diamond Jim is entrusted with the task of putting together a tasteful performance.
Dress in your favorite maid costume! The contest is focused on maids from anime or manga.
However any maid will be permissable. The contest is very fun to watch.
Superhero Sunday!
All-Con is looking for a few good heroes. And villains! Super-Hero Sunday is not just a costume contest.
It’s a pageant for super-heroes and super-villains.
We want to know what makes you a great hero or villain.
What your powers are, your strengths, your weaknesses.
And what you do to promote truth and justice or dishonor and injustice if you are a villain.
Be sure to also check out the Apocalypse Ball, Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, Ball Jointed Doll Mini-Con
And Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby.
Attention all poker players! All-Con is hosting a Texas Hold'em tournament on Saturday night.
Friendly game, no buy-ins. Must be 18 years or older to play.
See you there!
At midnight on Friday, Hosting a Rocky Horror Picture Show.
* It’s just a jump to the left * * And a step to the right * * Let’s do the Time Warp dance *
All-Con attendees on Saturday may receive a free Droid Badge while waiting in line
or walking around the convention.
Simply attach the droid badge to the front of your normal badge and "move along" throughout your day.
Players must surrender their droid badge when "caught" by the 501st Legion
but will receive a raffle ticket for prizes in exchange for the droid badge.
8 years ago we started our annual Ms. Star Wars contest.
All-Con begs you to compete. Our mission is to find Ms. Star Wars 2012.
Help us. You’re our only hope.
Hope to see you there.
I’ve got 2, 3-day passes To give away to one of you!
Leave a creative video Response down below
Telling us what you’re looking forward to most about All-Con this year.
Be creative with your video responses! Feel free to wear your costumes!
Have your video response in by March 14th. And we’ll announce the winner the following day.