50/50 review [no spoilers] - Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anna Kendrick

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Well, here's one good reason we haven't cured cancer yet.
(Seth Rogan as Kyle) You're young. Young people beat cancer all the time.
Every celebrity beats cancer - Tom Green, Dexter, Lance Armstrong - he keeps getting it.
I'm moving in
No. Mom, no.
I'm you're mother, Adam.
You want a macaroon?
Oh - thanks, I'm alright.
There's weed in 'em.
(Tommy) What a fun movie this was! It's a nice mix of drama and comedy.
All good.

(Tommy) I love the casting of this movie. I thought it was perfect.
I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt was so believable in this character.
As a guy with cancer, I mean he transformed you know?
He was sort of a silly guy in the front of the movie,
and as things got worse and worse for him, he just -
I really believed him.
Why didn't we go to a barber?
That woulda been a good idea.
(Tommy) And Seth Rogan - I mean the same guy we've seen in so many other of his films,
but man, he was just great in this one.
A perfect role for him, he added just the right amount of comedy to it.
(Kyle) 50/50. If you were a casino, game, you'd have the best odds.
(Tommy) How much fun is Anna Kendrick as his therapist.
She was just a little bit clumsy in some of the things that she did,
and it was, you know, new to her, being a therapist and everything.
But it really worked for her.

(Tommy) You know, in a film where it's about somebody having cancer,
you can imagine there's going to be some pretty heavy scenes, right?
But what they do is they get in, they get it done, and get out. It's just enough.
It's more of a mature film, I mean, it's not very pushy, you know?
They're not beating you over the head with it. And the just sort of be, and they just are.
The laughs happen naturally, and you can really relate to all of these characters.
So, for "50/50", I'm going 3½ out of 4 eyes open.
They had a lot of fun, and did a really nice job with this story.
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I'm Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic.
Hey - Does all cancer come with reefer, a hot chick, and Seth Rogan?
'Cause I'm in.
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