Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov) L.A. 1983 pt. IIa 1/7

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OK, I'll start with this with a short explanation
I'm going to show you some slides now
the things that you're going to see %uh there's nothing new actually, they're
reproduction from various media organs in United States, USSR
Probably you've seen these pictures hundred times a day
I'm going to give you
a very... a different
viewpoint on the same thing same facts that you see and probably don't take
much trouble to understand and think what you're seeing
I don't know if you heard my
introduction I'm I'm a ideological subverter, yes, from Russia.
OK, it's...
the idea of showing this slides to you is just to provoke questions in your mind and later
on if you still have patience with me I I will explain how exactly the system of ideological
indoctrination and %um %uh
subversion works.
Well, we know that we are living in a time of peace and we know that recent %uh walk
out from the
Geneva talks by the soviets %uh
is centered around the nuclear arms and rockets
we don't see much
about the soviet preparedness, a soviet viewpoint on the military strategy
well this is a selection of pictures, only pictures. Confucius said that one picture
tells more than a thousand word.
These pictures are from everyday newspapers in USSR this is what a Soviet
citizen looks
%uh in %uh looks upon every day
and basically this is a militaristic spirit %uh pictures of foreign delegates
observing the rockets passing the Red Square
the idea of invasion unlike in United States
is not being criticized by the soviet media at all %eh on the contrary it's being
forcefully encouraged from the
age of say five or six years six-year old
every soviet students %uh student
or schoolboy has to go through
military training
%uh this is %uh a picture from %um special military school where
young kids well maybe four or five years old
are being
training to be future officers of the Soviet army that's what they do
when they grow up these are the Soviet
sailors navy %uh %uh officers in a foreign country
we criticize a lot %uh American presence in foreign countries but we never criticize
and we never pay too much attention about these planes landing
with %um ammunition and
firearms in say countries like Ethiopia
%uh these are the pictures in time magazine which probably you've seen and then
forgotten about it these are the soviet tanks on foreign territory
are there any protest demonstrations in %uh
Los Angeles or New York City? No!
these are the soviet military advisors nobody tells them russians go home how it starts
the media obviously plays a great role this is a political cartoon from a
western newspaper
you see it was published sometimes after the second world war
this four columns of peace
pay attention to whom they're being erected
on the left churchill on the right and stalin in the middle a peacemaker
okay this is another thing Chicago Tribune January nineteen forty five
destiny's child
new year forty five is born look who is looking with with love and affection
churchill roosevelt chiang kai shek and stalin
and this is how the Soviet media
describes churchill as a warmonger
Moskow nineteen fifty one
this is how the soviet media presents
American militarism linked with nazism
this is how the Soviet media
%uh illustrates
south African colonialism not much different from %uh political cartoon
on the new York times or Los Angeles times in matter of fact
almost similar
role of inflation
due to military
%uh expenses
%uh political cartoon from pravda newspaper
it could be published as it is in Los angeles times
nobody would wonder
NATO is criticized by the Soviet media but so it is by the
American media
law and order justifying the
former military criminals
this picture
this is what a s... %uh
this is a number of books which I selected in a an average university
bookstore most of them are left wing
erich fromm may man prevail
the Indochina story of course from the viewpoint of left
Lenin's work
how to deal with communist by %um %uh former ambassador to
Marx and Engels Lenin
ro... %uh Herbert Marcuse
the communist movement these are the books which are included in the
%uh list of reading for a an average student of political science department in any college
of Canada or united states
these are the books which are on sale in united states and Canada soviet propaganda these
are the booklets and magazines
published by Novosti press agency for which I worked for twelve years
no restrictions for these booklets I found them
in the on the campus of Toronto university most
half of these books I edited myself when I was working for novosti in moscow
this is very interesting thing and doesn't say much unless I explain what it is
these are the seals
attached to
crates of books imported from USSR to Montreal
as you can easily see the seal is unbroken which means
that the customs
in Canada didn't bother to see what's inside
and as I know from my personal experience we used to import
machine guns AK-FORTY seven and ammunition through India to Bangladesh in exactly the
same crates signed
printed matter to Daca university
this is what editor of time magazine suggests you to read
at that time of
I mean %uh fall of
southeast asia to
solzhenitsyn's gulag archipelago is on the bottom of the list according to this %uh
editor's choice
right on
bottom of the list
these are the books which are never included in the list of compulsory reading to any
%uh in any university or college in united states
%uh or Canada look what
the student is missing the death of stalin
childhood in prison
ferment in ukraine
Russian secret service
the great terror
these are the books
which for some strange reason Americans are denied the freedom and right to read why America
is in global retreat have you ever seen this book on on a campus no of course not
I know that
antony sutton national suicide have you ever
had the chance to read that book
oh you had
this is another very interesting thing
a description how drugs penetrate
into western society originated in
communist world
for some strange reason that textbook is never included in in the lists of
compulsory reading for students of political science or international affairs
this is the book written by a former
member of communist party in czechoslovakia
explaining the tactics of subversion
for some strange reason it was not published in the united states or Canada the author had
to pay for the publication
himself after defecting to
to the west
this is another interesting example
exoneration and ultimatum wri... %uh written by Richard Rohmer
a science fiction novel about invasion of united states into Canada to
expropriate the
oil and natural gas resources in that neighboring friendly nation
why it took invasion I don't understand fifty one or more percent of the
%uh the companies are already belong to united states
in Canada as probably you know already who
is the author Richard Rohmer is a dynamic and dedicated exponent of the
so anyway he's a friend of Pierre Trudeau
a former
%uh a former %uh military officer
and what he writes is is is something that Andropov
probably would be very happy about
he describes the situation when
the only thing that saves Canada from united states military occupation is a call
from Andropov
to the President of the united states threatening him
with the re... %uh
with the reply or %uh with the
%uh the military answer to an invasion of Canada by United States
and this is written by a close friend of pierre trudeau a politician a former military man why
is he a paranoid or am I a paranoid