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out yeah coming out
and welcome to SEC Sports Roundtable this is your host Shane Bailey
s_e_c_ sport roundtables a place where we can look at the week that was the
week that is uh... anything else that's newsworthy that we want to talk about
joining me today is Cole Hodges, welcome Cole Thanks Shane, thanks for having me tonight.
glad to have you here for those that are awesome is on youtube and
the judicial system csr to you we are doing what we will hang out after those
listen the audio version that's going to be what some of that idea he's not
uh... what we'd like to be sometimes but uh... you know sometimes we've been
doing our duty everybody on and uh... i don't know who's son clarence head uh...
simpson is she's part of last minute but those guys so uh... appreciate called
you make this podcast but uh... he causes we were just coming into this
uh... because really getting started
and you know that's the biggest news coming out today in
and i will say that often it is leveling neither the possibility that he might be
out with a hip injury and i never even saw happen and i want to say i want to
check all that game last week did you did you happen to see anything there
they make you look like he had to be a birdie davinci actually rose europe
i don't know what it has been and in return protect your own your own ability
rabbinical cheerleader or
your disorders group quiet then there is anything in particular indicators excel
so it would be interested in in the photographs
is it in my thoughts and then somebody else and i was reading about his view of
hong kong's final trip through here
and you know you've got a come out with injuries but that doesn't mean that but
they won't play
by then rolled out
or burton roses
practical problems programmer they're upset that
by the mark should be ready to go bill and it necessary
but you wonder if it is a little bit cool
or recruitment
you know if you look at it this is south carolina
and in we'll talk just a little bit about last week's games could
and this is that this was a really tough renewed strength in south carolina
huge win against george interested dominate performance and go down to
death valley and gave each
then they turn around and they begin to flow works for me
there's probably not a three-d_ expects the issue this year that's going to be
harder than what's on trial has right there
uh... and and maybe shes
experience very in trying to uh... to throw a little bit triggering landslide
handed before that date that's going to be a big match up in the next if you
look at this week's later games as probably the the game that everybody's
got certain that there were lots more than any other
like you that reproductive or
it wouldn't be the end of your state is very different
the river bridge huge huge
it but there are what you thought you could do
you're going to philadelphia but really the proper south carolina
with regard to the growth of missouri which is so hard to do it we saw on
saturday night
but uh...
you know jonas long this weekend
it's i wouldn't say that much liability
miramar where except there are hardly any photographs
when deputies
well i mean that's when i was just a handful of west florida schedule i mean
you're right now that's it really is a must win independence i mean
has had to nothing
pretty good for them to them that they don't have a another
they have good that
their door buildup which would be a big
the greatest heat the rector
turbines that he worked on a schedule and uh... i don't have an even better
they've got misery whenever i was out there on the floor misery that already
agreed on what they needed to the kentucky
but so yet they got their name in georgia
uh... right after that so they've got another tough matchup there
his hank
and use a georgian beach florida
on the instructor husband still have to losses
has won in the east
that's would that be inevitable that second hard liquor would go to
at that point but if you look at head to head to have one loss against
at georgia
no the living in florida unlawfully in south carolina ella under stalin western
mafia-style issue
and the loss against florida that's an area and if you look at your didn't it
would be order and wins out
re-redirect used against whatever vera
they have a pretty easily paper there every year
you're going to be the one that the to regardless of or older what toward
that's when i was trying to go with that thank you for making it clear that even
ever think about making
the division ryan he's on t_v_ movie in a message of racial means that you were
to the following
uh... south carolina is demand left out that scenario that they're looking at
her place in the east
how would that second lots
well you know
you know what number one
well get through it all a little bit burton orbit you are third paragraph
that already
at the back and involve alicia
warn your bald and being electoral game so probably pretty good report
period that the weather
only to our aliyah
or to offers
but uh...
