Taïg Khris reçoit les clés de sa Peugeot RCZ // Taïg Khris receives the keys of his Peugeot RCZ

Uploaded by Peugeot on 28.06.2011

Today, one my partners, Peugeot, is lending me a car
and it's Xavier Peugeot himself who's handing me the keys.
I don't know yet which car it will be
but probably a super powerful car for me to train with.
Follow me.
Hello, Xavier.
- Hello Taīg. Welcome to Peugeot. - Thank you.
I'm glad to have you here
and to officially kick-start our partnership.
Before I hand you the keys,
how are you going to jump with this car?
I need to be pulled at a certain speed, faster and faster every day.
That's why I need a powerful car
able to reach a high speed rapidly
so that I can succeed my record jump.
I have the pleasure of giving you the keys.
- Let me now show you the car. - Let's go.
So here is your Peugeot RCZ.
It's a traditional but very modern Peugeot coupé.
This car is going to help me, it's perfect.
You know our motto: "Motion & Emotion".
I think you'll honour it perfectly.
For sure. In all my records, all my challenges,
more than performance,
my aim is to give people dreams and emotion.
- It's therefore a perfect match. - We'll be your first supporters.
- Thank you very much, Xavier. - Thank you.
- I'm delighted to leave with the car. - Good luck. See you soon.