Preventing Youth Sports Injuries | Part 4 | Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon | Colorado

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I'm going to talk tonight about something that I'm very passionate about
and something that affects all of us cause
uh... we all have kids or have grandchildren and are involved
involved in the community with the youth that we have in we don't want to see them get injured
and this is really part of the national campaign to help
raise awareness about some of the overuse traumatic injuries we are seeing in our
and what we can do
so hopefully you'll understand it better and prevent these injuries
so what can we do to prevent
overuse and traumatic injuries well
we can promote these uh... type of injury prevention programs
we can learn about stop programs
uh…we can have discussions about the importance of rest for athletes
both for when they're injured and also when they're just when they're participating in a vigorous
uh... we can mandate pre-season physicals which i think are important so that you
could detect some of the subtle causes of injury and forcing the warm-up and
cool down routines for the athletes as many injuries can occur when athletes
do not
properly stretch or properly cool down
uh... proper and safe training routine so that means
having the maximum safety even during practice making sure that they're equipment
fits properly making sure that they're well hydrated
uh... that's not as big a deal here in winter perhaps in summer when kids can
get dehydrated is particularly important in the southeast where there's extreme
heat or in the south in particular football
where there have been kids that have literally died from heat exhaustion and dehydration
we can educate our athletes on proper nutrition and cokes and cheetos are not
the proper nutrition for an athlete
we should do you know even though our society thinks that big macs may be healthy they
are probably not the right thing
for these kids
uh... we can make sure they have good good equipment and they have good playing fields
really blessed here with weckmer and some of the facilities we have in this valley to
have great playing fields but in many places the kids play in fields with broken
beer bottles and uh... you know it's not safe environment for them to be playing
and the other thing is that they shouldn't play hurt we should encourage our
to speak with an athletic trainer coach or physician when they're hurt or in pain
the mantra just suck it up and get back in their should be
eliminated from from modern
we can work with
uh... local athletic governing bodies to mandate pitch counts and limit
member of matches or tournaments played
particularly important for ids who get overuse injuries in the upper extremity
baseball is
the big offender although here we see it with lacrosse and hockey where these kids are playing multiple games
uh... all condensed into a very short time period without adequate rest and they can
if they're tired they can get injured
uh…we should provide at least for baseball proper instruction on throwing mechanics
we should really discourage the curve ball until about high school or until their skeletons mature
if they're not shaving yet
they shouldn't be throwing curve balls
uh... we should ban the radar gun in youth sports
and we should mandate really a three-month rest period for youth athletes
they shouldn't be throwing year round
the body needs time to rest and to grow
and we should really encourage to what it's all about encourage
uh... participation sports for fun
and limit the emphasis on winning the lifelong lessons that they'll learn about healthy
teamwork those are going to be probably that the things that carry them on in their
careers after sports
and really discourage early specialization in different sports
and when the injured
don't ignore it treat it early