Dance Flow "Can't Stop Loving You" perf. and dance battle on One Million Singer (06-19-2010)

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The dancing flow!
Hello everyone, we are dance flow!
Thank you dance flow, bye bye!
- Are we holding a concert here? - Not yet...Incredible!
Here are our new flow!
This is our new album.
Although I have to congratulate you, your group member isn't showing very good manners since she's wearing slippers on the show.
No!...No...she sprained her foot.
She injured her foot while performing, right? (yes.)
Your group's main focus is dancing, right? (yes.)
Your group was formed because of a dancing competition show, right? (Yes, that's right)
Other than dancing, do you guys have experience in singing?
For example, singing contests or other performances?
Actually, during our dance performances, everyone also likes to sing.
Just like how I love dancing while I sing, but no one thinks I dance well.
Alright, there have been other 8-member groups in the past.
Which 8-member group is the best? We'll know very soon.
- Since you want to dance... - Let's go with Hong Kong stars.
Dance...Dance song.
How come I heard someone say HK style...
- Getting hungry... - Hungry, right?
HK style tea, let's take a look. (HK style BBQ)
O.R.E.A by Wallace Chung.
"Mind Games" by Daniel Chan.
"Can't Stop Loving You" by Aaron Kwok.
Then let's go with..."Can't Stop Loving You."
1990, Aaron Kwok's "Can't Stop Loving You"!
The lights are not on yet
People coming and going in a hurry
I must not be too nervous
and be the same as others
But you gaze over at me
Your eyes are big and gleaming
I'm starting to lose control of myself
The wind blows on the long street
My heart wanders
I very much want someone to be walking with me
and just sleep on the road when tired
I seem tough on the outside
but I'm confused inside my heart
I'm afraid of loving like the sun
There's fire in my chest
Living is tough during these days
I give you my promise
I send you my smile like a love letter
yet I can't grasp onto you
I can't seem to stop love, love, loving you
everyday every month every year until forever
not willing to face the truth
I can't stop love, love, loving you
Being in love has always been hard
A rendition of the classic hit with its trademark move.
Okay, nine words. Please give them to me.
Being in love has always been hard
Is it want to love, or?..
Being in love has always been hard
So great, you guys said it together. Please take a look.
Takeshi is Japanese, right?
- How long have you learned Chinese for then? - Three years.
Very good.
Is there a mistake?
You've learned Chinese for three years, but the rest of you can't have only learned it for three years.
It's fine if he gets it wrong, but if you guys get it wrong, that's unacceptable.
- So? - Yes, I'm confident. This is the answer.
Answer confirmed. Please reveal the correct answer.
In the dance world, you must pass on this song, right?
Yes, and in the dance world, their dancing didn't completely...
Wait... They came from a dancing competition.
(Yes.) What right do you have to criticize them?
- We're all judges in the dance world. - Who do you have?
The guy in the back is already enough. What are you being so proud about?
Okay, so what was wrong with the dance?
- The dance was not sharp enough. - So what?
They were a little messy. We'll demonstrate a tidier dance.
Youngsters, let me tell you. Showbiz is indeed this frightening.
- Yes. - Juniors are here to showoff.
Here, music! We'll show you guys some "floor moves" (breaking).
- So we'll start with the "floor moves"? - Yeah.
- Who's going to do the "floor moves"? - Together! We're a group!
Floor moves!
- Stop with the "floor moves" too! - Pose!..
Yes, Rambo, it's enough that these two are messing around, but you might have to leave the dance world.
- Do you want to sacrifice that much?! - Don't say that, he was the one that came up with this.
He was planning it for so long! Really.
You're the one that really do know breaking but you were doing sit-ups, and they were done so badly.
- It was for warm up... - Oh, the good stuff will come next then?
But we'll see what they've got to show first. Yes...
(Music!) Takeshi...
Look how well prepared he is.
His jumps are great.
So cool!..
Wait! Let me!.. Let me!
- You want to go up against him? - No, there's five dollars here!
We have the electric wave dance... - You guys have that?
After the "floor moves", our spirit is up in our bodies.
- Incredible! - We'll start.
Okay, spirits "up" our bodies!
We're climbing "up" his "body".
Mr. Octopus, how come you're on our show?
And you even brought two disciples.
No, that's Li Tang Hua. (Li Tang Hua?)
They'll be able to win against you guys easily. (Really?)
- You think girls are easier to go against? - Yes...
You're wrong.
Her pants are careful.
Press on!
It means she wants to squash us.
No ge...
Don't do the new year dragon and lion dance!
What's going on?
Ah Mao, you're still not changing the song? They've already changed their moves.
- He can't find it. - He can't...He's too busy.
Alright, please give us a round of applause, thanks. (Yeah.)
Honestly, they were not bad, so let's consider it a tie, alright?
A tie! Thank you! Tie!
Be careful. (Stairs are) dangerous. Careful...
You "PK" (tripping on the stairs)...Yeah right, a tie... You *** ***.