High Frequency Trading Smart Versus Dumb Money Jan 17th 2013 Daily Report

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Welcome to the daily report , of the relevant high frequency trading events surfaced by
sceeto and Follow the Bots for trading the S&P 500 e-mini futures and the Spyder ETF.
Today is Thursday, January 17th and you are looking at a 4 tick range bar chart in the
forward e-mini S&P 500 futures contract.
Today's maret offered a classic example of what Strong WIND looks as it turns on in the
pre-market. This steady green indication gave traders a directional edge to the long side.
When you see strong WIND like this in the pre-market, it implies that the trading bots
executing orders across the equity components of the S&P are strongly aligned to the buy
side and when these bots are aligned to the buy side in the equity markets, the arbitrage
bots are likely to force buying in the futures market - which is what you see happened here
To Follow up on our Retail vs. Institutional order flow that we have been demonstrating
this week you can see that the strong WIND coupled with the lagging retail order flow
offered a great entry for the intra-day swing trader here
and another one here.
Also today, you can see that the bulk of order flow and high frequency trading alerts surfaceed
by sceeto's order flow monitor were to the buy side as indicated by all of the green
text that you in this chart's price pane.
Finally, our Spikes in MacDaddy were 3 out of 4 today with a minimum excursion of 4 ticks
and a maximum excursion of 31 ticks.
I hope that you found these trading bot and order flow insights helpful.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hi. I'm Carl Weiss the chief architect of sceeto
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