yes up here are the more you think about this is almost looked like they wanted
to make it more of it
n and look at that meeting last week you can't stop it was good and that was
given the tracking for me would be landing expect these media stewardship
which in turn around and a half day this on the motivation because it is
complete that francois dealer
is for our years old teens who has been even more motivation i think it's a
i think it's a definite game that that's going to be in
uh... south carolina's favor to win this game and really controlling destiny at
that point because what you can find a as everyone has one loss
uh... if it for
i think that plans out correct
so georgia floral display that will have one of them having to losses at that
point they become uh... not does none of the talks any longer many gulf war
feel florida state man florida still in the season do they not that's what i
think bill in the what but in every corner there state report
overboard bigots alvaro they picked up their own and order
who have the fugitive in certain
yet really content impacting for p_c_r_ standpoints com
uh... because you look at it and the bc that that's one thing that news was that
we can talk about for manages to be csd come out this week
playoff every
grayish so that i listen to this we talked about the p_c_s_ on the top ten
when they failed to mention was number eleven number twelve so keep that goes
into that
both of the conversation alice and six others well teams are coming from the
but you did you use taylor
baylor that this is not a problem or a special in writing
i think that there were making a lot of their respective schedule upon our
planes collect
was born in iran
there was no local radio and national radio how much the big question is
in effigy when
when they carry
great great national championship well i think the biggest thing has been reduced
continue to be ourselves with microsoft rather
and earlier article
and that leads to lower the couple of what i was going to ask you some of the
news for the property that i listen to
it happens to bring up the conversation at the rest of the country outside of
where we live in the southeastern helicity there so tired of seeing the
s_e_c_ you being the dominant force
by winning the all those national championships in a row
but she mentioned that
the fact that if they do start having a loss that they're gonna get penalized
for that because
the s_e_c_
williams also that that he heard that
when there earlier
i don't think the rest of the hoping for a quick look you want to see another
it's the wrapped up in the viciousness which incident
weather a bit of it and there is a rival before the cigar
they're appointed apartment somewhere today it's almost like
comeback in american marry a girl a grandmother orwell
back in eighty
when you look at a might never happier than i did
everybody starts reverberating in the loop an athletic director a country star
living for the f_t_c_ agreed upon itself not provider situation
weatherby in order to come in
reigate sarasota brinkshofer
for american like that
it uh... it can become a more more evident that the replica fiercely
competitive histories
riverbed or
and that's where you can't just say pat buchanan
proving these and
and that's the problem is that every time they go out hard fast enough
and so
it doesn't hold water in those situations in the middle of the michigan
everybody some issues down the date
uh... you know
of eleven took care who they needed to we may schedule a and unexpected
so hip-hop album for for scheduling eighteen-month michigan being a season
that everybody hi dot how important that game was nobody knew that michigan
wasn't going to do what they've done so far
osijek faulted attending the s_e_c_ for scheduling like that will be trusted to
our program
uh... and they fall back to to reality so to speak in a way that michigan's
flying in tomorrow it's style
uh... and the other question i have about the way the p_c_s_ standings are
is uh...
behaved what's funny before decide that saturday slaney games and p_c_s_ came
out on sunday that whole thursday and friday metallica and on the internet and
twitter id
primary you again was the fact that alabama was ranked number one of these
yes the computer parts and into one of these enough about their was polishing
it uses when he's you have to win and everything else will take care of itself
and i think he kinda saw some of that
after saturday's fall of west virginia and who else was here the bikini got
lost in the those in the top ten
uh... the computer i think somebody else lost
uh... that was of their uh... i can't remember who and who was underground
what would be important to work recovery barter
that is our programmer repre introduced at your local
melendez dave
i think notre dame never
stays or goes up in that book i don't think they were in the complete
conversation with one laws already but they were out there uh... blues in the
notre dame that didn't help their cause any unless you find that uh... you all
discuss the himself
uh... and
in west virginia customer retention and that they can take your some other teams
that are out there we're talking about the s_e_c_ into the key is allowed to be
patient you know that uh... but at what texas tech left on their schedule no
they had kansas state this week find they sell a home a bilingual
yeah and and
that incident that i'm scared of after the way they did texas this week at the
date at red river robbery alone
if you're looking for teens outside the s_e_c_ by u_s_ he still has a
complicated leon civilian criminal rewarding grammar rafter
you actually can win
internecine boy in arizona i think this will be entering that directly regain
and california
you know but the big bang with u_s_c_ they have reported or do
in the regular season and then it most likely play them again a championship
game purbeck further back twelve so
you know your sister therefore i have a star
to uh... to prove that they belong even with the one la stampa
but uh... intimate extended approach
as one nation one thing on era
on your comment on mobile home again
and delight outlet to the west virginia
you going to attract detective etc
i get debated you could give you don't you think you have a great land under
your belt with the texas where at all
and then use it when you lose is that uh...
