Baldr Sky: Dive1 - Rain Good End - Part2

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[Rain] The IM of Sensei. Built to hear our conversations... Im sorry..
[Kou] To hear our conversations..? You mean..eeeehhh~?
Now I understand.. The scene which I watched before comes to mind again.
[Noi] Well, nevertheless. Rain, could you lend me a hand for 5 minutes?
[Noi] The truth is, your IM is in a really bad shape...
[Rain] "Your IM", you say..which is what?
Rain forecasted that it would become impossible to escape from the city, so a device was connected with Noi's terminal to hear our conversations.
Noi was defeated by the temptation and heard the conversation of us. And then she rushed here...
[Noi] When hearing such things after I even abandoned the miser, waking from sleep seems to worsen (???)
[Noi] Really troublesome guys.. I even had to break through 3 checkpoints.
After that Noi also guided us further, the chaos in the city lasted several weeks before it cooled down.
After we hid in the underground of Suzushiro, we were finally able to escape to the suburbs.
[Kou] We wish to express our gratitude, Noi-Sensei.
I shout towards the drivers seat.
[Noi] Did you say anything? I cant hear you. Do not talk to the driver while driving. The road around here is in a bad shape.
[Noi] When the sound of this worn-out car is too loud für you, you can not stand it and want to talk, use the nerve-insertion-jack of the truck!
Saying that, I connect myself with the neuro-jack.
[Rain] Please wait, lieutenant..
Rain stops my hand and ties her and my jack together instead with the cable.
[Kou] We are not mercenaries anymore, no need anymore for "lieutenant".
[Rain] *giggle* Thats right..Kou..
And the cable that connects us is finally connected with the truck, so that our information is shared.
[Kou] We left various things back at suzushiro.
[Rain] Yea..
I am not informed of the whole story around the assembler generally.
Everything related to it is being hidden carefully.
According to public record, Dominion and their hdeout was surrounded by GOAT troups and so the followers began suicide.
Our names are not shown anywhere in the record.
However.. the authorities have not forgotten our existence.
We are still wanted by the CDF.
Thats why we hid in suzushiro for a long time and looked for a chance to escape.
The mayor anan died, but with that also all connections to the drexler institute ceased to exist.
The remnants of drexler are missing completely.
Did they die in the shelter? Who are they? Thats likely to be buried in the dark.
Now since the colleagues of drexler disappeared, the reason why I fought as a mercenary was lost.
Fenrir and father seemed to be involved somehow in the combat operation, too.
It is said that they dived into the underground, but I cant find out fathers whereabouts.
GU is alive and well.
Even now the GUNGNIR space missile satellites spin around in the orbit and continue to protect the world.
The new administration presses criminal charges against ARC company.
Thanks to that the company withdrew vom suzushiro, Aki-nee and aunt Seira have both disappeared somewhere.
The virtual Arc City remains to be closed because of that.
[Rain] Lets forget about the things in suzushiro for once..
[Kou] Yea..lets forget. We will surely remember when we need to..
[Kou] Lets consider the place we are going to now.
[Rain] Noi-Sensei says that it is a very nice place. The blue sky is also visible there, and it is clean enough to swim in the sea.
[Kou] Im looking forward to it.. I want to relax.
[Rain] ...Anyway Im happy now. The first love is said not to hold, but it holds and it feel really good (???)
[Kou] Y..yea..
[Rain] Now I have to learn to be able to support you in everyday life... Dish making, washing, need to learn various things, right?
[Kou] Though Im glad, you dont need to work so much.
[Rain] No, please let me be enthusiastic!
[Rain] First I need to learn how to cook a delicious lunch.. therefore I have to reconsider your eating habits.
When I see enthusiastic Lane, I am reminded of the box lunch event in the educational institution age. Unintentionally, I grinned.
[Rain] ...huh? Have I said something funny?
[Kou] Hehe.. No, I just thought, how cute you have become...
[Rain] e..ehh..thats..! When I have you wait because you are still bewildered…! (???)
At once the face of Rain is dyed red. When you see Rain like that, the chest is getting warm.
[Kou] Then, do I have to whisper until ure familiar with it?
[Rain] Ah..
[Rain] Would you whisper it.. Kou..?
I close Rain's lips with my mouth and whisper to her directly by "brain call chant".
[Kou] (You are so cute.. I love you, Rain..)
[Rain] (I love you too, Kou..)
We move our bodies so that we dont show a sign and Noi wouldnt notice..
[Noi] Im sorry to disturb you two..! Rain, the appearance of the net is somehow strange!
...Suddenly, Noi's shout interrupted us.
[Rain] I will examine it.
Rain calmly closes her eyes and after a while opens them again with a soft smile.
[Rain] There is someone who is searching for us. It seems he is targeting the ICE-barrier of the
[Kou] Is the chaser.. from CDF?
[Rain] Or maybe its an underling from father, looking for me..?
[Noi] What the heck? When im with you, its never a good thing. Why on earth am I helping you anyway..!
[Kou] I dont care whoever it is.
[Rain] Yea, it might even be a free thief.
Apparently, it seems like we still cant retire from fighting. While thinking that it was troublesome..
[Kou] Rain, asking for support. Dive for a moment and search for him.
I smile at her.
[Rain] Understood! Leave it to me.
Rain also smiles as she is answering.
[Noi] I tell you! Before we arrive at the see I dont want to see the car break!!
[Kou] Happy sea bathing is secured. Lets go, Rain!
[Rain] Yea, lets go, Kou! Starting Combat Mode!
The fight for our own future, by our own hands, now begins.