Galaxy Note 2 Apps Jelly Bean & Stock Guide Samsung

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 19.10.2012

Galaxy Note 2 Apps So the Galaxy Note 2 is running the latest and greatest version of
Google's android operating system code named Jellybean.
The main stand out features here are really for Jellybean
and for what Samsung have done in general to integrate their touchless
operating system
Samsung features and Galaxy Note 2 Apps
and then into the Jellybean operating system has been beautifully done.
If you've already got hold of the Samsung Galaxy S3
update for Jellybean
then not a huge number of surprises here.
If you're brand new to Jellybean, if you're previously coming from Ice Cream sandwich
or something like that
you're in for real treat.
OK, so first off,
The main changes are the notification area. The notification area has been completely
overhauled to make it
much more user friendly.
Notifications can provide expanded information on what the application has been set up for
and Samsung have added their own
quick look shortcut bar at the top
and brightness controls.
work really nicely and you have settings available at the top here if you tap that
goes straight into your settings.
On your button placements
you have a long press button here
which is actually the back button as well as that will bring up the multi window
support which allows you to run two applications simultaneously.
Long pressing on home button
brings up the running tasks list
which you can then quickly close if you want to and that will clear all your
running tasks.
This option on the side, on the left hand side
takes you into your applications that are installed, your system memory
7.5gig available

and your storage.
If you long press but go into the centre option it will take you into the Google Now
functionality which is new from Google for the Jellybean
and what this provides is
contextual based information about what you are doing.
So for instance, what's the weather like
today where I am?
If I happen to be going out to a meeting
it will check to see whether the traffic is bad
and it will reroute me if necessary and it will tell me, would you like to be rerouted
there's bad traffic it's going to add an extra 10 minutes on to your journey.
It will provide Galaxy Note 2 Apps
the latest sports results.
If you happen to be stood at a bus stop or outside a cinema
it will provide the latest listings or bus timetables for you so you know exactly
how long you can be waiting for your movie or when the next bus is going to
be coming along.
This level of deep integration with the handset
is absolutely fantastic
and on quite a few occasions now I've found it really, really useful.
something certainly to check out. You can access it also via
this Google search strip here which you can also use to trigger
the Google Voice
service as well
which will then produce a search for you based on what you've said.
It can search through images and absolutely anything you need
all powered by google services a really really nice introduction and it
completely out Siri's Siri.
One of the pieces of functionality which Samsung have included which I'm not mad on is
S Voice. It's their version of Siri.
Personally, I don't think it works very well
it's better at some things than Siri and worse at others.
I've disabled it, I much prefer Google Now and I really don't think
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps will continue S Voice for
too many years. I think Google now will effectively take over from it

but good on Samsung for at least putting the functionality in there.
of voice assistance but
none of them work very well. I think Google have got the
one up on that one by not really doing the
personalized voice searching as such
but really relying on the data it holds about us to
produce better voice responses and provide data along side that.
All in all
the Jellybean functionality is a massive improvement over
the previous Ice Cream Sandwich on the same hardware.
the responsiveness of the screen
how quickly menus open
an applications load is absolutely stunning
and while this does have a faster processor and more RAM
we've seen similar speed gains and performance boosts on any device that gets Jellybean installed onto it.
Everything is much more snappy, so if you are coming from a much older handset
for android or an old iPhone you will really notice a difference in speed.
If you're one of those people that has an existing android phone
and are just waiting for Jellybean at the moment don't be too alarmed that there's a new
device that's come out that's faster,
wait until you get Jellybean
like brand new again, you'll find your phone will suddenly be like brand new again.
Very very quick and responsive Galaxy Note 2 Apps
A lot of
the software
is pretty much standard from an android perspective

Some of the new Samsung
applications that they've added on
are really more updates to the existing stuff to take account of

things like the S Pen, so S Note and S Planner have been updated
to make use of the S Pen feature
you now have Paper Artist which is a fun little drawing game,
they've added a readers hub, which is really like a Samsung books and
subscription service.
A lot of the time you think they are kind of duplicating applications they already provide
like Samsung apps.
Why have Samsung apps if you have Google apps, all the same apps in there.
Occasionally a little bit cheaper but sometimes a bit more expensive.
Doesn't really make a right a lot of sense.
They've also bundled dropbox Galaxy Note 2 Apps
Chat On which is Samsung's chat app a bit like What's app

The learning hub which for
the life of me I don't really know why that's been included but
I think they are aiming this very much at
people in academia as well so
you have like a periodicals and journals option in there as well.
And then really
the standard Google stuff
like Google maps is there.
Flipboard has also been included by Samsung as has All Share,
which is their DLNA sharing tool.
There's also the music hub
and game hub as well.
Most of the time though, you will find you'll be defaulting back to the Google ones
because they're what you know and love
although I must say I do quite like music hub and music player
that they've installed from Samsung. It does quite a good job and it's quite
pleasing to use.
I always found the
music app on IoS6
or on any
Apple product
was always a bit lacklustre really, great sound quality and all but
not really the best app experience.
I think they've got it really really well done Galaxy Note 2 Apps