Mosque in Warsaw

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-Welcome mr. Professor
-"Mr Professor" you should said
-That's what I'm said of course,
-Mr professor..., mr Samir Ismail would prefer do not talk with you together, so I can talk with you now.
- Are we on the air now ? or not yet ?
-Yes we are, mr professor
-There is 35 000 - 40 000 Muslims in Poland, the most of them living in Warsaw
and there is already a one mosque in Warsaw, and this one which they are building now will be
5th in whole country, Do the Muslims need one mosque more in Warsaw ? what do you think ?
-I don't know if the Muslims need a another mosque.... But We don't need it. We Polish
-But Why ?
Because this mosque construction in Warsaw is a part of Muslims invasion on West Europe
and now I see that they starting to invade us ( east Europe )
-We don't want to any mosques or minarets here in Poland
-But what do we afraid ?
-Europe Islamization!
-So what the demographic sepecialists said that "in 2020 in Europe one per three children will be born in Muslim family,
and in 2050 every 5 European citizen will be Muslim" is it a reason to afraid ?
- Of course that
-Why mr professor?..... should we afraid of Muslims expansion ?
-They are strangers!
-This a Muslims invasion into Poland, strangers civilization for us, civilization of terrorist
-But they are invite us, mr director before said that it will be a centre of religion and they invite us!
- Yes but I would like to talk with him and he run away, why is that ?
- Yes that true
-I would like to say to him face to face everything
-He lied about everything, do not believe him in every single word what he said you
-This is a A RELIGION... and political movement which poisoned the whole world by international terrorism,
All terrorist attacks were made by Muslims,
2001 -World Trade Canter - Muslims,
2004 Madrid - 2 trains blow up 200 died.....Muslims
2004 Beslan school 200 kids died ....Muslims
-Mr profesor...
2005 London underground - Muslims
-but no everyone's Muslims are terrorist
- but all terrorist are Muslims
- but also there are not Muslims terrorists
-but those one who want to build a mosque here are terrorists
-but we can't put all of them to the same bag... not everyone Muslims are terrorists!
-am I said that ?, I said that all terrorists are Muslims
-Two month before do you remember what happened in Detroit ? who want to blow up air plane with people going for Christmas?
-Mr professor, why you also judge all this people who want to build a mosque here in negative point of view?
-Because they are building from Arabic money , and they are Wahhabi's, the most extreme part of Muslims,
there is a difference between slam and Islam ...but we know what they the ???? are..
-but director said that there will be a many countries involved with this project not just Arabic.
- what?.... come on... he lied! he don't even said single true word, he saying exactly what they order him to say
-Mr professor, fans of building mosque in Warsaw saying that before II world war Warsaw was most of multicultural city in the world,
and now Poland is the most of homogenic country in the world, we don't know how to talk with strangers because we haven't got any contact with them
-who said that ? you said ?
-No I read that,
-come on... do not repeat this stupidity
-I have question to you ?
-firstly : who gave them construction permission for this building close to west train station?
- I suppose that special governments institutions
-you don't know !
secondly: why they are did it in secret way ?
-How it can be possible ? it need a country community discussion
-Letting get in to Poland by Muslims enemy required to official discuss first,
where was a prime minister ?
- I'm saying now to mr Prime Minister !!!
Mr Prime Minister Donald Tusk!
What YOU thinking about this?
that you letting the muslim terrorists in to Poland!
mr professor should we finish this in so pesimistic words...
- no pessimistic! OPTIMISTIC because we want defend our country!
anyway no all Muslims are terrorists
just one think more, we've asked our viewers " are you ok with building a mosque in your neighborhood
And 91% said - No
Congratulation fellow countrymans!
Thanks for all of you
Mr professor Boguslaw Wolniewicz was our quest today,
Good Bay