SYTYCD 2012 - Season 9 Top 14 - Mia Michaels Emmy-Winning Choreography - Performance Interviews

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she's a dance goddess.
Just her presence is overwhelming.
And it's cool, because every one of her works is her life.
It's her story.
From the butt dance to the bench dance, I feel like it's
all her life.
And so you can't help but like it, because it's true.
It's genuine.
And Mia is such a beast.
So just to work with her has been an honor.
MIA MICHAELS: This has been probably the
hardest week of my career.
It feels like a Mia Michaels freight train.
That's how I can explain it.
And I'm going from one room to the other, and I'm like, oh my
god, oh my god.
And it's intense.
Like all my work has this raw emotion, human emotion, but
this physicality that feels like you're being hit by a
freight train.
GEORGE LAWRENCE II: The Top 14 dance?
WILL THOMAS: Oh my gosh.
And I don't even know if you guys got what's behind that.
It's about a long-distance relationship.
And the ropes were a telephone cord, pretty much.
All we have is one hand left.
You can't hug them, because it's--
GEORGE LAWRENCE II: They're not here.
WILL THOMAS: --long distance.
And it's true for her right now.
It's crazy how she takes her life and puts it into
movement, into piece, into art.
CHEHON WESPI-TSCHOPP: The bench piece, it was huge
pressure on both me and Witney, I think, because that
is one of the most iconic pieces of this show.
And it's just so well-known.
And the way Travis moves, no one moves like him, I feel.
And so I was almost trying not to watch the videos too much,
because I would've put it so hard in my mind that I had to
be like that.
Because that's kind of how the ballet world is.
You try fit a perfect image.
So instead, I was just trying to listen to what Mia had to
say about her story and what the meaning of the piece
actually meant to her.
WITNEY CARSON: Chehon and I have a very strong connection.
And to be away from him this week is going to be quite a
challenge, because we have All Stars.
So I've never worked with them before, so it's definitely
going to be hard to get that chemistry that we've been
working on so hard for.
AUDREY CASE: We had "Time" by Mia Michaels, which was the
Mia Michaels piece where she did her dad and her.
And it was like reuniting with her dad in heaven.
And it was enjoying that moment and savoring it with
all the flowers.
MATTHEW KAZMIERCZAK: It was hard tapping into a certain
emotion that I've never necessarily felt and to go to
another place and try to pull from something.
It was difficult.
ELIANA GIRARD: The door piece was really emotional for me
because it required anger.
And that's something that we're not very
used to dancing with.
You know, we usually are happy or we feel angst, but anger is
really exhausting.
But it was incredible to find that and to have such a
beautiful person to work off of, Mia Michaels and Katie,
who did the piece.
So it was incredible.
DAREIAN KUJAWA: The bed piece was such an amazing number.
If we had to leave off of any number, I'm glad we made our
mark with that one.
Just the story behind it was so amazing, a guy dreaming
with a broken heart.
He's dreaming about a girl.
He messed things up.
And the entire thing was just so deep and emotional.
AMELIA LOWE: Well, I had the butt dance, and
I danced with Will.
It went really well.
I mean, there were some mixed reviews from the judges, but a
lot of them were really positive.
And so I'm glad that for me I left on a positive note, and
it wasn't this huge train wreck that was just awful.
So I'm glad that I left doing a dance that I loved, and that
was just super fun, and that I got to be with a partner who
is amazing.
COLE HORIBE: All the characters I've portrayed
until this point were humans.
And this time it was an addiction, addiction per se.
So I felt like, how do you portray
something that's not human?
It's not like you can look at its psychology.
So what I did was I looked up the word
"addiction," and what it meant--
I looked up sinister, what the definition of
sinister was to get ideas.
And then I researched serial killers, because I felt like
they're similar to the character.
TIFFANY MAHER: Yes, this week me and George were so lucky to
get "Hometown Glory." Well, it was a lot to live up to, but I
really got to dig deep into my heart and go through all the
struggles and heartaches and pains that I've had.
And I got to just lay my heart on the floor and heal a lot of
things that I haven't been able to heal.
But it was just amazing.
And I love dancing with George.
And Mia Michaels brought so much out of us.
That routine is so challenging.
And I felt bad because I got a bloody lip, George got a
bloody lip, but it was all worth it.
Because when you're on that stage, you
forget about it all.
You get so lost in the moment.
MIA MICHAELS: These kids are workhorses.
And from all the seasons that I have worked with, this
season for me, not only as dancers, but their
personalities I'm kind of in love with.
I just want to give them so much Mamma Mia love, because
they're just all so, so special.
Hey, I'm Mia Michaels, and you're watching DanceOn.