Vespa & Lambretta Customshow RIED 2012 SIP TV

Uploaded by scootershop on 28.02.2012

Welcome to SIP TV. My name is Toni and today we are in Ried (Austria) at the Customshow.
Lots of innovations. Let's check it out.
This here is the new SCK scooter. The basis is a 1980 PV.
Total conversion with strut brace and steering damper. Extreme paint by Pfeil-Design.
Matt black, polished and metalflake. Everything a man needs!
Wicked! - CNC engine block!
The only thing I don't dig is the analogue speedo. I think SIP has a digital one.
Where did you get that fancy shirt?
Hamburg - The shop is called 'Kunstwerk'. It's a special design!
Are you from SIP? Keep it up!
I'm here with Thomas and Gernot, in front of this CNC engine block. Tell me why you built that an what it can do.
I got the idea from the industry sector I work in. I don't like welding.
I wanted to build an engine, but I didn't want to weld it, because there's always a risk of cracks.
We said, we want 30hp, but in a sustainable way.
It is definitely durable. We have a max. of 42.8hp at the rear wheel right now.
On a scene-approved P4 dyno! That's actually a FALC record.
Maximum respect and many thanks to GP1 TUNING PARTS!
We are delivering all headlamps with the correct bulb socket included.
These scoots are called pornstyle. They're built in the style of the 80ies.
I used pretty much every accessory that i could get. I think it rocks.
One sentence: what's cool about scootering?
In ehh.. in .. ehh ...a hh
Riding fast!
What do you think is cool?
It's the people - the people and the attitude!
Why do you think it's cool?
Because no one in their right mind would do it. Makes no sense. Insecure. Won't brake.
Mike, please tell us a little about the future of the ESC.
The ESC will be a bannger. 5 Races, Liedolsheim - Run&Race, 10th anniversary. A must for everyone!
And the winner will be awarded with a chinese knife set.
Really? Then it's finally worth it!
You'll get a chinese knife set for free with your victory!
Which i won't ever need to sharpen?
Will i get two additional knives for free?
Yes. That is the highlight. That's why you should buy.
Then I can order right now.
Now we're at the booth of SIP Scootershop. This is Fischi. Have you already sold anything?
We don't sell anything today. We only present our products. The people are crazy about the speedos.
Let me see!
The Lambretta version is Very much in demand. I guess 100 people asked already. They'll be in stock in round about 4 months.
Now I'm with the father of the event. Big honour - Stoffi. How long have you been hosting this event now?
The first show was back in 1991. This is the 13th customshow. And still a highlight, as you can see.
What are your wishes for this event?
First of all that people are enjoying themselves. As you can see, there's also a new trend right now.
Back to custom that is. There are very old vintage scooters as well as pretty new ones. That's a good mixture.
What can we expect tonight after the show?
A couple of beers and the legendary WOM alnighter, which will definitely kick as.
I'm lloking forward to that. The award ceremony is coming up now, right?
Yes, Pfeili and I will be at it in a minute. Unfortunately not everyone who would deserve one, will actually get an award. But no one will go home in tears.
I hope to see you again in Ried in two years. Thank you!
That was it from Ried. Thanks to Stoffi, Pfeili and the organising team. A great event. We'll definitely come back.
See you next time!