and then you see what oklahomans into texas making we have to play that game
at about four probably such as yet of the
the result of that their are you know
sovdat i mean you know you think your do you think you're right up there with the
top of the twelve magazines oklahoma juggernaut that they can get through
their game
you have a big night academic notre dame
and they can win in west virginia they're gonna love personal earlier
because computers
well since the u_n_ team that movement in this whole discussion
uh... but
in texas is it is kind of lake michigan you know we expect to be things out of
mac ramstein this year
and you know all this came in and they put out some good numbers against that
texas but texas is a in the second half million
really stressed out
and control the rest of the game with him about three touchdowns or some other
what they work they wind up weary
report but there are reports thirty words
where the complete with their own person
probably the first up the rebel about that
i never and ever met and that we would
we would be if we win the game
of actually in our greg and i was so excited yesteryear
the way we can have a crash in the process
but a fried the first half a minute game was who was close most appointed the
second half
but the intestines control that he has all in alcohol s
that was intended
as texas expected in the beat
helmets that isn't so
you know they were doing what they needed to take your business analyst
suddenly notebook ainsworth thanks put out
uh... you know xbox found a number of manpower using only xbox kind of numbers
uh... and then oklahoma just
shows you did and they can actually stop texas from even scores to put those kind
of numbers so it really shows some flaws in that met texas program down there all
standard that nobody of us
mistake in the c_n_n_ you know smack brown on the hot seat belt
and that's that's a discussion for another podcast that we don't do it
but you know we're talking about all these programs octane
you see this allot of the stuff google is we have to have something to talk
about every year
otherwise we wouldn't have podcasting talk radio
uh... in a more times than not almost all the scenarios we think about play
themselves out and get settled on the field and you're left with u_s_ three or
four continents and and that's probably going to be the case this year uh... it
does seem like if you look at the way he if we went on the scenario we uh...
essays org would you say that the west is going to be alabama
and i hope so
no probability buddy
in the west right now
visitors here today and uploads are yet both being admitted to the state
an alabama computer we care
which i believe they can
this is a huge game
where the bulldog ran aground about next week and both closer
i'd related alabama come out of there when on gang
they've got a great leader
agreed that we can stop the bulldog out there
made the mistake in the commander carter requirements of the state because
shown i want to think that we can never be program for them to keep their if
there are a great show that they can make a big program
so but i do believe alabama will come out of the where
uh... there's not much uh... there's not much obviously let you go to you and and
uh... i mean
game again
in death valley which will be
you know enormous for the entire country talk about america it helps you
if they can round table
that american proper photographs of karachi it what was that that was my
question was were you review if that's the west
or did you think that what you have a shot to come back and be able to
to win out other yes you can
got their own people happened but we're going to happen the on saturday night
work out well
elegy when the ball gets up in a lot of thought prostate cancer
what the press when you hear all these names about so many people you talk
you could make me
it's normal
every year you come down
and you hear name after nap and then a running back and u_k_ what's out there
on earth etcetera
of pressure
comes in iran for over a hundred yards against
women equal you loved me probably that he did his best liberally
they're going to be a textbook
yet they can run like that again alabama amend that could be
a heck of a gay ever happen again
and they did they think about will be out there like a kid if they do they can
get there so that would make the national champs so
you'll get the easiest and he's one of the great right now uh...
this is the leader in the government of the fact that bird provide them with our
eleven is george and twelve mississippi state
uh... midnight maybe
they might be you know and and
you can see them be
there much of this week's not an easy testy jeremy cousins and a m
and you look at that program
uh... and they're definitely the clear winner sports addition prior to the
uh... s_e_c_ the way they played
uh... this year i know they would take squeaked by down there in hartford from
yesterday not when they did it we've got
and get away with that i believe a where we had taken the and number
that game up until about six minutes left in the game
but that's another the reducing their in
everybody thought
coming in texas a and m missouri
missouri video-game numbers and twelve years past
were brought with her
in the workplace report record at parkland coming in the atmosphere
they would be able to be used to be able to travel
text denim going into the f_t_c_
the there
restaurant quarterback hale no freshman again
record quarterback
companies nokia i mean there are a couple of new york
no on
you know i think the uh...
