Thief vs Mesmer Tutorial

Uploaded by JumperReplays on 20.01.2013

Hey guys, Jumper here. Alot of you often come by stream and ask me, "How do I deal with Mesmers
as a thief?"
Well, with the help of Kirmora from team Paradigm NA,
I'mma show you just how to do that.
Now usually you shouldn't even attempt assaulting a mesmer's point
as it is just more effective to pop the mesmer's portal and get back to wherever your team needs you for a 5v4 advantage for roughly 90
seconds while his portal recharges.
However, should the need arise, through this video I'll try my best to prepare you for that situation.
First off, I'll show you guys a good example of how this matchup should be played. The mesmer comes through the portal
and opens with a stun. He throws out an illusionary leap and I shadowstep away
to avoid the blurred frenzy and shatters that follow. I use black powder to blind most of the clones and then heartseeker through it
for stealth. Noticing an aegis buff, I autoattack to clear it, dodge the Illusionary Warlock attack,
and pop off a few cluster bombs.
He hits me with an Illusionary leap again and I use shortbow 3 to avoid most of the damage.
I heal,
immobilize him, then kill the Illusionary Duelist with a cluster bomb and then notice he dodges with less than 50% health remaining.
With that opportunity, I immediately swap to dagger/pistol and heartseek+steal for the K.O.
Here's an example of what can happen when you swap to melee too early.
The mesmer pops through the portal, I catch him with an auto+Basi Venom as he blinks back with the staff.
I leap through the black powder for a stealth, swap to the shortbow I immobilize and cluster which he then counters
with a Distortion.
I was too slow to dodge the Illusionary Leap and forced to ShadowStep away from the Blurred/Shatter.
I avoid most of the damage and swap to melee for the gibb as he heals with Distortion.
I get dazed but try to keep up the pressure with Steal.
Still dazed and unable to heartseeker, I eat a full Mind-Wrack and
take roughly
11,000 damage.
I had a Rock-Dog out and was able to win the down-fight.
Always beware of Illusionary Leap.
If you're too slow to react, a full Blurred Frenzy can deal up to half of your health while the remainder will drop to Mind-Wrack. This time the mesmer leads with Blurred Frenzy.
Immediately following,
I black powder and heartseeker
for the stealth as he hits a stun. I cluster off the remaining clone, gain some distance, and dodge the Illusionary Leap.
I failed to avoid most of the Mind Wrack damage but that's okay. I heal, root, and cluster the mesmer while he heals and dodge the 2 clones he sends at me
with Shortbow#3.
I then swap to melee for the kill.
This final note,
In a downed fight vs a mesmer, look out for the Illusionary Rogue. With the downstate #2 ability,
you can avoid the initial attack
if you react quick enough.
Try to keep these tips in mind while playing.
Try to dodge the Illusionary Leap. This sets up most of the mesmer's damage.
Shortbow #3 or ShadowStep away if you /do/ get hit by it.
Always keep distance from the mesmer and dodge through the clones or cluster bomb them.
Try to only swap to melee when you're confident you can burst him down.
When he's under 50% Health,
or lower,
and lacks the initiative to dodge.