American Reunion - First Look Featurette

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Elle Fanning, breakout star from J.J Abrams Super 8,
continues on her line of interesting projects.
The daughter of Dakota Fanning sister will interpret a role
in We Bought Zoo by James Cameron, alongside Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson.
Deadline reports that Fanning will also be in Bomb,
a periodic drama written and directed by Sally Potter.
Fanning will be an adolescent during the Cold War
who has to face up with her personal issues and the fact of saving the world
from the annihilation of the atomic bomb.
J.J Abrams is thinking of someone in particular
for the role of the villain in Star Trek 2, that is Benicio Del Toro.
The director confirmed that nothing is yet decide, their not even in negotiation.
It is also obscure which role Del Toro would actually play.
Maybe a new version of Kahn? Or another Klingon? Who knows.
Interesting is that the director has wanted to work with Del Toro
for many years and for him he has a great talent that could lead him to play any role.
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