Google モバイル:さがそう。「私だけの2013年を」オムニバス

Uploaded by googlejapan on 28.12.2012

Our dream is to become professional soccer players.
If we want to make it happen,
we’ll have to work on physical defense,
and techniques.
Becoming a pro is going to a totally different level.
We’ll need to practice really hard on everything.
Dribbling technique.
I fixed my once submerged motorcycle and went back into racing again.
I just had to do it.
Someday I hope to ride my motorcycle all the way from
the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast.
Route from Los Angeles to New York.
I want to regain the champion’s title.
I do a lot of training at outdoor climbing courses.
It’s integral to climbing.
This year, I want to concentrate solely on climbing.
Yosemite National Park.
My way of celebrating 2013.
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