people aren't talking about
mangrove now probably the uh... s_e_c_ candidate or
for what is your
uh... i get so mad leper at the one gametab organic long quite a whole bunch
or are happen here
or mandel looked great
the whole game against ollinat would bother about would make your group
num try to make an proteomic we get
probably about look maybe an hour and a majority breakaway and run for
reportorial thank you god
a hundred and sixty yards both over over a hundred at your direction of religious
the star
and uh... is unbelievable
had a good news for us you think about it that way is that to me
connor shah from south carolina
and johnny footballer similar in the way they play
uh... they're not afraid of ron paul not free to guess out-of-pocket made plans
with the fee and got both have to be strong arms are pretty accurate
uh... i think by johnnie
video half
you find that pat
defense's standpoint
many of the game plan for that should be shown on the way they played college
preventable with a great despicable you're getting out there are right
run on the ball game show charlie are keeping very and with any of these
treatments are ridiculous you secondary
you know it didn't happen
if you have to find a way to run the ball a little bit instantly you can see
the car sorry could not harm yes
them bill
that deep into the back room relishes
on real burke
no but how many years and they had a great great back but it's not going to
what i would be great
amuses let's not been exactly has this piece of your question
you know that's the benefit for l_s_u_ of these issues for this week is that
their game plan should be simpler if they can keep it mixed up so that making
his name is out
doesn't know what's coming to pick up if you can see the place because in all
this is common
doesn't know which threat protections going to happen
uh... you know you can see uh... you can see that will not be able to produce
commercials they have florida definitely did that start the second half of that
first yankee stadium
and how much you can do that uh... thing is going to repeat itself karate and now
she's dealt with that
now with style and
that if he can make some things happen and found some holes in that defense
he's got the arms credibility to put up which is that what she
and i want you to me aside from the running in that we just saw last week
mail quarterback to conform lightzout delta
member rick burke reinstate your order
is that women still reports your
inoperable like everybody thought they were
but you know
the one thing kempthorne dumped in this example without power or perhaps
right quick progress wicked
wicket ratner
you know what else you need a break and continue to have a good laugh til you
drop there are run the ball will local car
you've everything
if there is any problem data i think they come out of uh... because they'd
have to work
that time i think i'm going to be with you me as much as i think that's the
second year marlins that's that's
uh... unlocking my love the way the schedule falls this week and i think you
get what alabama tennessee
night deadline
sonu brings you the following
before that she had the only issue a new name
and then there's another game i think it at the eleven o'clock game that's worth
has been delayed
and what happened
alderman better look a little of the barrier
we'll take the day
so uh... i don't know a good trip will be ready for the interview statement
about in our
you get away and vs
resolver with the way over her body and i believe uh... prepared on
local radio they believe it's the first time
bailiffs arms are then abruptly and favored by seven points
against a major made it
as good as game is preventable fans uh... you know i'm not a lot of james
franklin spent about programming on this i'm not gonna
i'm not gonna get a bandwagon yet
there also facing are working that's just for problems
uh... any gap adding on their own find on every week just talking about how
they're doing power intensified happen especially benjamin
and loses all her
l_s_u_ texas and it's eleven o'clock a
the uh... south carolina florida at two thirty
and in the nineteen
uh... alimentary canal
so it's a david displays yourself in front of the t_v_ and watch football
so i'll i'll go with a schedule that here he brought up a point about that
both justice i think it will get off the unless you gain birthday more things is
running out
plays that half-hour deductible on fast and and
write-off lace and off the heads and you somewhat unless you were given
uh... last year in the season when they faced a similar type off its and so they
know how to
to kristin into games like against the program like that suck identity give
obviated naked
uh... but though the third game like we talked about his design go of the
watches izzy alabama high-intensity
includes another
booty i'd like to say it's going to be a gain hand wisma dislike for tennessee
sometimes and i might like it for the fact that alabama religious rollover
analicia is also there that another alabama's coming into
uh... new stadiums twenty one point andrew forty one point fingers as as a
member of the came into missouri and and they had never before
public alabama probably earlier quickly
libido the
their start running back
there's a running back it up with the game
or have a couple of raised
they didn't have to show something or about the game
hero here locally and uh... nationally everybody want to talk about how the
came to come
they couldn't see it alabama
and the
is really works
really that strong
and uh...
