MN Miles prepares for Spring Break at the Rec

Uploaded by UniversityofMinn on 09.03.2010

Hi! I'm Minnesota Miles, and before I hit the beach
with my grandma this spring break I need
to shed some winter pounds.
Maybe not really, but I really do love working
out here at the Rec.
There's a lot to take advantage of here at the Rec not only
to stay in swimsuit body shape but to maintain a healthy
and active lifestyle while here
at the U. An awesome new technology called the Bod Pod
just made its way to the U of M's Rec Center.
So what can the Bod Pod tell me about my body?
Well, from your Bod Pod assessment,
you'll get a measurement of your percent body fat
and then also your percent of fat free mass.
Then also your body weight and from
that body weight percentage you'll get your pounds of fat
and pounds of fat free mass on your body.
Let's get started!
All right!
Your ears might feel a little pressure,
nothing like being on an airplane.
I'm not going to get carted off to outer space or anything?
No, no, no outer space travel or anything like that.
Perfect! You're all measured.
You can step out.
Sorry if it stinks in there now.
After getting some workout tips from Sarah,
I wanted to see what other students at the U
like my friend Matt do to stay in shape.
What do you do when you work out at the Rec?
Uh, usually I run for about a half hour and then lift weights
for half hour to forty-five minutes.
So, what do you do when you lift weights?
Um, a little bit of everything.
Free weights, machines, legs, arms, just a mixture.
Students like Matt might like to know that the Rec is expanding
to better suit the large student population here at the U. I sat
down with Jim Turman, director of Recreation Sports
to discuss what this expansion means.
Uh, we're gonna add about 28,000 square feet of fitness.
When you walk down Scholar's Walk towards McNamara Center,
it's gonna be...
You will see a lot of moving bodies, a lot of activity
and a lot of excitement and I think that will um,
I think that will not only look nice,
but I think it will attract people to the Recreation Center
as a destination on campus.
So not only is the Rec a great place to stay active
and healthy, but it's also expanding in 2013.
So if you've never come to check out the Rec, you have more
of a reason since it will be one
of the nation's largest on-campus workout facilities.
Now that's Gopher power!