Defqon.1 Festival 2011 | A² Records Interview

Uploaded by Qdancedotnl on 23.05.2011

We are here with all of the members of A² Records
We've got something new...
We've been working on the new album of A² Records.
The album's name is Unleashed and contains 17 new tracks.
From Ran-D, Alpha² of course, Adaro and E-Force.
It also contains some collaborations with Zatox, Zany, Wildstylez.
Adaro, can you tell us something about your new project?
Ran-D and I have been producing quite a few tracks together now
and we've decided to continue doing that under the name Gunz 4 Hire.
Recently you started playing as E-Force. - Yes, that's right.
I get a lot of questions like; E-Force, who's that?
Well I'm one of the members of the Beat Providers.
I decided to continue playing as E-Force, with a much rawer sound.
Rawer kicks and a rougher edge. That's what I like to do most.
This year we'll perform in the BLUE of Defqon.1.
And for Thijs it's going to be the first time.
I went to Defqon.1 a few times as a visitor.
I'll be doing a live-act, for 30 minutes.
I think this will already be our 8th time...
I hope the BLUE will still be standing after we've performed..
Do you like the A² Records sound?
Make sure you'll be there on June 25th at Defqon.1.
Because then we are UNLEASHED!