came up with you don't have arrived in my listening one-dimensional anti-matter
none of the matter all you know the heavier
yet your bro your brought seven representing the citizens of one of your
getting down and request every one of the court record
so it doesn't bode well for tennessee they're gonna have to have to change
things out there now don't think i heard for heard the official word that is
doing backups stays on the uh...
is that so he's not on the sidelines again i know they could face a few
issues last week
anticipation in the south simpson communication issues
uh... between
between the coaches a special teams coach on the field in his home in
coaches please
but uh...
you know what you can see ya instances gonna have to find ways to run the ball
high especially with the running back b doubtful
by you can see i i think you know trustee patterson is working on the run
him in some way
you know that uh... sort
he's probably remember one person top player and so you have to find a way to
give him the calling him a ton of touches
uh... and
you know they have some sort replace in place for those
uh... i think it's it's time for doing a senator who knows
not hold anything back
he plays fair game at that point i think with with those guys 'cause because they
have to show that effort here
uh... for violation
bad what they did do it
walter begins hearings
amir was dominant this time around a star or the wall
that alabama home
and believe that there are
so next year
i mean it's a uh... you know if you just exploring yeah i believe he will follow
all-star usually or a person
became involved early
land around sultans
notes and special place
for this week
but you know i think that uh...
but barely been over the press club that's another disadvantage in that
building as you saw it last week and i use and the other but a special teams
coach run this outlined to you know
for billy
naked dot that was completely botched and i've lived in a state recover a kick
out there should never happen at a special gingrich's linebacker would be a
threatened to impose or about other aspects of the game and i heard his
employers are it's uh...
at the reception event at the door protested the great american roman our
order but i'm answerable
but he said he'd been having some didn't
intimacy ramona africa stone they didn't make it you'll so there are uh... what
edinburgh wrote
over that way to build
it's not is one of your i've ever had that he was when i had my own view that
so higher you know i that disproves the fact that they're gonna have to find
ways to get them and while he's there if i make a right now
uh... justin her family to catch the ball that
happy embrace the freemen have valued at least stated that
uh... last week when
when the plane if you can get a pressure on brady he began an accurate he becomes
flustered he's not able to set back pockets wrote back
but actually it's not a single primary getting relax
the relaxed here
program grassroots tamworth partners that they look like the trying to get it
interests here it's the repair
that's getting way out of court rachna map making private property
twelve point lead any you give
progress of the leader of the lives of
they are that they have to play there again
you can see the reverse happened with larry o'rourke has injury
uh... you know peter
here is that first game
uh... was acting in a row
you know industry had when he was out of the feeling ok he saw him
daniel robbins as yet kids have to admit it cut
and realize that in the game situation that disney
uh... the rehabilitation is what it says that what they said it would be it's
better stronger to get a little out of it is an issue
you know that i could do beforehand in the last couple days he's proven that
he's your markets latorre uh... you haven't seen that same
same happen with just two hundred in his
rehabilitation and progress
so now and that the other thing i was saying is that no all this talk about
three subsidies news of another plot of land way
rather than ye is just how many teens have pre-game cesses did you look at the
gorgeous monster sweetheart
uh... hand
you know this is the stuff in the city that some of these reading strategy
talking about it just went through this is
note no room for the weary and
and you've seen some of these things not being able for that type of pressure
manuel rigor reported
worry a little corporate born you order and i watch
for all at once
but you've also got
alabama venom ruptured roger if you look at everything that they did not too busy
to give me a good day
the statement we couldn't talk to him
and then yellow you know if you get
it opposed to that but the stabile
state of summer
bristol court judges will change but i don't know
burger king they're out of their them out if you see it
with all winter and is our report for the rest answer yeah i mean look let's
look at what we're really seeing here work with alabama's gulf stream strains
of mississippi state l_s_u_
and hanging out
uh... and
into those three are confidential and they did misunderstand
i'm not even worried about arkansas is bad as they are another of aren't as bad
as they are
for this country therefore about
uh... for three campaigns in four weeks ago l_s_u_ vandross after lunch or
somebody one week off at least
uh... in today's reading stretching
georgia hand
to achieve
purchases companies you scheduled everybody uh... milk as they did
everything else out there on a bio in kentucky florida ole miss haller looking
heavily about works better to get over it may be a very good we're talking
about received orders cooker arabic script or
the parents in the west
turned up in georgia's braverman you look at your schedule it seems like
every game they have a big game you have
i'm not so big and
at that uh... than they had to get it
were added to
now that by kentucky graham no ready or accurate record in a couple weeks
so uh...
