How to Make a Lunasoft Lucite Cabochon Ring

Uploaded by Beadaholique on 01.10.2012

Hi. This is Megan with and today I'm going to show you our new
Lunasoft Lucite Cabochons
that we got in and I'm going to show you how to glue them into a basic bezel ring
which is very simple and doesn't
actually need of a video but I wanted to show you
on a video so I can show you what these Cabochons look like because I don't
feel like it's really easy to capture the look on
in a photograph
I want to see if maybe in video
everyone could see
just how cool they really are. They are
kind of a luminescent
glowy matte finish
They're just made out of plastic but they look really cool. They're really eye-catching
They just kind of have a really cool sheen to them
this one I have already put into
a finding so I have this really cool mango orange colored one
You can kind of see
how that looks and then I have
this one they call spearmint green but it's really a pretty kind of aqua ice blue
and I'm gonna go ahead and glue that one into this silver plated
ring here
and you can use these for so many different things. They're
simple to make really eye-catching pretty jewelery with because
they have such an fact. So all you have to do is
put some E6000 on the back
and glue into a bezel finding. You can put it in
bezel findings to make pendants, earrings, rings
whatever bezel findings you like
They come in some pretty standard sizes. There's two sizes of circle and two sizes
of ovals. You can get
them to work with
whatever bezel you want
just pop it in
let it dry and you can see
what an impact that has and that's just
about the simplest thing you can do but it looks really pretty