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Hey Mac, thanks for coming.
Mac Miller: Thank you for having me.
You were the first artist since Snoop Dogg to debut at number one independently.
How does that feel?
Umm, pretty awesome!
It's cool man! I mean it's just cool how we did it you know,
We didn't really try and do anything, we just
did us, made some music
and ended up making history as well.
You branched out, you did your own thing, you made a name for yourself
What made you decide to do that?
I wanted to have my vision, and I wanted to do
what I wanted to do.
I wanted to explore my own vision and take music to where I want it to go
and not have to be under anybody.
It just goes how it goes, I mean Blue Slide Park was
a certain type of statement. You know
Everything was in-house as possible,
so there were no real features or anything like that.
And, I just wanted to make an album.
Title: Fill in the Blanks with Mac Miller
When I wake up in the morning, I think about…
Get a drink!
I always need to get a drink first thing in the morning.
My first job was…
What did I do first…
Drug dealer?
Spending the night in jail is…
A good story.
Care to elaborate on that one?
I had a fan in there. I swear to God!
I was sitting in the holding cell some dude came in was like
YO! You're Mac Miller! What'd you do?!
Something that people don't know about me is…
I cook.
I am an expert at...
Finger banging.
I download too much…
I'm not gonna say porn, just so you know.
That was where you thought I was going.
I want to hold hands with…
Meryl Streep.
I'd hit it!
You have a lot of tattoos, most of them are covered up right now.
Which one means the most to you?
Mac Miller: This one.
Most Dope is everything to me. That's everything to me.
That is me. I am it.
What's the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Fans that get tattoos that's really cool to me.
You know, that shows they really believe that what I do makes an impact.
Fans that tell me inspiring stories about music that has
gotten them through things, rough patches in their life.
And, this one girl peed
herself one time…
When she saw you?
Yeah, I was like OOF pee!
What advice would you give to 16-year-old Mac Miller?
Keep going. I would tell sixteen year old Mac Miller
you were right. You are going to make it.
So we'll see where it goes. I have no plans really
but I know that I've been making some awesome music
and we'll see where it takes me…
(Mac Miller - Missed Calls)
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