they they've been the and a half day of the road rappers that's
but there are plenty of rego you get a quote rebel
yes and that was he does have a violent but there are three main street to south
carolina an alabama
and the mississippi state's letter for stretches pretty tough right there in my
perhaps after i have
georgia l_s_u_ florida
tennessee has mississippi state alabama south carolina
panoz or other teams that are complete truly competing bitter about their for
the uh...
to the fight for the west in the east
really george as you know it's got a cupcake other create stress the others
have tough three-day stresses
and that they they're gonna go up again so in us
you through the s_e_c_ for for pro-nafta schedule at that site
let me ask you something that i know that we head to the fact that urinal
and good luck to quite often i saw an article today in one of the issues also
complaints from california
out there i have never
packet that i have ever since i ran right there but the attitude or enters
one hundred-percent different than it was last year they didn't approve
those boys believe in libya cabinet they have them
empire barbara or orders
headed off again with that there are two in the way that
the interviewer ready
uh... how many times looking ladies after
yet you know david kind of all of us that congress still at the local monger
you know he presented her job
might be a stretch
you'll get that one would think that andrea will better record-breaking would
be well deserved we could get
out they were
if u breeze
the band away
begin everywhere and in the second half of the season
and talk to him we'll take it happens to them
and you know where to evolve and historically rocker
that it's not that i don't think
well of the majority of overspent certainly didn't reputable avoid updater
assume what your schedule cc wins
what dissuade the turnaround
uterine or clarence r do
uh... you know has proven time and time again have actually become one of the
white couple going through a metal atoms kentucky in the one before that was
all heard correct
so dot to asap
dot new york office but you can't you can almost can get rid of that real
why don't i don't seem to georgia
but think about is not a lot of activity
headed up there
and so the at the beginning of the season out with that idea and i know i
think that we have a go
uh... bald-headed there but the
uh... and that is for the season i can do that
uh... i don't see and explain a last year
and then did you get to waves
if you need to have those four games
i think it will be a toss-up at that point as sdn dot
doan you know i'm glad you brought it up
american economy recorder economic wherever statement that would be a
particular program
but you're talking about
and all wristband right
it is so hungry debate at least a hundred i have a abstain in a long time
up three straight losses to the bulldog at the same keith bridges gap year
community beleaguered meaning to believe in the same between audience
but her back
watery are by
when the day
excuse review of the senate
and uh... you know i think i don't i don't believe that we can go into
georgia orbit value has not saying what i get the air boat builder
the record and that
you know you have arkansas in little rock
have saying that the way and serve it up and do that orig reporting period
which is probably pull up the where and that's another thing that neither one of
his head to head home this morning at the beginning of the season
you know i mean i don't think
and he will be arkansas remember don't
and now we have talked about the might go to talk about a let down another job
talked about that on previous pocket
that we get everybody thought that arkansas around overall restaurant over
other people
ever really lived up to their hike at all
but i think we could have a good epileptic we don't have uploaded the
labor department are betting that we can get those to agree with this and we've
got a a
we get bitter department going to be able to talk to us this year in india
and they're big and harp and there is
and uh...
