How to Make Easy Appetizer Recipes : Buffalo Wings

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hi I'm Marlene Speigel Founding team Leader from Wildtree I'm here on behalf of Expert
Village to show you how to make some Buffalo Wings They're great for a party great for
a midnight snack. So the first thing I'm Going to do I'm going to put some Cinnamon no cider
vinegar Wild Trees buffalo wing sauce and some natural grape seed oil I'm from Erie
Pennsylvania Originally so I grew up right near Buffalo and if you think Buffalo got
snow you've never been to Erie. It is between Cleveland and Buffalo and it's where the snow
fall Effect starts then I'm just going to put some of these wings right in here flip
them over. You can Marinate them if you would like for ten minutes, but you don't really
need to as long as they get some of the season on them put them on a cookie sheet do a couple
more here these are excellent were going to put them in the oven were going to bake them
at 425 for twenty minutes and then flip them over pour a little bit more of our marinate
on them and bake for another twenty five minutes so let's get these in the oven started then
were going to make a Blue cheese dipping sauce for them I've got half of cup of Mayonnaise
scoop it right in the bowl, Half of cup of sour cream and about a quarter cup of Wildtree blue cheese
dressing mix stir it up. This is good and this is not only just as good on the wings
but as a dipping sauce, But if you add a little bit of milk to thin it out then you can use
it as a salad dressing and let me tell you it is delicious the Mayonnaise I used was
low fat the sour cream Low fat so you decide what's healthier. I'm just going to scoop
this up in here Put some of our finished wings with it and look at that isn't that a nice