Tiesto in Israel 2011 - XL Nightlife Festival INOE TV Part 2

Uploaded by Vedante on 29.08.2011

I have been on different concerts
But not on such joyful one
With such big crowd
I could not remember!!!
Look there!
You can not see the end...
I have a filing that all Tel Aviv is here tonight !!!
Last time i have seen such view was ...
In the cinema!
In a movie.. Like..
Matrix, when they had a party on far planet
Do you remember ?!
There will be no interview with Tiesto
I have spoken to Tiesto's manager
Who said, that all the matters of interview
and even... Shalom How are you?
Whats up?
and photo matters
deals via New York
Wats up?
Drinking Vodka with XL?
No, thank you
Instead we will take an Interview from This Young fellow
with sunglasses
You are beautiful today!! no words!
Thank you!
Like Every day?
every day!
from the morning till the night?!
from the morning till the night!!!!!
except ...
no such thing!!!! :)
Today Tiesto and sport together! Right?!
6 hours of sport?!
Here he is! the disco dancer!!!!
He is here!
This is a man who can blow the crowd of!!!
Go, Go, GO!
BLYAT ("Bitch" Russian)
We are moving towards the VIP zone
There we'll get a nice view
all over the hall and the show
That presented by XL Nightlife
Great music, honestly, fun
Nu, More, more, say something more
Like what?! for example?
People! enjoy life, cause' the are beautiful! :)
What are you expecting from the party?
Waiting to the Tiesto performance.. And I'm High!
It truly will be a show!
Yep, Show of my life!!!
Trust me!
You bet!
I want to take, especially, you tonight
I am confused a little bit
A little
Mayby you indignant
And horny!
And horny also!
Because of this great show
That take place in this hall!!!
How are you?!
You are on some sort of concert today?!
I am on a concert of...
concert of...
I forgot his name....
I don't know if we'll make it or not..
but we will go now through the front
Throught the entrenchments
To the center
To the middle
of the event (get closer to the stage)
Sorry, bro'
Everything is ok?
Everything is fine?
You will come with us?
"We" Yes (French)
Speaking French?
Do you know that today is a special day?
Tiesto is on the stage!
Do you like Tiesto's art?
So... Why do you speak French with me?
I don't have a clue, bro'
I saw a French TV, So I spoke I don't have a clue, bro'
I saw a French TV, So I spoke
No, Do you see what written here?
What is it? (French)
I am for the first time in Tel aviv!
And I Really Love it! it is Smoking!
What you can say
to the Inoe-tv.com audience
Wath this TV
And to bad that you are not with us tonight!!!
I am greeting you today
on Tiesto's concert!
So many, many people gathered together tonight
Every one is partying So many, many people gathered together tonight
Every one is partying
having fun and pleasure
My sunglasses saves you as always?!
This is my sunglasses!
show me your eyes
Nice eyes
That is my sunglasses!
Now for real! Decide, without a fight, whose sunglasses owner!
Your, mine or his!
Whose this sunglasses are?
mine, mine
Israel is numero uno!
Sunglasses for you?! :)
What do you do here comrades?!
We are partying!!!
On the best concert!
On the best show
Tiesto! Wuhuuuuuuuu!
We love you!