necessary grabbed her arm out radhakrishnan oak
you know maybe several after this weekend by american history
you know about them what they are rewrite the preferable
now at you know that limit easy well-informed about him being on here
keys mississippi state fair
about their athletic director was a struggling
that you know i think he's done a great job marketing that program
uh... and they're always excited in a way for a while so many things it and
try to really put the importance on
on winning that it will end up in
uh... for the last two years it's not really being uh... a competitive match
will say from from all mississauga
ellison is that if those things happen and fall in place and you guys can win
two of those four pick-up any other case
uh... you know that changes the whole scenario that ball game
and for the long term
i think that even if you guys lose your home
i think that bodes well for the for the state of mississippi because i think
that contract is up
rise or is up for negotiation that's how slot
for that and hoping remote place that's a has led me to believe
you know if that's the case and and i was then all mrs started so there's some
importance in that he's got the rivalry back you know that the clinton used to
be held on friday and now a sandwich in on that last saturday with these other
big rivalry games that
that the uh... networks like a little better and you know when you're out
there on friday you were the only game so you've got got it by yourself and got
the attention of that's good for the state of the city for for all aspects of
our programs i mean i don't know
i loved your we actually boy i don't think you did not go to oregon
but one game in the country on thanksgiving right now believe
hud yet and that document mullen the proper maulana knows come out for the
last couple of years and he wants the truth i came back up
bacteria g_m_ you're not going to park workers miracles
and their ego remain
but there are not only applied it's you trouble regain people run governor set
out or taking an for
for this day
for a requires recruiting
for everything that would be a there'd be a huge
huge step in the right direction
program there
you know come out
why are
you get better
you popularly elected and get back from break your honor like we said even our
product yeah i think that i do think that would be advertising for the state
of mississippi because both those programs monomer prince at that same day
and both programs case only used
uh... those players to to the border states l_s_u_ an alabama which exhibited
paperwork that we ought to know about it a grand jury creek or or
yes uh... while
lessons some good news for you guys down there has been assassinated uh... last
days i have my notes here is that the arkansas courtroom refinery
darnell is just lame duck is fifty at any time
uh... you know i kind of feel sorry for the guy i know that it was a paycheck
saying if you want a look at it mimi phase-in that many millions of dollars
in debt uh... in a bankruptcy hearing what was the last number of her twelve
million fifteen billion
uh... fitting
we really hard
we're going to get in that rain that uh...
it doesn't matter
it's more than a mile
combined salary for my entire life i know that much whatever that number is
and someone who is a major money so you know john l
uh... he's never been admit that but when it came down to it
uh... is whether state or
the fact that you are starting to get a paycheck if you can't do
takes program another higher level jobs
uh... and try to help help yourself so i i can't on april fifteenth isn't the
only way over his head in the and i think the pressure all those other
things god to arkansas all uh...
the a_t_r_ earlier proving there's a party admitted the fact that the search
is going it's grown taller under the behind the scenes as much as they are
allowed to because they can't have actual contact with countries to the
season c_n_n_'s uh... but who are just two weeks after the season and they're
going to be ready to have
uh... there's a new that quick to top in mid december uh... 'cause they're not
going to be playing in december so looking too well for christmas you have
the new coaches arkansas and uh... you know one of the guys holding on the list
that i want to throw out there now seeking or anybody else
these uh... he's going to be that goes over baylor our trials
uh... media
near talk about the rightful owner routes or bronco baylor mca membrane
that programs where is now or print your contender
now of course there are just a reader helped to write a little bit there are
probably recover what we've got four
will open will probably will get
uh... phone our camera murderers louisiana lafayette because
for her royal heir apparent republican it
but up
in addition to what you said narrowed our related week while the same once in
arkansas there for a lot of the first august five december so
that took one look at
you don't know what the a_b_c_ didn't you know the only issue that that's
really out there for him this is a cheese not uh...
he's not one of the young guns and in the country might have been around a
you know that the the good news for arkansas is at least you know some of
her programs around
and you talk about the study brian with our teeth retainer in people's lives you
know weather
kato right he's an interest in our with his uh...
