Doctor Who : Interview de fans à Comic Con' Paris 2012

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What makes the strenght and success of Doctor Who ?
So...the strenght of Doctor Who. I think that's the english humor really, which is typical.
Plus it's we don't usually see that.
First, I think that it's britannic humor. It's a british show, with the british spirit in it.
It's the unique side of the show.
There's no other show with these themes and that humor.
Its originality, its scripts...
Its really mad side...
The "crazy science" like they say, and...
The actors, too, who are really charismatic.
The story, first of all. Doctor Who is a great story, it began on 1963 and to me its really...
It's the historical side. This side impregnated into the english story.
It has aged quite well over time.
I mean that the episodes continue to be successful although the show started in 1963.
And what makes its charm is also its diversity with the themes.
There's a bit of everything. There's humor, science-fiction, a bit of drama.
We can go to every time periods, we can go to every planets.
And the idea of the regeneration for the Doctor simply allows to regenerate the show itself,
Because thanks to that we got different personalities, and thus not being tired of that character.
Well, actually it's a show where we can easily identify ourselves to the the Doctor's companion's.
We all want to become one day one of the Doctor's companions.
First of all, I'd say it's the scripts which are mostly the strenght of Doctor Who.
The actors, too. Always great actors.
Also the fact that he travels in every countries, the universe. Travel, discovery...etc.
We see landscape in Doctor Who.
There's also the fact that he's a bit eccentric...
- Well, for a 909-910 years old Time-Lord, he has the time to be eccentric.
It's not something violent. Well, it can be violent but it's not free violence or explicit violence.
It's more like emotional violence.
Then there's the actors who are of cours very charismatic.
And it's a universe so vast that it's able to interest everyone.
And it's for everyone. To the grandparents, parents, childrens... - There's no age to watch the show.
Indeed. From 7 to 77 years old. And I think that's what really makes the strenght of Doctor Who.
From mother to son. - Yeah !
Plus, when we think that Doctor Who was first meant to be an educational show...
It's true that it has taken many pathways, but we still learn things because we see historical characters, travel in a lot of countries...'s really great !
Do you have a favorite episode (classic series included) and why ?
"Blink". - Yeah. "Blink" "I love Blink".
So, yeah...written by Steven Moffat, with David Tennant, the 10th Doctor.
And it's weird to say that because it's an episode where we almost don't see the Doctor.
But...I think that we all like to scare ourselves a bit.
And...It's really well directed.
And it's something that could happen to anybody. We almost don't see the Doctor, it's not between him and his companion.
It could be anybody, and I think that's also why that's an episode that people generally love.
My favorite episode, there's a lot of...
But I think I've got a preference for "Blink".
And episodes like "The Empty Child". Written by Steven Moffat, actually. But...I love them all, so it's hard to choose.
I like the one which takes place in Paris. - "City of Death" ? - Yes.
Well...I'd say "Inferno" with the 3rd Doctor.
An amazing and original story, which talks about Earth's crust.
"The Girl In The Fireplace"
It's the french side. It's really poetic. It's...
Yes. It's really an episode that touched me, I can't really explain that. It's...
It's the fact that he follows this person from little girl to adult,
and that he doesn't manage to say goodbye to her. It's a really beautiful story.
In the old series, I think it's "Ressurection of the Daleks" with Peter Davison. Because that episode is so epic !
"Voyage of the Damned". It's really an episode that I liked, and...yes. It's one of my favorites.
I have two : One for the classic series, and one for the new series.
For the new series, I'd say "Blink". Because it's a great story.
And "Inferno" for the old series too. But there are of course many others !
In the new series for me, it's "The Pandorica Opens".
Because it ends with the entire explosion of the Universe. We really ask ourselves how it will can there be an episode next.
It's really the most enormous cliffhanger of all the TV series for me.
I can't really choose just one, I have three actually :
"Underworld", with Tom Baker.
"The Stolen Earth", with David Tennant.
And another one that I like too is "The Parting of the Ways". The last episode with Christopher Eccleston, that I really appreciated.
This glorious but very dangerous comeback of the Daleks.
So, there's "The End of Time". The two parts.
And also the last two episodes of series 4. "Journey's End"...and I don't remember the title of the previous one.
But these two are my favorites.
News series, I'd say "Doomsday".
Old series, I didn't see "Inferno", I can't judge. But I really loved "Trial of a Time Lord".
"Genesis of the Daleks". Because it's the one that tells us the origins of the Daleks, the Doctor's worst ennemies.
And I think we are not disapointed of this explanation.
The atmosphere is really dark for a series that we could think it's only for children.
They've gone really really far in the almost Nazi side of Davros.
So, yeah, it's my favorite episode.
What would you like to see for the 50th anniversary in 2013 ?
First of all, all the Doctors together. Well, all those who are alive.
Yeah, it's more pratical !
So, for Doctor Who's 50 years...I think that, like everyone, I'd like to see all the former Doctors coming back.
All the former actors. Of course, the ones who are still alive.
Like everyone, I'd like to see all the Doctors together, even if it's not really possible because some of them are dead.
I really loved every companions. And I would like, if possible, to see them again.
To me, it's sad that we won't see Caroline John, because she passed away recently.
Elisabeth Sladen too. And Brigard Lethbridge-Stewart, Nicholas Courtney. And others...
But a least have a maximum of companions and Doctors.
Anyway, I trust the producers and Steven Moffat to concoct us something big.
But, it shouldn't become a "Dimensions in Time", with all the companions, all the Doctors. So it was a bit heavy.
Maybe an episode more like "The Five Doctors". A great story, with just the right amount of companions and all the Doctors still alive.
For the 50 years, I'd like to see Jack Harkness, River Song and Eleven meet each other. That would be interesting.
Yeah ! Mostly Jack and River's encounter.
Yeah, that would be a bit funny. - A bit, yeah.
Personnaly, I'd hope for a Doctor/Sherlock episode but no. That would give headaches.
Actually, my dream would be to have a entiere season in each episode a Doctor comes back.
In the first one we would have Tom Baker, in the next one Peter Davison, in the next one Colin Baker...
One former Doctor in each episode. It's just a dream, I have no idea what they'll actually do.
A bit like the two but I personally want the return of the classic series' Master. I want him.
If Steven Moffat hears me, which is totally impossible, get the Master back.
I'd like a return of the Confidential. A special one for the anniversary.
A big event...A screening for instance, like Grand Rex. With many...
With episodes from every seasons, one of each. A Doctor Who Night, like the one on France 4 actually.
Another Doctor Who Night or many others events dedicated to Doctor Who,
With episodes from the old series. Because we don't always have the occasion to see them.
If you had to sum up Doctor Who with one of its quotes...
"Fantastic !" "Allons-y !"
Well, as we're in France, I'd say "Allons-y Alonso !".
Yeah, it's the one that we know the best, I think.
"Would you like a Jelly Baby ?" from Four. - Oh no, it's mine ! - Me too !
Well, so "Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow" from Three.
"Do you trust me ?"..."Come with me"...
And "Don't blink !".
How to sum up Doctor Who with one quote... I'd say "The trip of a lifetime".
"Trust me I'm the Doctor". In english of course because I watch in english.
"Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically...Run !" - Same !
"Would you like a Jelly Baby ?" from Four. - That's not nice, because Jelly Baby is my nickname.
Well, I'd say...the famous "To hide behind the sofa".
Because it was really scary at the time. Well, today a bit less, but...yeah.