uh... you know he knows how to recruit the does the state of the south of
arkansas that everybody likes to be in
and of course as a state of texas and he was in houston before that
and avoid program got them up and then they they sell quickly after he left and
then they brought someone in
uh... bring that program he's turned back around so he's got a
uh... pat
you know taking these programs and building back up so
arkansas has the ability to have the talent they dig recruit well of the
state of texas now that's one thing to note that was a number of players are
though running back to that
nazis from the state of texas so you know that they do go down there quite a
bit to get a recruiting that could be a big win for them to have by that time
because district economy and the only issue there is help outstanding received
with the approaches mid-fifties main so many of these programs are going to
younger brother
uh... you look at the national championship teams
n_r_a_ myers probably his fifties is that correct
you know there's less miles in the sixties
makes a business fifty cell
you know that
haha error or the sexy higher monthly vietnam but the only thing is that god
people that were national championships are the same ages trial cell there's
nothing wrong with that money rather ever go down
rejected character worker
at the met but that one major paladins our state of arkansas principles
oklahoma so close corporate raider
and louisiana enacted out there every kid in arkansas has been a book called
the most or
what's the point of european markets are or have a bad disown him so
you great so that you have a them
great stadium road indore and over again so they everything there
but it was not a a
rabbits and hats
they didn't
it will not be a little stressed but they don't have a good ordinary pretty
or permit
because that would
younger hardly whenever somebody that so we can do it elvis will but barbara
where do they look at something like world that humbling about going back to
peacekeepers are
know a lot of people and all that were real
a little uneasy about the detroit
you review are
due to uh... one thirty billion what he'd done
but uh... you know
is an almost uh... he came in with the plan and uh...
residing retirement from the programmer but there also
uh... video while looking for something like that will be interesting to see
what happens the next couple weeks
it is an you know i said we're going to try to keep this short so we could we
get drag this out and other similar things i talk about that
took all the way we always in this is an open mind
and so it's a topic a subject you want to throw out there's a reason he wanna
to tell the folks and he said he anybody on here was a following on freezing like
uh... i don't know how they can
but in five years they want to follow g_s_a_ bottlenecks
or how much you used to be stater whatever the case might be
well the first lady called me on twitter at bat
at bmc hodges
and uh...
use their common election is that my wife did get into these days i have to
show a little bit of a now buy-in from the great davis is the date and i think
that we haven't even only because you can get back to her
after though
but uh... if you are all part of what they've been injured and we are we all
the recording or for dinner at interest
and uh... you know people really don't know
corporal that's what it's about a verb
when you talk about
and uh... like the world
they will pay additional deficit workers being nobody out there that i
but they all have younger brother of a of breslin uh... restaurant backer or
unity brand
from grapes and breaking your those younger brother the lover on prospect in
the country
is only a bundled with the clinton but uh... it will bring them out but there
is that there are really looking at other there
would be worked out all that
uh... thank you so that plans are
it with a lot
we were glad to have you come
you know and let's say that
in handling concrete
the only thing i can talk about recruiting is basketball and uh...
you know kentucky
contributes nine a couple of uh... twins last couple weeks and uh... you know you
can keep up with working families doing even
as the israelis you have to spend their national championship on his head
why have you know that's out there this evening or tomorrow in cash that episode
because i think in air tonight i've got my t_v_ are there but ah...
you know the region
uh... what do you want but sometimes it does he have found every year
yet you know he has been trying to do something like that i think was that
coach calicut meanwhile yet so interesting to see how that's uh...
as taking uh... you know i i think it's even if
if kentucky doesn't repeat i think it's going to be a positive for kentucky and
they're creating it is to show a little bit of approach cabinet cells and that
is uh...
he's always able to to prove that this beforehand and look at that program in c
a long-term what's best for the program so i'm excited to see what they've got
to say after as a kentucky faded mcmanus is behind this basketball season just a
couple weeks away itself so we're gonna have some good things to be happy about
it now
and the kentucky nation here shortly so we're glad to see that especially after
football seasons uh... gonna wind down for us but we're happy to see that come
to a close it shear and uh... you can follow me on twitter at machine bailey
that's where all the much we eat so with that gentlemen and ladies out there
thank you so much for mostly if you still are listening in uh... five
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